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I haven’t forgotten about you, I just forgot you existed. It is different, okay?

No long winded explanation as to why I’ve been absent. Here is the short version: 

1. I teach full time. 

2. I coach a spring sport. 

3. I am a full time student in grad school. 

4. I’m taking additional courses through the state for certification purposes. 

5. I need to sleep occasionally. 

6. I had kidney stones and ruptured ovarian cysts ALL WITHIN THE SAME DAY. 


Needless to say, I’m a little tired. So I am not going to do a lot of regular posts; rather, I am going to bring together blogging and mindless tv watching. My students have instructed me to watch Teen Wolf, so here goes nothing. I’ll be occasionally live blogging my thoughts to various episodes, starting with my next post! YAY. 

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Dear dad: it may be best if you just don’t read this one. Well, at least the first half.

Why is it that I always feel the need to blog at one in the morning? What is it about this time that makes my brain go, “HEY YOU! YES YOU! BLOG! BLOG NOW!” I always do this; I get my computer because I know this blog will just be freaking fantastic and then I sit down and realize yeah, no, it won’t be. Partly because I have already forgotten what brilliant thing I was going to share with you, and partly because I think to myself I’m totally Carrie Bradshaw and this is great and I can be a brilliant writer like she is, no big deal. Except I don’t blog about sex. Which is why she has a column in a newspaper and I….don’t even have a job.

But then I have to remind myself that yes, Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character with poor taste in men, and that one of these days that job will come around. And here we find ourselves at what I like to call “unpopular opinion time”. I’ve been doing an experiment. Well, not really an experiment but let’s call it that because it makes me feel smart. I’ve seen episodes of Sex and the City from time to time, usually late at night when the mood strikes to clean my room. But then I realize it is already clean, so I must look for things to clean, and in doing so, watch some SATC. I like it well enough, but I never really saw enough of the show to keep track of who was dating who and who Samantha was sleeping with. Then one day my friend really wanted to watch the movie (the first one) and I was all okay yes I will watch it with you. So we did. And it was good, nothing great or mind blowing (though let’s be honest, there was a lot of other blowing in that movie) and so I decided that the time had come to watch the first season.

And quite frankly, I’m underwhelmed. I know, I know, it takes place in the 90’s and yes, I adore the 90’s. I grew up in the 90’s- I am a 90’s child forever. But seriously. Carrie’s hair. MIRANDA’S HAIR. Charlotte and Samantha had great hair the first season but oh my gosh I thought this show was supposed to be full of…good fashion? When do we get the good clothes? I mean, Sarah Jessica Parker has a rockin body and she always looks decent, but I suppose my premature viewing of later seasons has ruined the first for me. Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone else honestly care? Probably not. But the other thing I have to say is Oh. My. Gosh. I absolutely hate, loath, and despise Mr. Big. I mean the man is such an ass! And seeing as I’ve seen the movie, I know how things end up and may I just say Carrie Bradshaw I am completely disappointed in you.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I don’t really remember what I wanted to talk about. I suppose things in my life, but those are pretty mundane and boring. I mean, I am enjoying life– today I bought my costume for the Harry Potter premiere, but other than that it has just been filling out applications to schools and applying for out of state certification. Oh, yes, and watching a lot I mean A LOT of Doctor Who. And I think Matt Smith is quickly overtaking David Tennant as my favorite doctor.

I know, who am I anymore? Crazy world.


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For my family…and anything to actually put off studying.

My last final is tomorrow, and I DO NOT WANT TO STUDY. I can’t focus for more than two minutes at at time which is baaaaad. However, my family is begging me to blog and I really will blog a real blog sometime, but for now, enjoy this survey thing.

Pick your favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the questions. Don’t cheat!

1. Psych

2. Bones

3. Doctor Who

4. Scrubs

5. How I Met Your Mother

Who’s your favorite character in 2? (Bones)
I adore Bones, but only slightly above Daisy.
Who’s your least favorite character in 1? (Psych)

Henry Spencer aka KILL JOY now that he has a desk job
What’s your favorite episode of 4? (Scrubs)

I am so sorry but there is simply no way I can choose right now. Too many to narrow down. However, I do like the episode in which JD’s dad dies. Sad, but really good.
What’s your favorite season of 5? (HIMYM)
Season 1 or 2

How long have you watched 1? (PSYCH)
Since the very first episode, five years ago.
How did you become interested in 3? (Doctor Who)

I lived in England and they love it over there. And I think my sister told me about it? I don’t really remember.

Who’s your favorite actor in 4? (Scrubs)

Okay actor, not character? I would have to say…..OMG THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD. Sarah Chalke, who plays Elliot.

