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BEDA 30: The End’s Not Near… It’s Here

Oh Internet! BEDA is OVER! It is done! As of midnight tonight there will be no more having a happy April, there will be no more seeing you tomorrow. Well, I mean *technically* I will see you tomorrow because I will more than likely post something, but as for BEDA, it is the end of tomorrow as we know it. It has been a busy month! We talked movies, celebs, you learned a fabulous recipe, you saw things on my desk, you met my CAT! How AWESOME was that? We applied to New Zealand together, got ACCEPTED together, bought a fish together… it is the ending of an era.

Jeepers that was depressing. But true nonetheless. So lets get onto more important matters- today’s post. What does it consist of you might ask? Oh, nothing of any consequence. Except for the SWINE FLU.

Yes, let us talk about that. Supposedly four kids on my campus felt sick and turns out they might have the dreaded disease. So they sent their blood and other important things most likely in test tubes to the CDC and it so happens that they have it!

“So what does this mean?” you may be asking yourself. Clearly it means that my entire campus got the green light to absolutely FREAK OUT and not show up to class because everyone suddenly and mysteriously feels sick. I love me some hypochondriacs.

The good news in all of this is that half (over half actually) of my linguistics class didn’t show up, so my lovely T.A. (whom I might add is INFINITELY better than my other gross T.A.) decided to cancel class 30 minutes early. This is great news because (in case this is your first time to my blog- in which case, welcome) I HATE linguistics with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. The bad news is I actually liked what we were doing in class today-Cockney Rhyming Slang.

Now, in case you don’t know what this is, I shall inform you. Say I owed you money and you are quite rude and DEMANDED it back. You would say something to the effect of “Lauren! Give me back the bees!” Now, if I did not speak this so called cockney rhyming slang, I would think you have gone crazy demanding honey. But you see, what you were really saying was “Lauren! Give me back my money!” Because in the world of Cockney Rhyming Slang “Bees and honey” = money.

Lets try again. Say I didn’t want you to sit in a particular chair. I would say, “Don’t sit on that Tony!” Tony Blair= chair.There really is no actual rhyme or reason (or maybe just reason… after all, it *is* rhyming slang) to it. “Apples and pears”= stairs, “billy goat”= coat, “Noah’s Ark”= park. The list goes on and on. Oh those mental Brits.

See how much FUN that was! Don’t you just love learning! I know I do! Now if you will excuse me, I have a terrible headache which means I have SWINE FLU. It may be too late for me, but you can still save yourself!

Have a happy rest of the year! I will more than likely, but don’t get your hopes up, see you tomorrow.


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BEDA 29: It’s a Beautiful Morning…

Internet, I have the most EXCITING news! I got ACCEPTED to study abroad in NEW ZEALAND!!! I checked my email this morning, as I do every morning, and there it was. My acceptance email. I was so so so super excited!!! THEN I went to my French class and found I was thirsty. So I went to the vending machine to get a bottle of water. I put in my monies and got TWO bottles! Can you even imagine? A FREE bottle of water after finding out that I got ACCEPTED to NEW ZEALAND. Clearly you see the need for all caps.

Then I went to my lit class and my professor put in a DVD for us to watch. Imagine my surprise when MATT DAMON showed up! A mandatory movie with Matt!

And Hamlet is still alive! So that is quite nice.

I really don’t think life can get any better. I seriously can’t stop smiling. It’s ridiculous really…

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow for the LAST day of BEDA!


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BEDA 28: When There’s Nothing Left to Burn You Have to Set Yourself on Fire…

Today was a good day. I started my Holocaust exam at 11 am and finished exactly at 12pm. An hour of non-stop writing. The only time I stopped was to get a new pencil because I had basically worn the other down so much I couldn’t write with it. So that was fun. Then I went to French where ten minutes later I joined the rest of my class in walking out because our professor had not shown up, and we had places to go and people to see. Then I had lunch with a girl from my French class, and we got so into our little conversation that she missed her next class. Our lunch lasted over an hour and a half. Then I decided to skip my linguistics lecture and instead went to the mall. Because everything is better at the mall. I got a really cute dress and these AMAZING wellies (rain boots):


Yea, I had to put a HUGE picture up because they are just THAT AWESOME. I just love the mall.

