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Happy Little Working Song

I just spent the last FIVE hours voluntarily cleaning, and while I am very tired now, I feel so much better. I find cleaning to be so therapeutic. And now I have just noticed my picture is oh so very crooked. Must. Go. Fix. NOW.

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A Girl with Moonlight in Her Eyes

Today I asked a friend from college for some advice, and as we conversed, I realized just how important friends are. To be totally honest, I only have about three true friends; two of which do not even go to my school.

And I am trying to teach myself that you do not really need to have a whole group of friends to make it in life. You just need a couple of truly great friends and life will turn out just peachy.

I am also figuring out that when you constantly depend on people to be there for you or to just be a true friend, you are 99.9% of the time setting yourself up for disappointment. Well, for me anyway.

I am throwing around the possibility of taking a great risk regarding my future and it is going to be a journey of soul searching, decision making, and a heck of a lot of prayer. And then more decision making… which I don’t really like doing. But such is life.

I will try to keep updating but my life is rather hectic right now, so bear with me through the transition.

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So I’ve been perusing blogs of friends, mutual friends, and strangers for a little bit… and I have to say, a lot of people are so impressive that I am unimpressed. Let me explain… they are trying to impress. I think they have the idea that they must have something deeply profound and intellectual to say in order to write. Nothing but lofty ideas and references to the coffee addiction that fuels them, like that makes it credible somehow. But I am neither fooled nor interested. Maybe you do sometimes muse over the state of Evangelicals today, maybe you have done some reading on the cosmos, perhaps life and all its purposes has entertained you… but that is not your life. That is not you. There is no way that all you do is sit around and ponder and define yourself by your ability to understand and explain theological concepts and proposals. Sure, we all have those leanings, it will come up, and such commentary is important… but what do you do, love, think, feel in the meantime? Who did you talk to, what did you read, when did you laugh last? He is in all of that too, you know. Perhaps more so than in fluffy pretentious conversation. Give yourself a break. Give us a break. And just live.

I found the above quote while reading a friends blog, and the minute I was finished reading it, I knew I had to copy and paste it here on Improbablefiction. This is something I have been thinking for the past few weeks, and I did not really know how to put it into writing. So rather than try and fail miserably, I thought I would shed some lights on her insight. I too read various blogs and sometimes they make me feel as though I too should be blogging about nothing but what God is doing in my life or how I am going to find Him etc. But when I read the above paragraph, I realized that hey, it is ok to write about random things that don’t mention God. Because I am living.

This semester I had a similar problem as well. I was in a few classes with some really theological people, and while I have nothing against them, there seriously is a time and a place. I know that by going to a Christian University I am going to meet my share of pastors and ministry majors, but I really do not like to feel like I am walking on egg shells every single second I talk to them. One in particular thing that gets me is when I am in Literature class, ready to discuss the latest book, and the same people keep bringing the topic back to the Bible or to devotional books. Seriously? We are reading a book about this woman committing murder because she is going insane, and you are going to tie in the tree in the forest to something in the Bible? It just does not make sense. 

I guess I am ranting because I have been so quiet all along. I tried to have talks about things with some of my friends, but they always turn in to political debates and half of the people do not even know their facts. Then it goes back to the same thing- religion, and while I think it is good to discuss, these friends get vicious and pretty soon I am unable to decided if we are sitting in a secular school or a Christian University. 

I guess to get back to the original point of this post, just please take the time to let the advice in the first paragraph really sink in. Yes I think blogging is for whatever you want, but please stop trying to impress. Be yourself. People will like you just the same. 

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Citaaay of Lights

About a year ago I was in France having the time of my life. A couple of my friends who went with me were all talking and we began to swap memories. And I just can not get this one memory out of my head, so I thought I would type it up so I could never really forget it.

One night in Paris I was sitting in the hostel (yes, a hostel. it was quite rough.) and I was trying to get rid of my huuuuge blister on my foot. Stay with me, this story gets better. So I go into the room where the female chaperone is staying. She is a mother of three so I know she can help me with my problem. So we (me, chaperone and chaperone’s daughter) get rid of the blister (THANK GOD!!) and we looked out the window… and there was this guy standing there, looking out of his window in nothing but a towel. So we are all “ooooh” because he is a hottie and, I mean, hellooo he is in a towel. So he spots us and we all blush, of course, and slowly step away from the window. Well a little while later after we finish our girl chat the daughter and I get up to leave and we notice the guy is just sitting in a chair by the window with just his towel on. It was the weirdest thing. Hot, but weird.

