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Say what you will about our President and government, but reading that the US has sent search teams to New Zealand is one of the most amazing and heart warming things I’ve read in a while. With all of the protesting and rioting going on in Egypt, and now with the events going on Lybia, it is difficult for people to remember New Zealand. Because New Zealand is a relatively small country and everyone there vomits rainbows and sunshine– it is difficult to think of them as being involved in a tragedy. It is my home away from home I freaking LOVE that country. It is very, very difficult to think that just one year ago I was there– in my favorite spot in NZ– Christchurch (Of Heavenly Creatures fame) and I was walking around, taking pictures of the beautiful gardens. (It’s called the Garden City for a reason- the place was beautiful.)

Last year around September there was a huge earthquake and the one that occurred last night was thought to be aftershock. So far around 65 people have been reported dead, and many, hundreds even, have been reported missing or stuck under rubble. The fact that our government has sent people to help out and form a search party– that is amazing.

I’ve been looking through pictures of the wreckage and it is simply devastating. Seeing my beloved city and country in ruins crushed my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with my Kiwis and I hope they are able to save as many as they can and rebuild their home.

Here are some of the more depressing pictures. All images are found here.


Keeping those affected in my thoughts and prayers.

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Grocery Store Antics.

Me: “I need to go to the pen section.”

Mother: “Like the writing pen section?”

Me: “No. Like the William Penn section.”

Mother: “You’re an asshole.”

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