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and then I lol’d.

Woah. Just let me be the first to say…. it’s been a while, huh? I know, I know. As dear old Professor Slughorn would say, “these are mad times we live in! Mad!”

Oh, yes, I did just quote Harry Potter. Ever heard of it? No? It’s just a little indie film I think is really going to make it into the big time. Soon! Speaking of Harry Potter, I’ve been wondering, doing a little pondering here and there, and I’ve come up with a question. What would Amortentia smell like to you? Don’t have a clue as to what I am talking about? GO WATCH HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. Seriously though, it is the strongest love potion ever made and the smell changes according to the person doing the smelling. Basically it serves as your own little personal aphrodisiac. FUN RIGHT?

Me, personally…I’m still thinking of my answer. Sure, there are lots of things I like, but I think it would be a really weird mixture of things. Not that freshly cut grass and spearmint are normally grouped together…

Also, these are mad times because I’ve been all busy busy with school. I KNOW! Excuses! But I’ve finished completely with two classes, and the third will be finished just as soon as I submit my paper. That I need to edit. Which I should be doing right now, but instead I’m blogging and that just proves my DEDICATION to you, dear internet.

Also, have you asked me a question on formspring yet? No? DO IT!

And now for story power hour. In my British lit class my professor didn’t really have anything for us to do, so we were forced to play a rousing game of Jeopardy: BRIT LIT EDITION. Not my cup of tea, but I don’t think I’ll forget this game. Ever. So this kid in my class, Alex, came to class and sat by me. Completely intoxicated from the previous night’s partying. I know, I know– totally awesome. He verbally abused the other teams as well as the score keeper (although she was a bit HORRIBLE). Probably the best class of the semester.

Also, you would not believe how many times a day I get called weird! It is uncanny. People should be a bit more careful with throwing it around; it is starting to lose its meaning! I swear this blog has a point. Maybe. Right, weird. I’m not ashamed to be weird; if being cultured and interesting and asking for French films for Christmas instead of Twilight crap, then go ahead! Call me weird! I don’t care! Hmm… I don’t know how I got to this topic. Oh! This blog post is very weird, I know. I have a thousand thoughts running around in my noggin, the majority of which are coming out in thesis statements, or educational terms and French vocabulary. Can you tell it is finals week?

I can’t wait to go home. I should also state that it is officially 20 DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR NEW ZEALAND! I can’t even believe it has crept up on me so quickly! I have so much to do! Aak!

But for now, I’m going to go. I’m way to hyper to sit around at my desk and blog! Not that I don’t love these little meetings we have. OH! I almost forgot my NEWS! I’ve decided next year I may dabble into a little bit of vlogging. No, I won’t leave you, my wonderful little blogging world. But I don’t know; I think it may be fun?! Maybe? No? We shall see. Okay, really leaving now.

You stay classy Internet!

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Big Brother is watching me sleep.

About two weeks ago I went into the doctors for a sleep study. This sleep study consisted of being hooked up to MANY wires on my legs, arms, face, head, neck, shoulders, etc. Then I had to sleep in a bed while people watched me and monitored my breathing. The point of this study was to find out if I have sleep apnea, a tiny little condition where you stop breathing in your sleep. Last night I had to go back for a second study because guess what! I have sleep apnea! And they wanted to see how things would go if I slept with one of those masks that covers your nose and mouth and makes you feel like Darth Vader. Once the nurse left the room I couldn’t stop giggling at how ridiculous I looked, a giant mask covering half of my face and wires everywhere. Even if I did take a picture I don’t think I would ever post it, no not ever THAT is how crazy I looked.

All of the wires that were eventually connected to me. And yes, that is my adorable stuffed animal in the background.

All of the wires that were eventually connected to me. And yes, that is my adorable stuffed animal in the background.

A close up of all the WIRES!

A close up of all the WIRES!

BIg Brother watching me sleep. Oh, and Conan.

BIg Brother watching me sleep. Oh, and Conan.

While the nurse was getting everything ready she was telling me that through the last sleep study I stopped breathing six times per hour during a normal nights sleep. However, when I hit my REM cycle I stop breathing FIFTEEN TIMES PER HOUR. I know, holy frick. I guess it worked because I am getting a special, CUSTOM MADE sleeping mask. Designed specifically for me. If it wasn’t so incredibly so embarrassing looking I would probably be excited. And I guess I have to use this thing for the rest of my life? They weren’t really into specifics or anything; they were just interested in hooking me up to more wires.