So then I go to my room where my other 4 roommates are and we are just hanging out with the windows open bc we are hot and it is cool outside, and this woman across from us starts making herself dinner, and boy does it smell goooood. So we just sat there, on the edge of the window watching the stars, listening to the French music, and smelling the wonderful food we were not going to be fortunate enough to eat. It felt like something out of a movie, and as cheesy as this is going to sound, it was really magical.

I miss you Paris.

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Oceans 12; number 65

Today I arranged all of my DVDs that I own alphabetically. Then I made a spreadsheet on my computer and organized everything and counted all of my DVDs. How many do I have? A mere 117. Yes to many that may seem like a lot, but I have a passion for movies. And I only plan on feeding my addiction passion in the future. No I did not pay full price for all of 117- that would just be silly. I know how to shop. It is rather fun, looking through the bins finding the best deals.

On a different note, I have something to confess. Internet, I have been a bad blogger… but fear not! I have returned to the daily photos and will try and post DAILY, like the title suggests. Because you should not be lied to and whatnot.

I also have decided I want a puppy. When I graduate from college, of course. I am thinking a black pekingese and I have a few names in mind, but I have not decided. I mean, who could not want one of these adorable little puppies:

Seriously! Just try and ignore the overpowering cuteness radiating from her.

Impossible isn’t it?


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CDs and Silly Faces. That is all you really need in life.

First off, I would like to send a huuuge congratulations to my friend Brittany Painter and her band, The Bridges for the release of their first cd, Limits of the Sky!!! I went to school with Brittany, and right before her Senior year she left to go to Alabama and start a band with her cousins (pictured below). Now they are on tour with Rooney (one of my favorite bands) and their career is really starting to take off. And their music kicks butt.

Later today I went for a job interview, and when I got there I was supposed to go to customer service and let them know I was ready. So I get there and I am waiting for my turn, and this mother and daughter are in front of me returning clothes. And the little girl looks at her mom and ever so kindly informs her that after they are “done with this stuff” they can “go buy a toy because they have to.” She feels rather passionately about this, because she repeats it over and over and over and over and over. Then she spots me. And she smiles, so I smile back. Then she spots the blue streak in my hair. So our conversation goes like this:

little girl: “hahahaaha mommy mommy”

mother of little girl: “what? be quiet. turn around.”

little girl: “no!! Im looking at her bluuuuuuuue haaaaaaaaaaair hahahahahahahah”

mother: (horrified look as she turns around to see who her daughter is making fun of)

me: (laughter)

little girl: makes a silly face at me

me: make a silly face at little girl

little girl: “you are so funny”

me: make another silly face at little girl

little girl: (while making a silly face) your so funny. Am I funny? (continues making all sorts of silly faces)

me: “you are funny!”

little girl: (as if the world has come to a drastic end, she exclaims in a high pitched squeal) “I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That was a much needed moment of happiness in my life. Whoever that little girl was, I thank her for making me smile and laugh.

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Going to the chapel….

I just had a conversation with my best friend, M, whom I haven’t spoken to in about a month (because we both have been so terribly busy). Well she has this boyfriend and I asked about him and them, because that is what best friends talk about, and she said “he is the one.” Notice how there is no “i think”… no; no thinking because she KNOWS he is the one. And she told me all about him, and it sounds like a match made in Heaven. So we were talking about how I am going to help her plan every detail, and that I am going to be in the wedding party. We started talking about who else would be in the party, and some old high school friends came up, one of them being a girl she has know from the first grade. So I asked if she was going to make her sister the maid of honor, and she said no, her (half) sister was too old (plus they don’t really get along) and she said “i was hoping it would be you!”

Internet world, I am totally shocked. I thought for sure she would ask first grade friend, but she said they were more childhood friends, and that I know more about her (M) than first grade friend does. I am totally happy; if it was possible for a heart to sing mine would be belting out the tunes right now. She did mention that he is going to give her the ring within the year and they have decided to get married after they finish school, which I think is a wonderful idea. Of course that means we will start planning tonight. We talked about colors and wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses and of course we decided on the one she has been hoping to use for the past two- three years. And it is hotttt.

Between my cousin’s wedding and now the news of M’s pre-engagement, I can’t help but feel sad. I know there is some perfect guy out there, hopefully in England, but I wish I could just get a sign or something to let me know I wont wind up an 85 year old woman with 22 cats and one dog.


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These are some pictures I came across while on my computer. I made a few adjustments with my cool new photo editing program and put together a slide. This is from 2007 when I studied abroad in France. If you scroll over the picture a super cool caption will come up. Enjoy!

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