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Are You Trying to Woo Me Jimmy Harper?

Oh Internet, how I have missed you. I dropped my poor little computer off at the Apple store on Tuesday to have my cd-drive thing fixed, meaning I have been without a computer since then. I mean, my dear mother allowed me to use her computer whenever I need to, and my brother is out of town so I am stealing his for right now, but it is just not the same, you know? I find that whenever I am using other people’s computers I spend a total of ten or so minutes on it and then I am done, whereas when I am on my own computer I spend hours at least thirty or so minutes doing nothing really. I don’t spend countless hours on facebook (I personally don’t see how anyone can spend over five consecutive minutes on facebook… I get so bored with it so easily!) Instead, I get sucked into the black hole that is youtube.

Yes, I am a youtube junkie. And it isn’t just the people I am subscribed to (Vlogbrothers, Five Awesome Girls, and What the Buck, to name a few). It is clips from shows or movies or, you know, those really lame shipper videos where people take clips of this guy and that girl and put them to cheesy and/or popular music because they should TOTALLY be together, or they really did love each other, or she should be with him, aka the one that got away! For example, Pam and Jim from The Office (pre-season three) or Derek and Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy (that is a popular one), etc. Those videos are really addictive. Then there are links to more clips and your favorite moments from shows like Scrubs, Psych, Friends and of course America’s Next Top Model, because who DOESN’T enjoy watching this clip every five minutes?

Then after I finish watching them I come over here and take up your time posting AWESOME videos in this very blog. AWESOME videos that you should be watching. Take for example the following clip from Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, a hilariously interesting (to say the least) movie you should see. I feel as though this little clip, which happens to be one of the most brilliant love songs ever written, allows you to get a glimpse inside my Shakespeare-loving heart.

See how awesome that video was? Behold, the power of youtube.

So just remember kids- the next time you are bored and don’t want to spend countless hours doing homeowork or any kind of work for that matter, just take a trip to youtube land and get lost in the utter uselessness of it all. Your life will never be the same again. I promise.


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One Short Day in the City of Cities…

Here are a few pictures from my recent trip to NYC! They were taken in Bryant Park, Sardi’s, Times Square, and Radio City Music Hall.

Bryant Park

A carousel in Bryant Park

School desks in the park

Old school desks that were scattered all over the park

Sandwhich shop in park

A really yummy sandwich shop in the middle of the park

Lunch at Sardi's

Lunch at Sardi’s!


A restaurant known for it’s famous Broadway clientele. The walls are covered with the famous charactatures of B’way actors and actresses. I found Norbert!

Time Square

I love all the colors in Times Square

Radio City

Radio City Music Hall, home to the Tony’s

The Tony's!!

Announcing the Tony’s

Mobile Books

A reading area in the middle of the park


I don’t know what building this is, but I loved it


The fountain before the rain…


…The fountain after the rain


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Did You Miss Me?

For the past two years there has been a problem with my left eye. You know- pain, burning, bloodshot, all that good stuff. Whenever I went to the doctors all they would say is, “You have bad vision, here is your new contact prescription, and here are some eye drops for your allergy problems.” And when I would go back and they would say the same thing over again. Then last weekend my eye was hurting so badly that it kept me up almost all night with a horrible headache, nausea, and dizziness. Today I went to a different eye doctor who actually seemed to know what she was doing, and she did all of this extra stuff and looked all in my eye, and apparently I have been suffering from ULCERS in my EYE. For a week I have to wear my glasses and use eye drops (an antibiotic, not those crap allergy ones I was given before) then go back and get a different brand of contacts. Supposedly the brand I have been using don’t let enough oxygen into my eye, resulting in ulcers. I am just really, really happy there is no need for surgery or needles to be poked in my eye. Internet, to sum things up let me offer you this piece of advice: DON’T GET ULCERS IN YOUR EYE. I know you think it will just make you as bad-ass as me, but just trust me on this one. Ulcers are NOT your friends.

Also, in other less disturbing news, I posted the latest three movies from the movie trade off on my link in the Bullshish network. You can read the first part here if you don’t know what I am talking about, and you can read the latest post here.

Next, my mother and I have become addicted to the show Veronica Mars, and it is all this guys fault. If you have never seen this show, I strongly suggest you watch it. I’ll be posting a full review sometime in the future. (Where have you heard that lie before, right? BUT I SO PROMISE I WILL.)

A couple of weeks ago my baby brother graduated from high school! He is all grown up now. Okay, maybe not, but it was still loads of fun. All of the family came in and even though they only stayed for a couple of days, it was nice to see everyone. It felt like Christmas in June. Later on in the week my sister, mother, grandmother, and I went to NYC for the day. I am totally in love with Bryant park. It is so beautiful and FUN. As soon as I get a few computer problems out of the way I hope to have pictures up.

WHAT ELSE? The book club is going along nicely. Well, sort of. I am a little behind, but fear not! I have not forgotten about it, nor have I abandoned ship half way through. I just seemed to have abandoned blogging about it. One day I will be all caught up. I just had finals and papers and excuses, excuses. In case I never told you (I can’t be bothered to go look up if I did or didn’t, so lets assume I did not, okay?) I PASSED my LINGUISTICS class! I am so seriously giddy it is insane. I HAD to pass that class with a C or better if I didn’t want to retake it. Can you believe that? I have absolutely NO idea how that happened though. Let me take you back to the final exam.