Now, have you ever tried to fall asleep while hooked up to wires, breathing out of a face mask, KNOWING there is someone watching you sleep through a security camera type thing? It isn’t that easy. You think to yourself, “Boy! I sure am tired! Falling asleep won’t be any trouble for me.” But then you get there and get all set up and then you have to lay there in the dark with only your stuffed animal to keep you company while someone speaks to you over an intercom telling you to look up and down, left and right, move your feet, hold your breath, so they can make sure that everything is working, and you are suddenly WIDE AWAKE. The first time I did this the metal from the bed post were conflicting with the wires and they weren’t getting any signals in the lab and they didn’t know what was wrong. So the lady’s voice came booming over the intercom and was all, “I’m sorry Lauren we are having EXTREME technical difficulties.” And then five minutes later they figured out that it was the metal from the headboard. Last night went considerably better and I was in bed by 11pm. And I find that interesting because for the past week both my roommate and I have been going to bed by 11pm (midnight if we have homework) because we get up at 7:30. And we need our sleep. So I was pretty happy to keep on schedule last night, and yes I realize this makes me a complete dork.

I was awoken this morning at 5am, well that is when they came in and took the wires off. I fell asleep at 11, woke up at 1am, felt like ripping the mask off, fell back asleep, woke back up at 4am and couldn’t fall back asleep. So I just lay in bed wondering when I would be able to get up. Finally I was able to and I got back to my mom’s house (much closer than the dorms) and I was unable to go back to sleep.

So I have been awake since 4am and because the majority of you have never met me, you have no idea what I am like when I get no sleep. I am crazy. I laugh at everything. Everything anybody says reminds me of a lyric in a Broadway song and I feel the need to just belt it out. Already today I have covered Spamalot, Wicked, Hairspray, Spring Awakening, and loads of others I have forgotten.

Speaking of forgetting things, I totally forgot where I was going with this post. On that note, I think I will leave you all and go annoy my mother a little more.


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I move into my dorm on Sunday and start classes on Tuesday. I promise more interesting blogs will be coming your way SOON.

Often in life I turn to my mother, sister, family member and/or best friend and say “remember the time we/you/I…” and then I go on about something that usually happened within the last, oh I don’t know, ten minutes or so, and they just look at me and say, “you mean the thing that just happened ten minutes ago?” To which I just say, “yes” and watch them ponder the question, as if I was testing their memory or going insane. Well it has sort of become a running joke in my family. I don’t remember (shockingly) what started me saying it, but I just sort of… did. I think something funny would happen and ten minutes later no one was laughing about it anymore, that is, no one but me, and I didn’t want to be the only one still laughing so I brought it back up to bring back the joy. Except it didn’t really work out that way. And then my mother would say something like, “go get me a pencil” and my sister would reply with “remember that time you told me to go get you a pencil?” Then they would double over with laughter as I sat there, directing icy glances in their general direction.

Well on Twitter (of which I happily have an account found HERE) there are “trending topics” and people insert this phrase or word into their daily tweets. These topics rapidly change (daily) and tonight I found myself thinking about random memories only to look at Twitter and see the number one trending topic was “remember when.” I clicked on this and found some very amusing (and quite frankly some very disturbing) “remember whens.” So because I 1)don’t have anything else interesting to blog about and 2)can’t tweet any of these because of a silly 140 character limit I am going to post some of the most random memories that come to my mind. Mind you, these are only fleeting moments of things that have happened in my life and as a gift to you, dear reader, I am letting YOU come up with the details of the situations. The how or why or what or when that would make this little moment possible.

Remember the time during Freshman year at college when I had to stand up in front of THOUSANDS of people and do an African chant/dance while wearing an actual dress from Africa and pretending to roast the Universities mascot in a fire?

Remember the time I punched Alan Hanson because he tried to kiss me at Taylor Wall’s birthday party?

Remember the time I stood on a fake stone wall at Disney World and sang the Mickey Mouse Club theme song while holding my hat out for tips?

Remember the time strangers gave me tips for singing at Disney World?

Remember the time Dave saw me in my unmentionables?

Remember the time I posted about a movie on my blog and everyone on the Internet got all bent out of shape because I said I didn’t enjoy the sex scene between two homosexuals? (This is my top viewed post, and I still get people visiting it from the message boards.)

Remember the time I drove my friend’s 4-wheeler into a tree in her back yard?

Remember the time I met my favorite Broadway star?

Remember the time I convinced my Spanish teacher to let us play Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit in class?

Remember the time I stayed up all night (literally) with the rest of my class, studying for a state administered Education exam only to (like the rest of my class) barely pass with a C? (I still tear up at that memory…)

Remember the time I accidentally asked my roommate if she wanted to go get a hamburger with me after she *just* said she was a vegetarian?

Remember the time I went to the state science fair in third grade?

And lastly, remember the time I was sleeping nice and cozy in my bed when my brother woke me up to inform me he was sick, and when I told him to go to the bathroom he turned and threw up all the way down the stairs? (And I do mean EVERY. SINGLE. STAIR.)

What are some of your random memories?


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Absolutely Stunning.

This is a contestant from Ukraine’s Got Talent making art with sand. Kind of puts the other singing and dancing talents to shame…

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50 Things To Do Before I Die.

[I completely stole this from my friend Korianne.]

1. Complete NANOWRIMO by the end of the year (I’m not limiting it to one month, because with my schedule that will NOT happen).