And I just got a text saying that four students on my campus more than likely have the swine flu (this is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). So you know, I am keeping up with the news because I would not like to have this.

Just a few more days and BEDA is OVER!!! Oh no! This is both sad and a little bit of a relief. Don’t get me wrong, I love you dearly Internet, it is just.. sometimes I have nothing to blog about and it will be nice going back to blogging when I have something to say. But I will miss the thrill of blogging two hours before the deadline, like I am doing tonight. Such a thrill!

Oh, and Hamlet said “hi.” I know, so friendly that one.

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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BEDA 27: Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down…

Internet, I wish I could accurately describe to you how hot it is. I am sure you know this; you have probably stepped outside within the past 24 hours and felt the heat beating down on you. And maybe you like this thing called “summer.” Maybe you like it well enough to sometimes go outside when there is a nice breeze, no school, and fun times to be had by all. Maybe you spend all day, everyday outside soaking up those rays. I do not. Having lived in Florida I have come to loath, hate and detest heat of any kind. It just reminds me of walking to class, sweating, feeling gross because Florida heat traps you. You only go outside because you are transferring yourself from one air conditioned place to another air conditioned place. And soon you learn to take those air conditioned places for granted.

Living in England I did not have an air conditioned room. I had a heater RIGHT by my bed. And when I say RIGHT by my bed I mean that my bed was pushed as far as it could be against this heater because our room was the size of a PRISON CELL. So I thought that I would die of the heat. Luckily it never got so unbearably hot that I felt as though I was melting. I kept my window open and the wind did a good job at cooling me down. Plus it was getting closer to winter, so it was obviously getting cooler outside and that darling little heater did a good job at keeping me nice and toasty warm.

But here in Delaware that is not the case. It is now summer time which means the heat has come to torture me. And once again my dorm room has no air conditioning. Heat, yes. The heat just finally turned off in our building. But there is no air to replace this heat. So we open our windows. No breeze. AT ALL. We turn on our fans. This serves as a momentary escape from the wicked heat, for not long after you turn on your fan you are basically helping the hot air to circulate around the room.

So I decided that I would get an iced coffee today because 1) I am obsessed with them which mean that 2) I had an excuse to get one as 3) I was sweating like a whore in church. Well apparently, EVERYONE else had the same idea as me. Once I got it, I kid you not, I had it completely GONE in about 25 minutes. And it was a pretty big cup.

So I will most likely repeat the iced coffee process tomorrow because it did a nice job at keeping me relatively cool during French class. Here is hoping that it will cool off enough tonight for me and my roommate to be able to fall asleep.

Oh and Hamlet has lived to see another day. And for those of you who keep informing me his tank is dirty, I might add he has lived to see another day in a shiny, clean tank.

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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BEDA 26: Wait a Minute Mr. Postman…

Oh Internet. I am a slave to homework. This past Friday night my roommate had some friends in our room and they all watched Pocahontas and I sat at my desk and worked on homework for TWO solid hours, no breaks, nothing. And I still didn’t finish half of it. So today my friend from NC left and I really did ATTEMPT to do my homework, but I found myself writing lesson plans instead. Because that is far more interesting than what I was reading. So now I am blogging because 1) I have to and 2) I’m avoiding homework. This is sad because RIGHT NOW my sister and her friend and my mother are all sitting in a theater seeing the Hannah Montana movie and I am NOT, and this makes me quite sad. I love Hannah Montana. I watched her show from the beginning, before all the fuss, before all the manic fangirls. Also, Hamlet is loving life.

If you could look like any celeb, who would you choose to look like, and why?

My mother would choose to look like Catherine Zeta Jones because she “is the most beautiful woman, and she can sing too!”


Good choice mother.

My friend Cal said Hugh Jackman because “it’s fu**ing Wolverine.”


Ah, sigh. Such a lovly choice.

My roommate said Kimberly Williams Paisley because “she is really pretty and tends to radiate happiness.”


A wise choice. And as an added bonus, you are MARRIED to BRAD Paisley.

My best friend Morgs said Jennifer Garner because “she looks like your average hometown tomboy turned hot cool mom thats kind of quirky.”