Which show do you prefer? 1, 2, or 5? (Psych, Bones, or HIMYM)

It comes down to 1 or 2. I don’t think I can choose. In this moment in time, I would say Psych, because Bones is really frustrating me.

Which show have you seen more episodes of; 1 or 3? (Psych or Doctor Who)

I’ve seen every episode of Psych, and only like, four seasons of Dr. Who.

If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be? (Scrubs)
Oh man. I think I would be….Elliot Reid. Or Lady (the Janitor’s wife).
How would you kill off your favourite character in 1? (Psych)
Well, my favorite character is Lassie, so I think he would want to die doing something that would get his name in the papers. And nothing involving Shawn or Gus. So, something heroic. Like rescuing a small child from a burning building or something.
Give a random quote from 3. (Doctor Who)

“No turning back.” That’s almost as bad as, “nothing can possibly go wrong” or “this is going to be the best Christmas this orphanage has ever had.” – The Doctor
Would a 3/4 crossover work? (Doctor Who/Scrubs)
ummmm yes please.

Pair two characters in 2 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple! (Bones)
Bones and Dr. Nigel Murray
Has 5 inspired you in any way? (HIMYM)

Yeah, not really. I guess find a nice, small group of friends?
Overall, which show has a better cast? 3 or 5? (Doctor Who or HIMYM)
I am going to say How I Met Your Mother, because Doctor Who is constantly changing.
Which has better theme music, 2 or 4? (Bones or Scrubs)
Scrubs all the way.

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Episode title: Auditions

Premise: New football coach in town, Glee kids recruit, songs are performed.

Songs sung:

Empire State of Mind – Originally by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Sung by: Glee Club

Telephone- Originally by Lady Gaga. Sung by: Rachel and Sunshine

Billionaire– Originally by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. Sung by: New Kid Sam

Every Rose Has It’s Thorn– Originally by Poison. Sung by: New Kid Sam

What I Did For Love- Originally by the Broadway cast of A Chorus Line. Sung by: Rachel

Listen– Originally by cast of Dreamgirls. Sung by: Sunshine

Thoughts/Comments/Concerns: **minor spoilers below**

Well, well, well. Here we are again. A new season of GLEE! I was looking forward to Glee, but Internet, I’ve got to be honest with you I JUT HAVE TO. Out of the billion shows I do watch a week, the return of GLEE was just not on the top of that “I’M SO EXCITED” list. Yes, I do love this show dearly, but something about the later episodes last season– well it left something to be desired.

I do like Beiste. A lot. Although I am really, really sad to see Ken go! I loved him and his too short shorts. Also, so sad Finn is off the football team but HOW AWESOME was his cheerleading tryout? And please bring back as much of Jacob Ben Israel as you possibly can. And Sandy. You know what? I think I might like the secondary characters more than the regulars.

And the new Vocal Adrenaline coach- CHEYENNE JACKSON! I looooove him. For anyone who doesn’t know, he is a Broadway man (I mean, he has done other tv shows, but he is big in the Broadway scene) and he has an INCREDIBLE voice. Seriously, go find his stuff on youtube and listen to the pure amazingness that is his voice. I recommend his stuff from Xanadu.

Other new characters I like are…the only other two new characters there were. Sunshine and Sam. Although did you know that the kid who is playing Sam, get this, his real name is CHORD OVERSTREET. No, I’m NOT joking. Also, he looks like a kid straight out of the Disney channel. And Sunshine is great but did anyone else notice the arm flinging during her song? I laughed a little, no lie.

Okay, since it sounds like I’m being overly negative, let’s move on to the music! I loved their version of Empire State of Mind. Sometimes when they sing together as a group they tend to sound like kidz bop (aka the time they sang My Life Would Suck Without You) but I would definitely listen to this song again. Also, may I just say that I LOVEDDDD the line in there about Will and the need for him to stop rapping?

And Billionaire is just an amazing song to belt out in the car (particularly off key) and CHORD OVERSTREET did a fantastic job. I am glad that they didn’t feel the need to make Finn get all jealous and compete with him like Rachel did with Sunny. I hope they have CHORD OVERSTREET sing a lot more in the future. Also, Mike’s dancing? It made me laugh.

Speaking of Rachel and Sunny, I looove their voices together. But was it just me or did Rachel look like she wanted to chew Sunshine’s face off while they were singing Telephone?

Every Rose Has Its Thorn was a great song sung by CHORD OVERSTREET.

Listen was fantastic, but again I must ask, what was with the crazy arm thrusting?