2. Beat Cal‘s record of most movies watched in 24 hours.

3. Go on a roadtrip.

4. Visit a ghost town.

5. Go to Ireland.

6. Own over 1,000 books.

7. Marry the man I love.

8. Have kids.

9. Go to Disneyland and stand in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

10. Go to the new Harry Potter theme park.

11. Have a huge collection of vintage cameras. (Current count: 3)

12. Teach kids the importance of reading.

13. Write the most obscure French phrase book and get it published.

14. Scrapbook more.

15. Mail a secret in to Postsecret.

16. Go to a paper town.

17. Learn to play the ukulele.

18. Own a puppy.

19. Learn Russian.

20. Become fluent in French.

21. See every single play/musical Norbert is in (from now until my time of death, obviously).

23. Make at least one piece of clothing from scratch.

24. Publish a joke in Readers Digest.

25. Cut a ribbon at some ribbon cutting ceremony.

26. Build something useful.

27. Work in an independent bookstore.

28. Write a short story about the most random thing ever.

29. Win a radio contest.

30. Go to the Tony Awards. (I don’t count on this EVER happening, but a girl can dream, right?)

31. Create an original recipe.

32. Learn how to play poker.

33. Bake a pie from scratch.

34. Go ONE day without sarcasm. Just one.

35. Read my life’s library.

36. Collect all of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks (almost there) and make at least three things from each.

37. Write nice letters to my friends and family and mail them out on a semi-regular basis.

38. Compliment people daily.

39. Create a beautiful garden.

40. Learn to be patient.

41. Have my own darkroom for developing film and pictures

42. Collect rare and vintage books.

43. Create the PERFECT Halloween costume.

44. Volunteer more.

45. Buy flowers for a random person.

46. Write Korianne’s biography when she becomes a famous author.

47. Not cry when I watch Titanic.

48. Name a nail polish.

49. Write a children’s book and get it published.

50. Meet Matt Damon.


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BEDA 26: Wait a Minute Mr. Postman…

Oh Internet. I am a slave to homework. This past Friday night my roommate had some friends in our room and they all watched Pocahontas and I sat at my desk and worked on homework for TWO solid hours, no breaks, nothing. And I still didn’t finish half of it. So today my friend from NC left and I really did ATTEMPT to do my homework, but I found myself writing lesson plans instead. Because that is far more interesting than what I was reading. So now I am blogging because 1) I have to and 2) I’m avoiding homework. This is sad because RIGHT NOW my sister and her friend and my mother are all sitting in a theater seeing the Hannah Montana movie and I am NOT, and this makes me quite sad. I love Hannah Montana. I watched her show from the beginning, before all the fuss, before all the manic fangirls. Also, Hamlet is loving life.

If you could look like any celeb, who would you choose to look like, and why?

My mother would choose to look like Catherine Zeta Jones because she “is the most beautiful woman, and she can sing too!”


Good choice mother.

My friend Cal said Hugh Jackman because “it’s fu**ing Wolverine.”


Ah, sigh. Such a lovly choice.

My roommate said Kimberly Williams Paisley because “she is really pretty and tends to radiate happiness.”


A wise choice. And as an added bonus, you are MARRIED to BRAD Paisley.

My best friend Morgs said Jennifer Garner because “she looks like your average hometown tomboy turned hot cool mom thats kind of quirky.”


I love Jennifer, so great choice. And you will be married to Ben Affleck who is not only beautiful, but BEST FRIENDS with MATT DAMON. That is what we call a win-win-win.

Cal’s brother decided on Brad Pitt because he has the intent of “making a video to blackmail the real Brad Pitt, because he is loaded.”


Uh, very interesting choice!

My friend Jess said Kirsten Stewart because “Rob [Robert Pattinson for all you non-Twilighters] likes her!”


I’ll admit that Kirsten is very pretty, but I generally don’t care for her (at least acting wise). Or Rob. But you go Jess!

Cal’s friend Mike decided to go with Heath Ledger because “I like his smile and he can grow his hair long and make it look good. Plus, he’s the joker.”


That he is. A very nice choice Mike.

Cal’s friend Chris also decided on Brad Pitt because “he is probably the best looking one as far as I know.”


He’s not. But that’s okay.

And lastly there is me. I am going with Rachel Bilson because I have always thought she is so beautiful and classy looking.


Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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BEDA 23: Strawberry Fields Forever

Internet, today’s post is going to be EPICALLY short because I have to get ready for class and I won’t be back until really late tonight because I am hopefully going to go help with an “after-prom” thing which you will DEF be hearing more of tomorrow (that is, if I end up going). But I has to blog today because it *is* Blog EVERYDAY in April.

I had to get a shot today. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like getting shots, but I don’t dislike getting shots. Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself.

French class was rather fun today because we learned expressions such as, “Really?” or “No way!” or “I’m fed up!” and things like that and we all really like saying these expressions.

Iced coffee is the greatest!

Hamlet is hiding from us today. He is so antisocial sometimes.

I also have to go get ready for linguistics now. So expect an amazing post tomorrow because this one is really pathetic.

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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