I love Jennifer, so great choice. And you will be married to Ben Affleck who is not only beautiful, but BEST FRIENDS with MATT DAMON. That is what we call a win-win-win.

Cal’s brother decided on Brad Pitt because he has the intent of “making a video to blackmail the real Brad Pitt, because he is loaded.”


Uh, very interesting choice!

My friend Jess said Kirsten Stewart because “Rob [Robert Pattinson for all you non-Twilighters] likes her!”


I’ll admit that Kirsten is very pretty, but I generally don’t care for her (at least acting wise). Or Rob. But you go Jess!

Cal’s friend Mike decided to go with Heath Ledger because “I like his smile and he can grow his hair long and make it look good. Plus, he’s the joker.”


That he is. A very nice choice Mike.

Cal’s friend Chris also decided on Brad Pitt because “he is probably the best looking one as far as I know.”


He’s not. But that’s okay.

And lastly there is me. I am going with Rachel Bilson because I have always thought she is so beautiful and classy looking.


Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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BEDA 25: And We All Float On, Alright…

Internet! Today is a treat because we have a special guest here at improbable studios. Her name is Lauren, which is similar to mine, and she is my friend all the way from NORTH CAROLINA. She suffered through high school with me, but she was smart and left before she had to graduate from there. So without further ado here is LAUREN!!!!!

im throwing english, grammar, puncation (for the most part) and caps. out the window. because well…because im lazy. so lets back up to yesterday shall we. yesterday i over slept. then drove 4 hours to leesburg, va to visit some friends go to a baby shower. eat some food. and ya know…just be generally awesome. then today. around 5pm i got back on the road and started a journey a tedious journey filled with parking lots for highways and obnoxious toll prices to visit with my dear friends the tidmores. and that brings us to the point of this blog. tolls. in northcarolina we dont have these. now i understand the reason for them. funding for road repairs and whatnot. but honestly 5 dollars just to get out of maryland then a few miles later 4 dollars to GET INTO delaware. the 2$ toll to get out of the tunnel in baltimore i didnt mind because frankly i dont want that tunnel to collapse while im in it.

point being made. i was not prepared for that amount of tolls and those high of prices. and it annoyed me.  now its dinner time.

Thanks Lauren!

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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BEDA 24: You Light Up My Life…

Internet I have exciting news. I registered for all of my classes and I GOT EVERY SINGLE ONE I WANTED. Well, there was one exception but I fixed it and it wasn’t that big of a deal. I preferred not to have a certain professor and somehow the times switched so the time slot I wanted would mean I would have to have the professor I preferred not to have. But I figured it all out and now I am happy to say I am taking a class with a professor named….wait for it… JAMES DEAN. That makes me so happy! So for anyone who cares (primarily my mother) here is my schedule for next semester:


9:05-9:55 British Lit

11:15-12:05 English Language: Grammar and Usage

12:20-2:15 Adolescent Development and Education Psychology

3:35-4:25 French II


9:30-10:45 Teaching Exceptional Adolescents

11:00-2:00 Field Study (Going to a local school and observing teachers)

3:30-4:20 French II


9:05-9:55 British Lit

11:15-12:05 English Language: Grammar and Usage

So that is what will be taking up ALL of my time next semester. I’m really excited to be going back out into the classrooms. After my experience last year I am anxious to (hopefully) get a good teacher, preferably one with a degree. In case I failed to blog about it, two semesters ago I taught at a local public middle school and I just so happened to be working with a teacher who just got out of the ARMY and didn’t even have a teaching degree. However, the school was so desperate for teachers they hired him. He was quite scary. I mean, he was very, very nice to me, but he did yell at the kids a lot. I should also point out that the kids I taught were 6-8th graders and they were all the “at risk” students. This means they were always getting in trouble, or they would act out, often neglected by their parents, etc. They were all very, very sweet kids and I really loved them all, but BOY did they have some SERIOUS problems. I remember one time coming to class and passing two of my students on their way to see the principal. One girl’s face was really red and the other had scratch marks down her entire face, from her forehead to the bottom of her neck. It was awful.

