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And the Jay Z song was on…

I was going to save this for later on in this post but I simply can’t hold it in any longer. I heard Party in the USA for the first time tonight and…

I like it. No; I take that back. I LOVE IT. It is quite addictive and there is nothing I can do to suppress the urge to listen to it over and over and over and over. Now, I do realize that I am late into the game, but I had heard nothing but negative things about the song, so I held off listening to it. I never listen to the radio unless forced, so I didn’t have to overhear it at any point. I finally heard a couple of people mention it so many times today that I had no choice but to listen to it. Bad move Internet.

Anyway, this morning I had the pleasure of waking up at 6:00 to get ready and take the Praxis exam. What is this Praxis exam I speak of? Well to pass my certification I have to do a few things: 1) take the Praxis I 2) take the Praxis II 3) student teach and 4) devote hours upon hours of my life to making a stupid portfolio of pretty much everything I’ve done during my college career. Good thing I saved all my papers!

The Praxis I is basically a watered down version of the SATs, minus that gross science part. It was a three hour test that took five hours to complete, yes you read that correctly, and the first part was the reading comprehension part which was fine and all but I have no idea where the heck they get these passages from. I mean some of them were the most random things ever! Then I took the math section which I still don’t know if I passed because, let’s be quite honest here, I can’t do basic math. Yeah, it is embarrassing, but to all you math people, can you read Shakespeare and understand what he is saying? Didn’t think so. The next part was BY FAR the easiest thing I’ve ever taken in my life. It was the whole, “here is a sentence and we’ve underlined random parts now tell us which is the incorrect part of the sentence” and then it faded into the, “we’ve underlined part of the sentence now tell us if one of the options below would sound better” type of things. We had thirty minutes to complete both sections- 40 total questions. I finished in about 10, went back, checked my answers, and still sat there for what felt like an eternity. The last section was the essay which was really, really easy.

Overall I think I did well, still unsure about math, but I’m just glad it is over with. What a lot of people don’t understand is that this is not just a test I take for certification. If I don’t pass a section I have to retake it until I do. With the SATs you just take the thing and then they tell you how good or bad you are. With this there is a set score that you have to reach for your state, and if you make above it, congrats. If you make below it, YOU FAIL. I don’t like failing $90 tests.

Speaking of the $90, they didn’t let some kid take his test today for what is possibly the STUPIDEST reason ever in the history of all testing. When you got there you had to check in with a form of photo id, preferably with your license. This kid’s license said his name was JAMES and his test ticket said his name was JIMMY. So they didn’t let him take the exam.

Are you freaking kidding me? He was visibly fuming, and he looked at the woman administering the test and said, “well can I have my $90 back?” Except it was more like, “WELL CAN I HAVE MY $90 BACK?” with the unspoken “bitch” at the end. I felt so bad for him! It was really, really ridiculous.

Other than that my day has consisted of coughing, nausea, sniffles, sore throats, whining, wheezing, and just grossness (I have strep throat in case you didn’t know). I watched my favorite holiday movie, Eloise at Chirstmastime and that made me feel better. Then I realized I had no more CSI: Miami to watch because I am currently awaiting the next discs from Netflix, so I had no other option but to watch CSI: Las Vegas. Now, there was a time that I liked Las Vegas. Except that Georgia Fox. I never have liked her and I never will. But then Miami came onto the scene and I was smitten with Horatio and Las Vegas got lost in the desert dust. I wrote an elaborate and helpful and fantastic post for my Bullshish blog about why you should be watching Miami instead of Las Vegas. You can find it here. I’m all about bringing you the FACTS people!

Now, if you will excuse me, there is a PARTY in the USA that I need to get back to.

And the Britney song was on…

And the Britney song was on…

And the Britney song was on………….

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Thug Story

So this video was part of the opening of the CMT awards and features Taylor Swift, a talented country singer who never seemed to have a thug bone in her body (and if you need further proof check out her Love Story video. If that isn’t proof this gal is all glam and no street, I don’t know what is.) and T-Pain a noted rapper. Not only is this song random, but the lyrics are hysterical. Enjoy.

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A post dedicated to the awesomeness that is Sesame Street.

First, I can not even begin to tell you how utterly amazing this find was:

Thank you Sara.

Next, I love me some Joshua Radin. And you should too. I also love me some Scrubs. Again, you should too. Joshua Radin and Zack Braff are quite good friends in real life (Zack has directed a few of Radin’s music videos) and Radin’s songs appear in Scrubs throughout the past few years. (Who could forget season three when Winter played during the funeral? Still makes my cry every time I watch it.)

