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Only a passing thing.

For one of the classes I’m taking in New Zealand (yes, I’m actually studying not just gallivanting around) I am required to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I watched the second of the movies tonight, The Two Towers, and while it is my least favorite (I find it dreadfully boring) it does contain my favorite moment from the trilogy– Sam’s “motivational” speech to Frodo. I think this is one of the most beautiful speeches in any movie I’ve ever seen.

I’m leaving for my trip in just TWO DAYS. I’m really excited and really, really nervous. (I’m not the biggest fan of flying. I mean, once I’m up in the air I’m fine. It is the taking off and the landing that terrifies me. Oh, and terrorists.) I know I’m going to have the time of my life, and hopefully meet some amazing people, which means I will be terribly busy. So starting January 1st I will be taking a little hiatus from Improbablefiction. I do plan on blogging, but this will be for uploading pictures, and video, and journals and whatnot. I’ve created a whole website for this trip which you can find by clicking on any one of these highlighted words. Expect my full report on the book club challenge. I’m three books away from my goal! Tune in to see if I’ve completed my mission.

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Book Club Book #42: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Okay, okay. I haven’t mentioned the book club challenge in A WHILE. But I finished a book today that I really wanted to share with you guys. An official blog is coming soon, filled with broken rules and a list of the books I’ve read. But for now…. I will talk about this amazing book.

Book: Speak

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Number of Pages: 198

Okay, synopsis from the back of the book:

Melinda Sordino busted and end-of-summer party by calling the cops, so her old friends won’t talk to her, and people she doesn’t know hate her from a distance. It’s no use explaining to her parents; they’ve never known what her life is really like. The safest place for Melinda to be is alone, inside her own head. But even that’s not safe. Because there’s something she’s trying not to think about, something about the night of the party that, if she admitted it and let it in, would blow her carefully constructed disguise to smithereens. And then she would have no choice. Melinda would have to speak the truth.

I want to start this post off with a disclaimer. It doesn’t matter how old you are; there are amazing– simply AMAZING books in the young adult section of the book store. I am 21 and I can not tell you how many great books I find perusing the shelves in the young adult lit section. Don’t let the concept of Twilight (or even Harry Potter) freak you out. Not all books revolve around love, or men with sparkly chests, or wizards. I’m telling you that you need to read this book, and the only place to find it is in the young adult section.

Moving on.

This book is told from the perspective of Melinda Sordino. You don’t actually find out the cause of her sudden “muteness” until a nice ways into the book. But that is a good thing; the tension builds, you don’t know who did what or why everyone hates Mel. Now, having read my share of books, I pretty much figured out what happened at the party (hint/possible spoiler: think of what happened to Veronica at the party in Veronica Mars.) The way Laurie Halse Anderson paints the details of the book, the smallest, tiniest details that you don’t think are significant but really are, is brilliant. I will definitely be reading this book a second time next year, but I’m surprised at how much I picked up on the first time around. (That is what happens when you’ve read 41 books over the course of a year. You pick up on things.) The main character says, roughly, 20-25 lines in the entire book, and you would think that hinders the story telling. Except it enriches it that much more. You are in Melinda’s head; you know what she is thinking, what she really wants to say, but her character has, quite literally, lost her voice. She can’t talk; she tries and nothing comes out. This thing, this event that happened to her, has turned her into a mute and she spends a portion of the book wondering if she is crazy and insane, or just a freak.

I connected with this book more than I thought I would. Not that what happened to Melinda happened to me, but the things she thinks- they are so real. Often an adult writer will compose a high school character and often the dialogue and thoughts of that character aren’t exactly what teenagers are thinking. But at some point or another I’ve felt A LOT of what Melinda feels, but I just couldn’t tell anyone. So it felt as though I was going through this with her. And that is one of my absolute favorite things about books. To be able to experience the story first hand; to imagine you are there and you know what this character is going through. It is just wonderful.

The story itself was a hauntingly beautiful and melancholy tale. I managed not to cry once…but then I got to the last paragraph and I teared up. Then I got to the last line, and before I closed the book I was crying. I don’t want to really explain why it made me cry, for fear of ruining the ending. Just know that it is a beautiful tale of a beautiful girl who has experienced a horrible tragedy and has to live with it in silence.

I really, really recommend this book to girls, guys, adults, and teens and everyone.

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This is what happens when I don’t get my Netflix movies in time. (Also, I’m delirious from studying.)

Ode to my mailbox

By Lauren of room 213

Oh mailbox you are so small,

Yet so full of great opportunities.

But why must you remain empty?

Every day I come to see you

With joy in my heart

And a smile on my face.

But there you sit, staring at me.

