Luck Be a Lady Tonight

Internet, I totally and completely PROMISE YOU a real post in the very, very, very near future. But I don’t have time now because I am busy helping PLAN a WEDDING for my BEST FRIEND. So for tonight, enjoy my favorite moments from the Tony Awards (in no particular order).

1. Neil Patrick Harris’ closing song

NPH was the host for the ceremony and his closing number was a fantastic one!

2. Rock of Ages

This was the performance from the musical Rock of Ages. I thought this was one of those limited engagements, more like a concert than an actual show. But then I saw their performance and now I want to see the show!

3. Hair

This performance was extremely fun. I LOVE when they interact with audience members and they certainly did that in this song.

4. David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik, and Kiril Kulishwin win best performance by a leading actor in a musical

This is the first time in Broadway history that three boys have won the same award in the same category at once. They all portray the title character in Billy Elliot, The Musical. I have to say, this is the most ADORABLE acceptance speech I have ever seen.

5. Billy Elliot, The Musical

It is no wonder why these kids won. This is simply amazing.

6. Guys and Dolls

Okay, not only can this guy BELT IT OUT like nobody’s business, but even with the initial sound problems he did not even miss a beat. I was speechless at the end of this performance.

Well those are just a few fun and quirky moments I really enjoyed from the show. Everyone should be watching! They are so amazing!
Real post soon. I PROMISE.

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  1. I told my mom I would have happily performed “Hair” in the nude in Central Park in the middle of February. Why not?! 😉

    The Tony’s were–as usual–amazing.

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