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R.I.P Jeff Conaway

Today the love of my adolescent life, Jeff Conaway Kenickie, has passed away.

This makes me so, so very sad; I would spend the majority of my childhood as a sexy Rizzo, holding napkins singing “There Are Worst Things I Could Do” to his imaginary picture. [Yes, I had a very strange childhood in which my mother let me watch Grease at the tender age of eight years old.]

Today I was very happy to graduate from college, but very sad to come home to this news. Yes, I realize this is a somewhat (okay extremely) cheesy post and may seem like an overreaction, but considering I used to run around exclaiming, “a hickey from Kenickie, a hickey from Kenickie” you can understand my sadness.

So to you from me Pinky Lee, rest in peace.

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My OTP to end all OTPs.

The following Doctor Who video contains spoilers from last night’s brilliant episode “The Doctor’s Wife” so be ye warned. Oh and dad, because I know you are reading this, otp means original true pairing. 


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