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BEDA 17: I Wanna Be a Producer with a Hit Show on Broadway

Internet, if there is one thing I hate almost mostly in this world, it would have to be the dentist. If there is one thing I hate slightly less than the dentist, it would have to be the doctor. Today…. today I had to wake up early to go to the doctor. What was supposed to be a mere physical ended with me getting a shot. As you can probably imagine, I did not like this.

Last night I didn’t sleep very well. I attempted to go to bed early because I had to wake up early and go to that horrid doctor’s office. Going to bed early last night meant around 11:45. I was ALMOST asleep when my roommate decides she wants to print something out. Her desk is very, very close to my bed and I was very, very startled when she pressed “print” and the machine made the LOUDEST noise possible waking me up and scaring me half to death. So then I couldn’t fall back asleep. I tried and tried and tried and it just wasn’t happening. FINALLY I was able to slowly drift off when suddenly BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEEP I wake up to the sound of my roommate’s alarm clock… AT ONE IN THE MORNING. I look to my right but alas, my roommate is not there. She is not in the room at all! I see her computer is still on and remember her saying something about taking a shower, so once I couldn’t take the noise anymore I got up and slammed the snooze button.

Now, here is the thing you need to understand about my roommate. The girl takes EXTREMELY long showers. Like, really, really long showers. 45 minutes to an hour easily. So I had the unfortunate chore of slamming that darn snooze button THREE times because I couldn’t take the sound. FINALLY she came in from the shower and I told her the alarm was going off and here is the tricky thing… the alarm was set for 7 a.m. Weird stuff.

So having got into bed around 11:45 I didn’t go to sleep until after 2 a.m. and had to get up rather early to go to that horrible doctor and now I am really, really tired because I can’t take naps. I try but like I said before, I just think there are other things I could be doing. Good news is I finished my linguistics homework! One less thing for this weekend.

And speaking of this weekend… I am going to see John Green tomorrow! I am so excited!!

Also tonight I went to a student led production of a musical called URINETOWN. No, seriously, that was the name. And it was hysterical!!


You can find out all about the plot here, because we all know how credible of a source Wikipedia is. All you need to know is that the music is hilarious, the dialogue is hilarious and I loved every minute of it.

OH I almost forgot to give a Hamlet update! He is doing just fine, enjoying life and being very social. But wouldn’t you be if you lived in a martini glass? Now if you will excuse me, I am going to get some much needed sleep.

And I must give a shout out to my new BEDA BUDDIES!!! Oboefae, Zivlok, and Ayan!! I am so excited for BEDA buddies.. It feels like summer camp or something. Can’t wait to catch up with you guys!

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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I should probably be memorizing my French hw for my presentation tomorrow but…

I played in the snow instead.

I made an awesome snow angel!

I made an awesome snow angel!

This is what we call an epic win.

This is what we call an epic win. (My roommate the music major.)

I had lost all feeling in my fingers by this point.

I had lost all feeling in my fingers by this point.

This is Harold. I wish I could say we built him, but sadly we are not that good.

This is Harold. I wish I could say we built him, but sadly we are not that good.

Well I probably should go back to my homework. I promise a real post is coming soon, as well as an update for the book club challenge. Here’s hoping classes are canceled tomorrow!


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A feeling of utter happiness and being content with life.


Why? I’ll tell you why… (what movie? anyone? no?) I just registered for my classes and I got all of the ones I wanted! Huzzah! It only took about five days to get it exactly like I wanted; but fear not! I followed the advice of the ever-so-wise Tim Gunn and MADE. IT. WORK. So here it is in all of its utter glory:

(MWF) Tools of Textual Analysis

(MWF) Contemporary Jewish- American Literature

(TR) Introduction to Linguistics

(TR) Jewish Holocaust: 1933-1945

(MTWR) French I: Elementary French

I am extremely excited about my Jewish Holocaust class and French. I didn’t think I was going to make it into French because all of the classes were full (as a transfer student I am basically last to register for classes). So I got it all nicely worked out, but I only had four classes. I needed one more, because I like to take 15-18 credit hours a semester. So I checked out all these various classes I could take, all of which were completely full or didn’t fit into my time. Boo! So it came down to me checking the seating for French ever hour. I literally mean every hour; praying to the good Lord above that I could get into it. And holy cheerios! I got the one single, lonely spot that opened up randomly at 6pm! Prayer works.

I also got my roommate and housing assignment and I am right next to all of my class buildings and the dining hall and *gasp* the library!! I am so excited! My roommate seems really nice and I am eager to move in. I am living on a coed floor which would be considered an utter sin in my previous university. I also live next door to my RA. Whose name is Keith.

I can already tell that this smester is going to be a whole new ball game, and I can’t wait.


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Just another reason why I don’t want to leave.

I will miss conversations like this.

Roommate: “I MISS MY PHONE! I am going to be so stoked to text on a real phone when I get home. Except my mom totally got on to me and I’m not allowed to text and drive.”

Me: “That sucks.”

Roommate: “They need to invent a device that allows me to speak my texts.”

Me: “Um I think they already have. It’s called a phone call.”


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Got my hair cut today.

Needless to say I miss Kevin, my hot (and totally straight) hairdresser in Florida. This lady who cut my hair was missing something. Something important. I think its called… a personality. Yep. Definitely missing one of those.

In other news, there is nothing like good music, humorous talks with the roommate, good chick lit purchased at an amazing book store, and snow to make a fantastic evening.

Wait, what? Lauren, did you just say snow?

Why Yes Internet, I did. You read correctly. I experienced my first snow fall (in a good two-three? years) here in good old Kensington England.

And that Charlie Brown, is why today is awesome.


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Probably how the show Intervention came about…

Whitney: “I only had a bottle of wine, a couple of shots, a few beers, some vodka… not that much”

Me: “In one night? They have a name for that disease.”

Whitney: “What?”

Me: “Alcoholism…”

Whitney: “Ehh… not when you are in college. After college that’s what it is.”

Me: “They have a name for that disease too… DENIAL.”


Whitney: “I don’t think I have an addictive personality. Except for shopping, I love to shop. Its so hard not to shop every day.”

*ten minutes later*

Whitney: “Lets go shopping together. I always get the cutest things when I am with you. Do you want to go shopping with me? Oh let me show you the purse I got today. It was only 200 dollars…… my mom is going to kill me.”


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My source of entertainment for the next four months.

Once upon a time I lived in a world where I had never heard a song called Shake It by Metro Station. Then I met my roommate. Now I live in a world where we listen to the song about six or seven or fifteen times a day, dancing around our tiny little dorm room and being completely rediculous. And I have never had so much fun. My roommate is pretty much the epitome of awesomeness, and this little video is a snippet of the fun we have every single day. None of this was staged; we have conversations pretty much like this 24/7. It is a world of complete randomness. And I love it.

After you watch the video, go listen to the awesomeness that is Shake It. And just try not to listen to it fifteen times a day.


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“he’s her lobster”

My beautiful lovely roommate has dangle bracelets on and she is moving her arms A LOT creating a PING PING PING noise similar to acid rain falling on my ears.

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