As I turn the key,

I open the door

To see what letters are waiting—

But I just stare at your




Gray walls.

You perplex me, mailbox.

You offer such lovely notes

But only at your convenience.

Why must you torture me mailbox?

Why must you force me to trudge,

Trudge back to my room with a heavy heart

Empty-handed and alone.

I hate you mailbox!

I hate you with the burning fire of a thousand suns,

And yet…

And yet, I love you Mailbox.

I love the joy you bring me with one sweet note.

I love the feeling of hope you bring me,

The way your walls light up with every stamp and return label.

The precious moments go by

The ticking of the clock—a loud reminder of the seconds

I’ve wasted away

From you.

So please mailbox,

Please bring cheer to my life.


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Adventures in England

A few days ago I was searching through my back up drive, getting together all of my education papers and whatnot to prepare for my impending doom, aka, my junior portfolio. You know, the one that if it isn’t perfect you can’t student teach, ergo I just wasted four and a half years of my life… yeah, that one.

So I came across this little video and realized I never posted it. So for anyone who wanted to know what my study abroad in England was like, here it is, all neatly wrapped up in ten precious minutes. I do most of the filming because I HATE and LOATH to be on camera. But I hope you enjoy it nontheless.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Adventures in England“, posted with vodpod

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and then I lol’d.

Woah. Just let me be the first to say…. it’s been a while, huh? I know, I know. As dear old Professor Slughorn would say, “these are mad times we live in! Mad!”

Oh, yes, I did just quote Harry Potter. Ever heard of it? No? It’s just a little indie film I think is really going to make it into the big time. Soon! Speaking of Harry Potter, I’ve been wondering, doing a little pondering here and there, and I’ve come up with a question. What would Amortentia smell like to you? Don’t have a clue as to what I am talking about? GO WATCH HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. Seriously though, it is the strongest love potion ever made and the smell changes according to the person doing the smelling. Basically it serves as your own little personal aphrodisiac. FUN RIGHT?

Me, personally…I’m still thinking of my answer. Sure, there are lots of things I like, but I think it would be a really weird mixture of things. Not that freshly cut grass and spearmint are normally grouped together…

Also, these are mad times because I’ve been all busy busy with school. I KNOW! Excuses! But I’ve finished completely with two classes, and the third will be finished just as soon as I submit my paper. That I need to edit. Which I should be doing right now, but instead I’m blogging and that just proves my DEDICATION to you, dear internet.

Also, have you asked me a question on formspring yet? No? DO IT!

And now for story power hour. In my British lit class my professor didn’t really have anything for us to do, so we were forced to play a rousing game of Jeopardy: BRIT LIT EDITION. Not my cup of tea, but I don’t think I’ll forget this game. Ever. So this kid in my class, Alex, came to class and sat by me. Completely intoxicated from the previous night’s partying. I know, I know– totally awesome. He verbally abused the other teams as well as the score keeper (although she was a bit HORRIBLE). Probably the best class of the semester.

Also, you would not believe how many times a day I get called weird! It is uncanny. People should be a bit more careful with throwing it around; it is starting to lose its meaning! I swear this blog has a point. Maybe. Right, weird. I’m not ashamed to be weird; if being cultured and interesting and asking for French films for Christmas instead of Twilight crap, then go ahead! Call me weird! I don’t care! Hmm… I don’t know how I got to this topic. Oh! This blog post is very weird, I know. I have a thousand thoughts running around in my noggin, the majority of which are coming out in thesis statements, or educational terms and French vocabulary. Can you tell it is finals week?

I can’t wait to go home. I should also state that it is officially 20 DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR NEW ZEALAND! I can’t even believe it has crept up on me so quickly! I have so much to do! Aak!

But for now, I’m going to go. I’m way to hyper to sit around at my desk and blog! Not that I don’t love these little meetings we have. OH! I almost forgot my NEWS! I’ve decided next year I may dabble into a little bit of vlogging. No, I won’t leave you, my wonderful little blogging world. But I don’t know; I think it may be fun?! Maybe? No? We shall see. Okay, really leaving now.

You stay classy Internet!

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Because I’m Not On Enough Social Networks.

So the latest social network is Formspring. You ask me a question, about anything, and I answer it. SOUNDS LIKE FUN RIGHT?!?!?! Right. Now the only problem is, the majority of people I know (minus a handful or so) don’t venture past facebook and e-mail. So it is up to YOU, dear Internet to ask me questions, and if you so choose, they are completely anonymous. And like I said, they can be questions about anything! However, Maureen Johnson says it best:

Q. When it says, ask me anything, do you mean ANYTHING?

A. Well, sure. You can ASK me anything. I may not ANSWER, but there is no harm in ASKING.

So GO! Ask away!

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