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BEDA 5: You Know, We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This…

Internet I am back at my dorm. I am determined to have a great rest of the semester and for that to happen I need to clean and orginize. It is like when your remote is dead and you put new batteries in it for it to work again- well in order for me to work again I need to spend at least two hours cleaning my dorm room. And by “my dorm room” I mean just my side. I have taken everything out from under my bed, swept, organzied it all and put it back under there. I took everything out of my closet and threw out stuff I didn’t need and put it all back. I organized my closet from sleeveless to short sleeve to long sleeve to dresses to pants to skirts that I have but don’t really wear to coats. I cleaned the top of my dresser and the top of my desk. Now all that is left is to clean out the desk drawers. But I am taking a break to chat with you.

On a different note, before we left for spring break we had to unplug everything and close our windows and all that stuff. Well I live in a dorm that is not blessed with air conditioning. Now I am used to this from England. But the thing of it is, they left the heat on. Why you may ask? Well one year in some dorm they shut the heat off before winter was “officially” over and the pipes froze and basically flooded the building. Now they leave it on the entire winter and into spring, until the weather decides to stick to a temperature at or above 70 deg. So in my room I went and was greeted with hot, humid, gross air. I immediately opened the window and plugged in my fan. That was around… 4:30? 5pm? and it is JUST NOW (7:45 pm) getting cool enough to where I don’t feel as though I am suffocating. Lets put it this way- it was so hot in my dorm room that my poster (hung on the wall by stick tacky stuff) literally MELTED OFF THE WALL. I came in today and it was on the floor. Insanity!

Also, I need your help. If you have any interesting questions you would like to see answered, please leve them in the comments. They can be specifics (though I do have the right not to answer any personal questions for which I do not care) or completely random. Today’s question comes from my friend and fellow nerdfighter Korianne. Check out her blog here or follow her on twitter here. She asks: “If you could be any type of fish what would you be? Mermaids count.”
Well Korianne, I am glad you said mermaids count, because that is so what I would be. I would want to be one of those mermaids that hang out and flirt with Peter Pan and torture Wendy. If I could not be one of those mermaids I would totally be Ariel’s friend ONLY BECAUSE she sings and I would get to sing fun songs with her. Of course she would desert me for a pair of legs and life on earth and I would be SOL. So I think in the long run I would rather torture Wendy.

Be sure to send your questions in! Either comment on this post or send me an @ reply on twitter (find me here).

Have a happy April! See you tomorrow.

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