In case you don’t watch Scrubs, JD (played by Braff) day dreams a lot and has an inner monologue which serves as a sort-of-but-not-always narrator of the show. The episodes usually end nicely with a little “lesson” (if you could call it that) or a “wrap up” by JD. The reason I am telling you all of this, and there is a point, is because on a recent episode of Scrubs, JD’s  day dreams were filled with the characters of Sesame Street. During the ending “wrap up” the theme song for Sesame Street played, but it was a newer version slowed down and set to the piano by Joshua Radin. And I must say, I find it really beautiful. I found a video of the show with the song in the background…

Sorry that you have to endure the dialogue. Not that there is anything wrong with the dialogue, but you know, it sort of overshadows the song, which was kind of the point of putting the video on here. If you click right here you can see a guy playing it, though the video is rather dark. Dark in the sense that there is very little light, not in the sense that they have taken all the innocence out of Sesame Street. Because that would just be sad.


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And she fights.

I am quite fascinated by this video. It is so beautiful.


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So follow my lead and we’ll 1,2,3…


Don’t know what I’m talking about? You are not the first. I’ts only my new favorite song. I mean, duh. I sing it all the time and in fact I’m listening to it right now. On repeat.

So Jessica met Robert Pattinson today at the UK Twilight premiere and I am really happy for her. I stayed here because I had class, go photography- more on that later- and I’m not really sad about missing Rob or Kristen, I think we all knew that though. If I went I would be screaming “I WANT CAM GIGANDET!!!” and then when Cam came over to ask me to marry him I would reply with a loud “YES” but only if he took his shirt off first.

Speaking of nudity (how many sentences start off like that? Don’t tell me I don’t want to know) in photography class we have been giving presentations about photographers we were assigned or picked or whatever. The final three or four (though it felt like 900) people gave their presentations today, and one guy’s photographer happened to be big on the S&M scene, and may I just say I saw waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many pictures of male genitalia than I would have liked to see. And bonus! I was (unfortunately) sitting really close to the screen, because that is usually where I sit and I like to sit in the same seat every class, and so every picture was RIGHT THERE and just disturbing. There was a lot of rubber. I just wanted to shout out “there will always be women in rubber flirting with me!” [bonus points if you can tell me- without looking- what movie that is from.] I refrained.

And now I am going to bed so I can wake up and go to my LAST CLASS!!!!!!!! It’s poetry and my professor is obsessed with sex and interprets every single poem as this work about one of five things. 1- sex. 2- death. 3- sex. 4- religion, preferably of the Catholic nature. 5- sex. Every single poem is about one of those things. Last class he went into great detail about how this poem referring to a rose could be about this woman and man and he was jealous and she was overly sexual and couldn’t wait for him so she had to meet her own needs and basically his interpretation was wrong and mine was right. It was about this girl who had an affair and her boy toy couldn’t handle it and he got all angry and attacked the “other guy” and then told home girl that she was ugly. Told you my interpretation was better. And you don’t even know what the poem said! Trust me, it’s much better this way.

I go home in 9 days! I am excited and sad at the same time. I am very happy to go home and sleep in a comfortable bed and just all the little comforts of home and my CAT! I miss her so so much. But I am going to be so sad to leave here, my cozy little home away from home. I am going to miss Tesco, the tube, the London Eye, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Partridges, Imperial, The V&A, THE GLOBE, just walking around London, Camden Market, and lots of other things. I am getting sad. I packed a suitcase today. Tear.

This blog is rather random. I covered music, Twilight, nudity, sex, London- I’m like a carbon copy of Cosmo! Except I won’t cost you about 5 dollars. Omg I’m so ending this right now.

I lead with my left hand
I stomp with my right foot
Well I just wanna freak out
I just wanna move, I don’t care what the song’s about

Dance with me, pretty boy tonight
Dance with me, and we’ll be alright
There’s a whole floor before us, just for you and me,
So follow my lead, and we’ll 1-2-3


Yea, it’s that good I just posted some of the lyrics. NERD.

What do you do when the music stops?

What do you do when the music stops?

What do you do when the music stops?

What do you do when the music stops?


ok, I’m done for real now. But seriously, go listen to them (link at the top. Click on the word “favorite” and you will be transported to a world of awesome music. I know, it’s magic. I’m currently awaiting my letter from Hogwarts.)

I swear I’m not insane. I’m just losing my mind, thats all.


