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Fun for all ages!

This is a special blog bulletin informing YOU, dear Internet, to go check out the latest from Sam Greenspan, aka 11 Points, aka the best 11 point list website you are ever likely to find. I bring special attention to today’s post (I say special attention because the website has been linked over on the right side of my blog since… forever) because I am an English Education major (this is nothing new to you avid readers) and once again 11 Points has cleverly crafted a list devoted entirely to BOOKS of a banned nature. BANNED BOOKS! What more could excite you?!

Probably a lot more. But seeing as a few authors I like have been banned, or at least challenged (Looking for Alaska by John Green the first to come to mind) I advise you to go and give this list a chance. And then check out the rest of the lists, because they are that awesome.

11 pts

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