Finally we had Rachel close the show out with What I Did For Love. (Because it wouldn’t be GLEE if Rachel didn’t produce a show-stopping number that involved some amount of tears, not that I’m complaining, her voice is beautiful.) Now, I was a big fan of this song long before it aired…last week. But Rachel’s version is by far the best I’ve heard. Definitely going on the ipod.

Final thoughts:

I think as a first episode back it was okay, but I know that I know that I know that next week will definitely be AMAZING. I think they set some things up in this episode, but I feel like my biggest problem with it was that nothing seemed like it happened. If that sentence made any sense at all. (I’m running on cold meds right now, mmmkay?)

I enjoyed watching Rachel talk to Sunshine in the bathroom. I also think Will is an a-star-star-hole. I expected that much out of Sue, because she is Sue, but Will? Not cool man. So your budget is cut. Cry like the little girl you are, then put on your panties and get over it. Also, Quinn back on the cheerios- classic. Love it.

I do feel really sad about Finn getting kicked off the team, and I do feel sad for Artie. I think Rachel sending Sunshine to a crack house was absolutely terrible, and I don’t really like the kind of character they are making Rachel out to be. I know she has been this crazy and demanding and psychotic since the beginning, but I feel like they are making it too easy for everyone to hate her. They keep saying “We are GLEE! We are a family! But then every chance they get, they yell at/diss (or is it dis?)/accuse Rachel of things, and it is kind of getting annoying. I’d like, just once, for everyone to get along at least until halfway through the episode.

All in all, adequate episode, can’t wait for next week.


Just an aside, in case anyone cares. I do watch a lot of shows because I have so much homework. Seriously, I’m either in class, walking to class, driving home, or working on homework until about 8pm every night. A nice show at the end of the evening is just what I love. Here is my schedule in case anyone wants to watch along with me! DO IT!

Mondays: I watch How I Met Your Mother when it airs, I record Chuck and usually watch it on the weekend.

Tuesdays: I watch Glee and now I am hooked on Raising Hope and Running Wilde. I record NCIS and watch it after Running Wilde. Tuesdays are MY NIGHT!

Wednesday: Nothing.

Thursday: I watch Bones! And I record My Generation and watch it on the weekend.

Friday: Nothing.

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The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Watching CSI: MIAMI Over CSI: LAS VEGAS

So when CSI first started, I was there. I watched with baited breath as they apprehended criminals, I shouted at the television when they missed OBVIOUS clues only to see that it all worked out in the end. I loved this show so very much. This, of course, was CSI: LAS VEGAS. Back then it was just CSI: Crime Scene Investigation because there were no other ones on. Then the network got scared that other stations would adopt the idea and use different states, so they created CSI: MIAMI and hired a down and out David Caruso. Internet, my heart leaped with joy. I love, love, love CSI: MIAMI. Once I started college I had to quit watching it weekly because projects and tests and quizzes and my booming social life got in the way (those frequent trips to Disney didn’t help either). Then I moved to a new school and while I have friends, and a social life, there is no Disney or Downtown Disney to escape to. I find myself with a bit more free time. Watching TV one day I saw a commercial for the premiere of season eight of CSI: MIAMI. Season EIGHT! I stopped watching at the end of season four! So I decided to catch up on the seasons I missed.

Well, I went home this weekend and found myself with no new CSI: MIAMI to watch, which forced me to watch CSI: LAS VEGAS. And Internet, can I just say how much disdain I have for LAS VEGAS now that I have a borderline obsession with MIAMI? That is why I’ve decided to create this special list, just for you. It is a list of ten reasons why you should be watching MIAMI instead of LAS VEGAS. If you’ve never seen either, but maybe you want to watch an episode or two to see if you are interested, please read this and realize that you need to watch MIAMI. I’ve done all the necessary research, YOU’RE WELCOME.

Also, it should be noted that I did not care one little bit about CSI: NEW YORK, so don’t even consider that an option. And without further ado, here are the top ten reasons you should be watching MIAMI instead of LAS VEGAS:

10. Better looking cast.

This is number ten because it is the most superficial of all the entries on this list. But a nice looking cast is a plus for any show, and MIAMI definitely has the better-looking cast. The exception to the lackluster cast of LAS VEGAS is George Eads who plays Nick Stokes. That man is just…. more than exceptionally fine. The exception to the otherwise beautiful cast of MIAMI is, I hate to say, David Caruso who plays our main man (and my personal hero) Horatio.

We are CSI: LAS VEGAS. We are not that pretty!
We are CSI: LAS VEGAS. We are not that pretty!
We are CSI: MIAMI! We have awards for our beauty!
We are CSI: MIAMI! We have awards for our beauty!

