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Internet if there is one thing I hate, it is the sound of chewing. And I’m not just talking about chewing with your mouth open (which is completely disgusting) but I mean any kind of chewing. If I can hear it, I hate it. And yes, that includes my own chewing, which I realize may sound crazy but in case you haven’t ever read my blog before, I should probably point out now that I AM CRAZY.

Anywho, let me give you the setting of last night. Around some time late in the evening half a bottle of water spilled on my bed, resulting in me laying out my comforter to dry and changing the sheets because basically half of my bed was soaked. So I’m studying for exams, changing my sheets, listening to my darling roommate say “you wet the bed” “you wet the bed” OVER AND OVER again… I mean once is cute, two is annoying and any more than that calls for me to hit you. (I get violent around exam time btw.) So I finally decide that I can no longer study for my two exams because if I didn’t know the stuff at 1 in the morning, I wasn’t going to magically learn it all by the time of the test.

Well my roommate was working on this project that she has put off. It was due at 8 in the morning. She started it around 11pm. That was not a good idea. She has to have her lamp on (even though the entire project is on the computer, involving no papers or research that had to be done offline) which means the entire room was really bright because her lamp has such brightness that it puts the SUN to shame. So there I am, under a sheet, FREEZING because I don’t have a comforter, BLIND because I looked directly at the lamp on accident, and STRESSED about my exams. And then I hear it. She opens up something (I have no idea what) and starts to eat something. Which means I can hear her chewing LOUDLY, because her desk is VERY CLOSE to my bed. GOD alone knows what she was eating, but darn it all I wanted to slit my wrists. Then, suddenly, the chewing stops. It was such a relief. And then….. oh GOD! NO! SHE OPENS ANOTHER SNACK! AND THEN EATS IT!

I honestly don’t know how I survived the night.

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