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The Way Things Are Going, They’re Gonna Crucify Me…

Last night I fell asleep to one of the greatest cd’s I own (well, technically I fell asleep listening to said cd through the awesomeness that is my ipod… but I digress) Death Cab for Cutie’s Plans. Then I woke up, after a much needed morning of sleeping in, and I spent the entire day in bed. And it was loverly. I caught up on some blog reading, chatted with friends, watched Win A Date with Tad Hamilton– because lets face it, that is one movie I will never get tired of- and read a book in its entirety over the course of about 2 hours. Overall a pretty relaxing day.

I suppose I should be happy that I spent a relaxing day in bed because come tomorrow I will only have these memories to look back on as I spend the day staring at a blank Word document wondering how I am going to spit out 3,000 words on a paper I have technically already written but now have to rewrite. This is not going to help with the dark circles who recently have made friends with the bags currently living under my eyes.

Oh and a big congrats/ best wishes to all of you partaking in NANOWRIMO! Wish I could be participating this year, but other papers call my name. Lame excuse, I know, but as my mother would say (much to the chagrin of my father) “it is what it is.” Hope your stories come out to be everything you wanted!!

p.s. I think someone just shot a gun. And it was very loud and very erie/creepy in the sense that it reminded me of that scene in Dead Poets Society where Neil shoots the gun… yeah, if you have seen the movie you know what I’m talking about. *shiver*


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Got my hair cut today.

Needless to say I miss Kevin, my hot (and totally straight) hairdresser in Florida. This lady who cut my hair was missing something. Something important. I think its called… a personality. Yep. Definitely missing one of those.

In other news, there is nothing like good music, humorous talks with the roommate, good chick lit purchased at an amazing book store, and snow to make a fantastic evening.

Wait, what? Lauren, did you just say snow?

Why Yes Internet, I did. You read correctly. I experienced my first snow fall (in a good two-three? years) here in good old Kensington England.

And that Charlie Brown, is why today is awesome.


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No one told me my dad was in Phoenix, and I called him at 3:30am. Whoops…

Internet, I am so excited!!! Tomorrow we leave for PARIS!!! My love!! The only bad news… we have to leave at 5am. Which means, for me, because I am a girl and we (sometimes) pride ourselves on our appearance, I have to get up at the dreaded hour of 4:30ish. Egads!! So early. It wouldn’t be so bad, but this morning I woke up at 5:45 and my mind decided it had enough sleep; that it was time to get up and embrace the day. I didn’t appreciate this at all. So now I am rather tired.

And last night was one of the longest nights of my life. I had a three hour photography class that extended to four hours, and when I left I hadn’t even finished my assignment. We learned how to develop our own film, which was really cool, but in a class of 17 its a tad bit difficult to do so in a timely manner. I have no idea how my filmed turned out, but I am pretty sure I messed up somewhere along the line. It’s usually my luck to mess it all up. But the actual process was really intereting, and let me just say when they use the words “dark room” they do not use them lightly (hahaha pun totally intended). I felt like I was completely blind. Loading film onto a reel and getting that into the tank and making sure you did everything right when you have no eyesight at all is very interesting. I’m excited to do it again though. Bring it on dark room.

And for those of you who do not listen to Joshua Radin, you should really develop a better taste in music. The man is brilliant. He just released a new cd, and it totally rocks, though if I must be perfectly honest, I liked his previous cd better. But the more I listen to this one, the more I sloooowly change my mind. So go buy his music. It will change your life.

ok maybe not, but tell me that didn’t sound totally awesome as an ending…


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Lets be best friends.

About an hour or so ago I posted a link to the song Shake It by Metro Station. So I think it is only fair that I put on here another song that has caught my attention, and seems as though will never let go. In the whole Itunes play count thing this leads with five more listens than Shake It, that is how much I love it. And I bought them on the same day internet. That is some serious competition. This one is by Panic At The Disco and goes by the name of That Green Gentleman.  I was shopping in American Eagle one day and this song came on, and so I went home, looked it up on Itunes, and bought it. You should do the same. Minus the American Eagle part. Unless you like American Eagle…

And may I just add, the music video for Green Gentleman is far better than the music video for Shake it.

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My source of entertainment for the next four months.

Once upon a time I lived in a world where I had never heard a song called Shake It by Metro Station. Then I met my roommate. Now I live in a world where we listen to the song about six or seven or fifteen times a day, dancing around our tiny little dorm room and being completely rediculous. And I have never had so much fun. My roommate is pretty much the epitome of awesomeness, and this little video is a snippet of the fun we have every single day. None of this was staged; we have conversations pretty much like this 24/7. It is a world of complete randomness. And I love it.

After you watch the video, go listen to the awesomeness that is Shake It. And just try not to listen to it fifteen times a day.


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