9. Closer, more supportive staff.

From the beginning of LAS VEGAS it seems as though Catherine is out for Grissom’s job, even if she has to move to the daytime team. At one point in the series the team actually splits into two separate teams, Catherine leading one and Grissom leading the other. I did not like this. The dynamic was lost and it just felt like a competition. With MIAMI, Horatio is in charge and everyone on the team trusts them with their life, because he is just that good at always being there when needed. No one wants his job because he is just so darn good at it. They know their place, and often Horatio will bail them out of trouble because he trusts them and is always on their side. Grissom is just all, “Do you know what this bug means? No? Are you joking with me right now? I can’t tell because I don’t have social skills. Bye.”

8. More techniques and explanations of the lab.

Oh come on. You may know what DB stands for (dead body) and GSR (gun shot residue) and maybe a few other little terms, but for the most part you have no idea what they are taking about. The great thing about MIAMI is that they find creative ways of working into the dialogue what they are doing, or why they are doing it, or the machine they are using. LAS VEGAS doesn’t spend a whole lot of time showing lab procedures which makes MIAMI more informative, and FUN!

7. It is just brighter.

Okay, I need to state the obvious reason it is brighter. CSI MIAMI focuses on the daytime team. CSI LAS VEGAS focuses on the night team. But! Before you say that makes this stupid, I must submit to you that inside the lab it isn’t that dark. They need to invest in some lights! Pronto! The offices are all gray and black, dark and drab with a sort of macabre feeling. MIAMI is all white and clean and crisp and oranges and blues and color! It is a fun, festive environment they work in.

We are CSI: LAS VEGAS! We like to creep around in the dark!
We are CSI: LAS VEGAS! We like to creep around in the dark!
We are CSI: MIAMI! We can actually see what we are doing!
We are CSI: MIAMI! We can actually see what we are doing!

6. Swamp trumps desert.

You learned this with your basic episodes of M*A*S*H. Scenes in the Swamp were significantly better than the scenes in the open desert, healing some sick family the doctor’s couldn’t communicate with. It is just a fact. The go-to location of MIAMI is the everglades complete with gators and many amazing places to dump bodies, hide cars, drown people, etc. LAS VEGAS has the desert, complete with… heat. I hate the heat. I hate deserts. You can die of thirst and heat exhaustion. No thank you.

Nothing but heat and awfulness.
Nothing but heat and awfulness.
At least if you die here, you die surrounded by pretty trees and nature!
At least if you die here, you die surrounded by pretty trees and nature!

5. MIAMI has an episode telling how the team became the team.

The season premiere of season 8 had continuous flashbacks, complete with characters that have passed away since the first season, and showed how certain people got into the CSI business and how their characters have developed. It was quite entertaining. I loved it.

4. More things happen to the characters.

I originally wanted to put on my list the episode where Ryan gets shot in the eye with a nail gun (season 4 episode 8), because Jonathon Togo’s acting is fantastic, and LAS VEGAS can’t match that. But then I remembered that time Quentin Tarantino came onto LV as a guest director and CSI Nick was buried alive. That episode scared the crap out of me because I do not like watching people in movies and TV shows get buried alive. And if you are thinking this is Uma Thurman in Kill Bill buried alive, you are wrong. This is very different, and a LOT scarier. The episode (s 5 ep 24-25 ) STILL gives me the chills. So I changed this category to more things happen to the characters in MIAMI. Someone is forever getting shot, held hostage, attacked, held at gun-point by ex lovers, etc. LAS VEGAS is all, “do de do de do we like bugs!” See? Boring!

You think YOUR day was bad? This guy has a nail coming out of his eye.
You think YOUR day was bad? This guy has a nail coming out of his eye.

3. MIAMI has more action.

They are all the time blowing things up, shooting people, being shot at, having high speed chases (on land and sea), running after criminals, going to Brazil and killing people… the fun and adventure never ends. Just when you think things are all calm, BAM! Something happens and you are all, “Oh MIAMI. You got me again!” I mean, by the end of one episode Horatio would have caught the suspect, gotten him to talk, gotten him to give up his drug pals, taken down the biggest underground drug rings in Miami, gotten his son out of jail, saved his CSI from impending death, AND have time for a quick moment to gaze out of the window, taking it all in. Grissom? He would still be at his desk wondering what a specific bug was trying to tell him.

2. MIAMI Justice.

Here is a clip. You do not need to know what the setting events are for this scene, you just need to know that this would NEVER happen in LAS VEGAS.

And finally, I present to you the number one reason why you should be watching CSI MIAMI over CSI LAS VEGAS.