Now I didn’t teach a full day because that only happens when you have your student teaching. We were supposed to be observing and taking notes, but the teacher I was with thought it would be grand if I really got in there and started teaching. I should point out that they placed me in a HISTORY class and history is NOT my thing. Luckily they were implementing this program with the history classes and they had to have a certain amount of time spent on critical thinking. This covered topics such as finding the key sentences in paragraphs, understanding what you read, and context clues! Oh how I LOVE context clues. So I got to teach these lessons. I usually went to my normal classes and around 1pm or so I would go over to the school (it was literally five minutes away). One day I was walking to class, arms full of poster board and markers and instructions and bags full of candy (for answering questions correctly) and I was all ready for them to start this massive project that they would be working on for at least a week. Things were great! The kids liked me, I loved the kids, we were all happy. So I get to the portable classroom (this was a really low budget school so they had those classrooms outside that looked like mobile home type deals… I have no idea what they are called…) and all the students are standing outside waiting for it to be unlocked. So I start talking to them, waiting for the teacher to get there, and we wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. So I send two kids to the office to find out what happed to our teacher and somehow we end up in another classroom with a different teacher and they a guest speaker teaching these kids all about grants and such. So you know, I’m a little upset because I brought EVERYTHING with me to get these kids started on a project and the teacher doesn’t show up or email me or anything.

Well come to find out this little sixth grader got some pills from her sister, brought them to school, and passed them out to her friends. The girl who brought them couldn’t have weighed more than 90 pounds and took TWELVE pills!!! She was pretty drugged the entire day and none of the teachers noticed because her friends were covering it up, saying she was sick and holding her up in the hallway when they changed classes. Finally a teacher noticed and she had to be rushed to the hospital to have her stomach pumped. Since the teacher I was paired with was over all of the at-risk kids, he had to go to the hospital with her. The other girls involved got suspended and I believe the girl who brought the pills was expelled.

Can you believe that? I was so shocked! Not that I thought these kids were perfect or anything, but twelve pills! It was so sad because some of those girls who took the pills were in one of the classes I taught. You really come to love these kids and it is always so sad when they screw up and make bad decisions like that. That is the one thing about being a teacher I am not going to like. You just get to know these kids and love them and you want to help them any way you can, and in one second they can be gone.

I have so many wild stories from that school I could share. It was really an experience. TWICE I was on my way out when a fight broke out and I was in the middle of the two girls. It was always girls fighting over some boy. They kept police on the campus and many times I saw kids being taken away by the police. They were pretty hardcore sixth graders. I think the best though was when my teacher said, “If I can give you some advice-” and I was very excited because advice! From a teacher! This is great, this is the stuff you want! And then he said, “Don’t date the parent of a student, and don’t date someone you work with.” Are you effing kidding me? THAT was the great advice you had to give me? It was really awkward. Rest assured Internet, I don’t have any plans to date a parent of my student or someone I work with.

Needless to say, I really hope I have a good experience next semester. I have no idea what class I will be observing- they really don’t care to match you up with your major until student teaching, so it could go well or it could all go horribly wrong. That’s half the fun of waiting though I suppose.

Also I was supposed to go this “after-prom” thing at a local high school and help with the activities they have for students to do after prom, to help keep them out of trouble or to give them another option besides drinking. I didn’t end up getting to go because they couldn’t get enough volunteers so they had to cancel it! How sad is that? They couldn’t get enough parents to help keep their kids safe and off the streets. Supposedly these kids really like the after-proms and the fact that they couldn’t get people to volunteer a few hours of their night really breaks my heart. Hopefully they will all be safe tonight.

And as for your Hamlet update- he is doing well. I need to clean his tank. He is getting quite moody also! It’s okay though. He is working on writing me a great soliloquy to make up for his mood swings.

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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BEDA 23: Strawberry Fields Forever

Internet, today’s post is going to be EPICALLY short because I have to get ready for class and I won’t be back until really late tonight because I am hopefully going to go help with an “after-prom” thing which you will DEF be hearing more of tomorrow (that is, if I end up going). But I has to blog today because it *is* Blog EVERYDAY in April.

I had to get a shot today. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like getting shots, but I don’t dislike getting shots. Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself.

French class was rather fun today because we learned expressions such as, “Really?” or “No way!” or “I’m fed up!” and things like that and we all really like saying these expressions.

Iced coffee is the greatest!