I’m sitting there, in my normal seat (Side note: who else has to sit in the same seat, especially for exams? It really, really, really throws me off if I can’t sit in the same seat for class). Anyway, I am sitting there, looking over my notes one last time, and suddenly it is time to take the wretched thing. So I get it, look down, complete the first page well enough, turn the page and FREEZE. A string of explicatives run through my head as I continue to flip the pages. Occasionally here and there I recognize something I can do, but for the most part my mind went blank. I make it a point to never leave problems blank because you never know which professor will take pity on you and give you points. My linguistics professor is a really, really nice guy and my T.A. was so sweet and understanding when I asked the REALLY dumb questions. So I figured that it couldn’t hurt for me to make sure everything was answered. As soon as I turned in the exam, I walked out and almost started to cry. I was SURE I failed the thing. When you have THREE pages that you guessed the answers to (and when I say “guess” I mean completely blind guesses) you have to fail. HAVE to fail. Apparently not.

Other than that one, my exams went well. I am so happy they are over and done with. Now I can rest this summer before going back to what is going to probably be the most stressful semester of my college career. Good times!

Well, I can no longer think of topics that will be of any interest to you. Sorry about my absence Internet. I will never fail you again.

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Luck Be a Lady Tonight

Internet, I totally and completely PROMISE YOU a real post in the very, very, very near future. But I don’t have time now because I am busy helping PLAN a WEDDING for my BEST FRIEND. So for tonight, enjoy my favorite moments from the Tony Awards (in no particular order).

1. Neil Patrick Harris’ closing song

NPH was the host for the ceremony and his closing number was a fantastic one!

2. Rock of Ages

This was the performance from the musical Rock of Ages. I thought this was one of those limited engagements, more like a concert than an actual show. But then I saw their performance and now I want to see the show!

3. Hair

This performance was extremely fun. I LOVE when they interact with audience members and they certainly did that in this song.

4. David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik, and Kiril Kulishwin win best performance by a leading actor in a musical

This is the first time in Broadway history that three boys have won the same award in the same category at once. They all portray the title character in Billy Elliot, The Musical. I have to say, this is the most ADORABLE acceptance speech I have ever seen.

5. Billy Elliot, The Musical

It is no wonder why these kids won. This is simply amazing.

6. Guys and Dolls

Okay, not only can this guy BELT IT OUT like nobody’s business, but even with the initial sound problems he did not even miss a beat. I was speechless at the end of this performance.

Well those are just a few fun and quirky moments I really enjoyed from the show. Everyone should be watching! They are so amazing!
Real post soon. I PROMISE.

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A French Chick Flick. Does Life Get Any Better?

hors de prix

Seeing as I am taking French classes at school, I like to watch French movies and read French books to try and see how much I understand.While I still need subtitles, I sometimes understand a lot more than I ever expected; in “teacher speak” (something I do a lot) this is the equivalent of a progress report. It is sort of an “l like to see how much I have learned, and how much I need to work on” type thing.

So Cal (Bullshish to you) and I have this movie trade off thing, and I am due to watch Cinderella Man sometime in the very, very near future, I promise. But tonight he convinced me to do a free trial of Netflix (turns out he didn’t have to do much convincing) and they have this instant watch type feature. So I was scrolling through those, and instead of watching my latest movie trade off like a good person, I watched a French chick flick that I have been dying to see for a long time.

After seeing Amelie I fell in love with Audrey Tautou. Then I saw the preivew for this movie, and knew I must see it at once. Hors de prix (or rather Priceless in English) is the story of a poor waitor named Jean, who works at a VERY rich hotel, and a gal named Irène, who mistakes Jean as a wealthy man who will foot the bill for her widly expensive habits because she too is very poor and goes from rich man to rich man who all buy her pretty things that I would KILL for. This film was supposedly adapted from Breakfast at Tiffany’s so if you have seen that movie, you can pretty much compare her to Holly. Only this one is French. And she doesn’t have a cat.

Now, it is a well known fact that I love my share of chick flicks/rom-coms/whatever you want to call them. I have a saying, and that is almost every single chick flick/rom-com/whatever you want to call them can be traced back to the plot of any one Jane Austen novel. They follow specific guidelines. Boy and Girl meet. Boy and Girl casually/secretly/sort-of flirt but are usually (1) to busy loathing each other to figure out it is true love, or (2) seeing someone else and can’t see that it is true love. Boy and Girl find ways of always running into each other. Boy and Girl have epiphanies and realize it IS love, but can’t do anything about it because (1) they are scared the other doesn’t feel the same way, or (2) they are still with that other someone because it is comfortable. Boy or Girl does something in the form of a grand gesture, and in the end Boy and Girl live happily ever after. These guidelines may vary from movie to movie, but they generally tend to stay the same.

So when I started Hors de prix I expected it to go this route. (After all, I didn’t know much about the movie other than the star and that it was French.) The plot line actually caught me off guard a little ways into it, but I liked the change. I mean, yes I figured out how it would end long before it was over, but when you watch as many chick flicks as I do, you tend to have a special gift for this. But the change of pace was quite nice. The cast was great and everyone fit their roles perfectly. Audrey is such a wonderful actress and has the best facial expressions (doesn’t hurt that she is quite beautiful). Gad Elmaleh (Jean) was a perfect fit for his role. He was quirky and shy, and I liked that he wasn’t some major French hottie because that would have totally ruined his role in the movie. Granted, he was cute, but I saw a handful of more gorgeous men on the streets of Paris, JUST SAYING.

Overall I totally recommend this movie to anyone, be it chick flick or not. If you like forigen films do give this one a try. You get funny and sweet and charming- all in one sitting! I promise you will like it, and if you don’t… well then you can just go ahead a put a nice, big check mark next to BE MORE CULTURED.


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