1. Horatio’s infamous opening one-liners.

The first season doesn’t have the high quality one-liners because they were still in development at the time. By the end of the first season you see them coming into play, but they just get better (and by better I mean cheesier) as the seasons go on. This is what makes the show worth watching. The first few minutes of the show sets up the murder with Horatio and his team showing up on the scene. Horatio talks to someone, be it another CSI, the lead detective cop guy, or the medical examiner, and somehow they set him up for the PERFECT line. Then, of course, comes the theme song Who Are You sung by The Who. The thing that makes these moments so perfect is the timing of when he puts the sunglasses on. I found a video for you (the short version), compiling some of the great one-liners. Enjoy.

I hope this list helps you realize the amazingness that is CSI: MIAMI and the just-okayness that is LAS VEGAS. I know you will make the right decision. If not, I could always get Horatio to persuade you.

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And the Jay Z song was on…

I was going to save this for later on in this post but I simply can’t hold it in any longer. I heard Party in the USA for the first time tonight and…

I like it. No; I take that back. I LOVE IT. It is quite addictive and there is nothing I can do to suppress the urge to listen to it over and over and over and over. Now, I do realize that I am late into the game, but I had heard nothing but negative things about the song, so I held off listening to it. I never listen to the radio unless forced, so I didn’t have to overhear it at any point. I finally heard a couple of people mention it so many times today that I had no choice but to listen to it. Bad move Internet.

Anyway, this morning I had the pleasure of waking up at 6:00 to get ready and take the Praxis exam. What is this Praxis exam I speak of? Well to pass my certification I have to do a few things: 1) take the Praxis I 2) take the Praxis II 3) student teach and 4) devote hours upon hours of my life to making a stupid portfolio of pretty much everything I’ve done during my college career. Good thing I saved all my papers!

The Praxis I is basically a watered down version of the SATs, minus that gross science part. It was a three hour test that took five hours to complete, yes you read that correctly, and the first part was the reading comprehension part which was fine and all but I have no idea where the heck they get these passages from. I mean some of them were the most random things ever! Then I took the math section which I still don’t know if I passed because, let’s be quite honest here, I can’t do basic math. Yeah, it is embarrassing, but to all you math people, can you read Shakespeare and understand what he is saying? Didn’t think so. The next part was BY FAR the easiest thing I’ve ever taken in my life. It was the whole, “here is a sentence and we’ve underlined random parts now tell us which is the incorrect part of the sentence” and then it faded into the, “we’ve underlined part of the sentence now tell us if one of the options below would sound better” type of things. We had thirty minutes to complete both sections- 40 total questions. I finished in about 10, went back, checked my answers, and still sat there for what felt like an eternity. The last section was the essay which was really, really easy.

Overall I think I did well, still unsure about math, but I’m just glad it is over with. What a lot of people don’t understand is that this is not just a test I take for certification. If I don’t pass a section I have to retake it until I do. With the SATs you just take the thing and then they tell you how good or bad you are. With this there is a set score that you have to reach for your state, and if you make above it, congrats. If you make below it, YOU FAIL. I don’t like failing $90 tests.

Speaking of the $90, they didn’t let some kid take his test today for what is possibly the STUPIDEST reason ever in the history of all testing. When you got there you had to check in with a form of photo id, preferably with your license. This kid’s license said his name was JAMES and his test ticket said his name was JIMMY. So they didn’t let him take the exam.

Are you freaking kidding me? He was visibly fuming, and he looked at the woman administering the test and said, “well can I have my $90 back?” Except it was more like, “WELL CAN I HAVE MY $90 BACK?” with the unspoken “bitch” at the end. I felt so bad for him! It was really, really ridiculous.

Other than that my day has consisted of coughing, nausea, sniffles, sore throats, whining, wheezing, and just grossness (I have strep throat in case you didn’t know). I watched my favorite holiday movie, Eloise at Chirstmastime and that made me feel better. Then I realized I had no more CSI: Miami to watch because I am currently awaiting the next discs from Netflix, so I had no other option but to watch CSI: Las Vegas. Now, there was a time that I liked Las Vegas. Except that Georgia Fox. I never have liked her and I never will. But then Miami came onto the scene and I was smitten with Horatio and Las Vegas got lost in the desert dust. I wrote an elaborate and helpful and fantastic post for my Bullshish blog about why you should be watching Miami instead of Las Vegas. You can find it here. I’m all about bringing you the FACTS people!

Now, if you will excuse me, there is a PARTY in the USA that I need to get back to.

And the Britney song was on…

And the Britney song was on…

And the Britney song was on………….

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