Hamlet is hiding from us today. He is so antisocial sometimes.

I also have to go get ready for linguistics now. So expect an amazing post tomorrow because this one is really pathetic.

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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BEDA 22: Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again…

Cal: “you only have three hours left!”

Me: “I don’t have anything to sayyyyyyyyy”


Me: “Yes, yes I know! BUT I HAS NOTHING TO WRITE!”

Cal: “Hold on. I have a book for this. It’s just a book called if.”

1. If you could spend the whole night alone with anyone in the world who is currently still alive, who would you select? (I don’t think that necessarily has to be sexual.)

[Mother, father, avert your eyes.] I think if this *was* a sexual thing, my answer would totally be MATT DAMON, no question about it. Now if this is not a sexual thing, I would probably go with Heather Armstrong, creator of my favorite blog Dooce. I think talking with her for one night would be the most entertaining and informative point of my life, and I would probably never be the same afterward.

(**Update: Because I have had two people mention this, I will mention why I didn’t answer this with John Green. I don’t think I could talk to John for an entire night because I would be too nervous to say anything even remotely comprehensible. Heather I could just girl chat easily and not have to worry about making sense.)

2. If you had to choose the worst book ever written, what would it be?

I didn’t even have to wait until the end of that sentence to think of an answer. As soon as I saw “worst book” I immediately knew my answer was The Red Pony by John Steinbeck. In fact, I am just going to go ahead and say any book written by Steinback.

I once chose to read The Red Pony because it was on my reading list and it was short (I believe it was 4 chapters, or something close to that). HA! What an awful, awful, awful book. I would probably be able to tolerate it more if I read it now that I am much older, but I hated it so much I can’t seem to pick up a copy long enough to flip open the cover.

3. If you could have any single writer in history write your biography, who would it be?

Maureen Johnson.

4. If you had to choose the worst song ever composed, which one would you pick?

Every single rap song ever written. Does that count? Meh, I suppose you want just one song. I am going to have to go with…When All Is Said and Done. As an ABBA song I can sort of listen to it, but I am just bored to tears when it is playing during Mamma Mia (the show/movie). They could have cut it out.

5. If you could choose the very last thing you see before death, what would it be?

This is such an ambiguious question. Do you mean the last thing I would see- memory wise? Or do you mean an actual, phyisical thing? And how am I dying? Old age? Horrible car wreck?

If I’m dying of old age, I am choosing to physically see my kids, and those who I love the most. And my cat Clementine.

If I’m dying in a car wreck, I am choosing to see a memory of me and my family at Disney World because that is when I was happiest.

How would you answer? And Hamlet is doing great! He was rather social today.

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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BEDA 21: Just Play it Cool Boy, Real Cool…

Today I just randomly started humming the Star Spangled Banner. Kind of weird.

Today’s topic of conversation comes from my lovely BEDA buddy Ayan. She asks, “What would you do if you found out your friend was a murderer?” (Click here to read her post about the Craigslist killer.)

This is a very good question because I have absolutely no idea what I would do. I mean initially I would most likely FREAK OUT. But I really think I would begin to pester them with questions. Who have they killed? Why did they kill them? How did they kill them? Are they afraid for their lives? Do they think they will get caught? Why haven’t they killed me yet? And things like that.

I would like to say I would tell the cops, but I honestly don’t know. I do know that I would probably not be able to trust anyone for a very, very long time. I think I am having trouble figuring out what I would do because I am trying to imagine two of my really close friends as killers, and the thought just sort of makes me chuckle. They are really sweet girls and I can’t imagine them actually killing people. But then again, sometimes when you hear about killers in the news and stuff they just sort of snap and go on killing sprees. Who knows what kind of issues they are dealing with behind closed doors, if they are suffering from depression, or if they are mentally insane.

I think that is why it is important to share your feelings and problems out loud. If you are feeling depressed or hopeless that doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Talk to someone. If you can’t open up to your family and/or friends about it, find a therapist and talk to them. It doesn’t do well to bottle up emotions and keep them inside. When this happens those feelings can manifest into much stronger, deeper emotions that can lead you to cause physical and mental harm not only on yourself, but on others as well.

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.

Hamlet update: He loves food time. He is also staring at me right now. I think he knows I am talking about him.


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