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The years no doubt have changed me.

I am going tomorrow to PA to get my friend from the airport. She will be flying over to England with me. I am rather excited to have a seat buddy I actually know.

Speaking of England, I leave MONDAY!!!! I am so stinking excited. But nervous. I shouldn’t be though… seeing as I lived in France for a month. But still, I just can not wait to get there and settled in. I really hope a get a good roommate.

And internet, you will be happy to know that the IOC is beginning to investigate the age of at least one Chinese gymnast. I suppose enough complaints may have done the trick, though if you want the real story, read this news article.

Also!!! Tonight my brother, mother and I watched Sweeney Todd, and I must say I forgot how much I loved it. I also forgot how sad the ending is. My brother and I just love the movie and we finally convinced my mother (after about three months of straight begging) to sit down and watch it with us, though technically it was against her will. To be honest I think she just wanted to shut us up. But I think she ended up liking it. I also think it would be perfectly acceptable for a guy to write a song for me like “Johanna” (Anthony’s part of course) and sing it to me for hours and hours and hours upon end.


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“It’s not called gym-nice-tics”

I said before that I thought the age limit should be eliminated from the gymnastics competition and I am here today to blog: I take that back.

I did a little research and learned just why the officials put an age limit to a spectacular sport.

When a girl goes through puberty her sense of balance changes because of the new developments in her body, such as increase in height and weight, breast development, etc. Many of the Chinese girls are suspected to be as young as 10 or 11, while countries like Germany have 33 year-olds competing in the same events. The balance is going to differ significantly between the ages. By setting the age limit at 16 this ensures that the girls have begun to develop, therefore all have a new sense of balance.

Once I realized this I began to watch closer and not only is it obvious the Chinese girls have not developed, but you can tell the difference in balance. I know it seems impossible to tell, but the younger girls have a much easier time sticking their landings and not falling forwards, to the side, etc. While they do sometimes fall (no one is perfect…well, except maybe Nadia Comaneci) there is definitely an advantage to competing at a younger age.

With all of that in mind, I have decided that the age limit is a good idea. Now, if only we could get the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to do their jobs and make the competitors stick to the rules…


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Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet…I give you the greatest Olympic athlete.

Michael Phelps, with the help of his three American teammates, won his eighth gold medal tonight.

This adds to making him the most decorated Olympian of all time with 16 medals total, 14 of which are gold, and shattering Mark Spitz record of seven gold medals in one Olympic game.

A record held for the past 36 years.

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seven down… one to go.

0.01 second.

The length of a fingernail.

That is what got Phelps his seventh gold medal of the games, not only matching Mark Spitz record of most medals in one game, but making Phelps the most decorated Olympian of all time.

Everyone thought Phelps placed second, including Phelps himself, and the look on his mother’s face when she realized he won gold was absolutely priceless.

Thank the heavens above for electronic scoring, because you literally had to squint your eyes to even try to see who touched first.


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six down… two to go.

Apparently I worried for nothing. Hey, its been known to happen before.

Phelps, again, won his sixth gold medal in the men’s 200m individual medley final while making it look unbelievably easy.

He also broke his own world record by about .57 seconds, making it the 21st world record broken in the swimming events of the ’08 games.

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Bob Costas is my hero.

So I am a nervous wreck sitting here in my house. And Michael Phelps hasn’t even arrived at the Water Cube (where all the swimming events takes place for those of you crazies who do not watch the Olympics).

And I will continue to be a nervous wreck until he finishes his race tonight. Oh God help him get the gold!!!

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Say what you want…

… but there is no way in hell those female Chinese gymnasts are 16. Maybe one at the most. But not all of them; they must be 12-14 at the oldest. And yet they slip right on by.

… but Katie Hoff?? Who has been said to be the female Michael Phelps? Seriously? No way. She didn’t even qualify in the 800 meter freestyle. An event that the US has gotten a medal in FOR THE LAST 28 YEARS, not to mention an event in which we have won the last five GOLD medals. I would try and go easy on her, but come on people. She swam in at least five finals and didn’t get a single gold medal. Phelps has already gotten five gold medals, two of which were his hardest meets yet. Hoff? Two silvers, a bronze, and a couple of fourth places. Every time she finished a race she came up gasping for air. Being tired is one thing; even the adorable Michael Phelps looked winded a couple of times. Then again he beats his world record by at leat one or more second every race (except for the semifinals and heats…which is a smart move). But he does not GASP for air. The whole “female Michael Phelps” thing is utter silliness. Bottom line: she is out of the olympics, so no more races for her. Lets get back to the states, get better, and maybe I’ll give her a second chance in London, 2012. Maybe.

… but Johnathon Horton? Yes please. This hotttie really helped pull together the mens gymnastics team and not only was he unbelievable to watch, he was very easy on the eyes. Yes he is a total frat boy when he opens his mouth, but whatever. He is hot.

… but I have come to really love the summer Olympics. Yes I always watch them, but my thing is really the winter Olympics. I am all about the figure skating and ice dancing and totaly girlyness of the outfits and stuff. But the summer olympics are growing on me. I watch because of Michael Phelps, though a few others have caught my interest. Will I continue watching when track and field starts? Ehh, most likely. But def. not as much. I won’t really care if I miss a night. Because all of those swimmers and gymnests beautiful faces and bodies won’t be on my screen. And really, without that? There isn’t really a point.


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five down…three to go.

two gold medals today.

eleven career gold medals.

he broke all world records… and one with his eyes “closed.”

200m Butterfly:

(as soon as he dove in, his goggles filled with water and continued filling up during the entire race. and yet he still managed to break his world record.)

4x 200m Freestyle Relay

America was the favorite for this race.

And we completely shattered the world record.

Phelps led off the race and soon the U.S. of A. was a full body’s length ahead of the world record mark.

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Absolutely no shame…

… in admitting this hottie is one of the reasons I tuned into mens gymnastics.

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8 Reasons why I love Michael Phelps:

1.    He is on his way to getting the most gold medals of any Olympian.
2.    He has broken all of his own world records.
3.    Have you seen his body?
4.    He is humble.
5.    He has to eat 8-12 thousand calories a day. (I actually think I may hate him for this one…)
6.    He has the cutest ears. and face.
7.    He can make tattoos, which I normally find repulsive, unusually hot.
8.    Did I mention his body?

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