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July 5, 2010~ “Madness”

This is the time-line I made for my Junior Portfolio. It was maddening. Simply horrible. I poured hours and hours and hours of my life (over 20 hours, no joke) into this effing WASTE OF MY EFFING TIME and I took a lot of pleasure RIPPING IT TO SHREDS once I turned it in. Maybe I should do a post on this…I have a lot of anger. It was terrible. I made an insult page, but I did a lot more verbal insults than written, because a lot of what I said wouldn’t have been nice for a lady to write down.

My dorm!

October 2, 2009~ “The Land of Cannon”

Yes, I am updating this page! A miracle, I KNOW. This lovely picture was taken at an outrageous hour of the night. Just inside this door you will find my dorm room. OooOOooOOoooOoOOoo exciting!

Spring Awakening

December 29, 2008~ “The Bitch of Living”

Someone please drive up to my house, take me to NYC, buy me a ticket (anywhere in the theater, I’m not picky) and let me see this show before it closes. Please.

October 26, 2008~ “Spamalot= Love.”

If you don’t have the slightest idea as to why I put this picture up then that proves you haven’t read my blog. So go read it.

September 18, 2008~ “What fools these mortals be”

This is William Shakespeare, also known as my true love. And there I am, attempting to give him a kiss on the cheek. He was rather nice about it. Because he is cool like that.

July 29, 2008~ “We are Family”

This is a lovely picture of my Uncle and sister at the rehearsal dinner for my cousin’s wedding. I don’t remember what they were laughing at before I took the picture, but I do remember that I wanted a candid shot, they both saw the camera, stopped talking, and posed for the picture. But I think it turned out quite nice.

July 20, 2008~ “Look! Its Clementine!”

This is my baby Clementine. She was a last minute graduation gift; my sister and her friend found Clementine abandoned in the park. They brought her home, knowing I was going to get a cat soon, and I fell in love with her immediately. And how could I not? I named her after Clementine in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In case you were wondering. Sometimes I call her my slutty cat, because she had kittens when she was one year old. Sadly, we didn’t find them in the park when we found her. We went back to look for them… I just prefer to think someone else found them and took them to a nice home. Clementine is obsessive compulsive and is going blind. And she likes to eat my strawberry yogurt.

July 19, 2008~ “Baby Brother”

I took this picture of me baby brother Chuck (pictured many times before) on our way to my birthday dinner. We are in the backseat of the car, I am making Chuck pose for all the pictures I want to take, and we are sharing an ipod and headphones listening to Daniel Tosh (great comedian). I think this is about the 10000000000th picture I made him pose for. And I think it is about the third picture of him actually smiling.

July 3, 2008~ “Norma Jean”

These two turtles belong to my brother Chuck. The larger of the two is named Norma, and the smaller is Jean; he named them after his favorite band. They were both purchased at the same time, however Norma now weighs 56 grams and little Jean weighs around 15 grams or so. Norma is a bully and pushes away Jean when it is time to eat. So naturally he is bigger. Survival of the fittest I say.

July 1, 2008~ “Sexxy little things”

This was taken late at night downtown at Lake Mirror. If you scroll down you will see another picture from this photoshoot. I am not quite sure what we are doing exactly, but apparently it was pull up the side of your dress/skirt and look like a model. I think Sam (yellow skirt) pulled the look off the best out of the three of us… she has that whole “attitude” thing you see on America’s Next Top Model. Tyra would be so very proud.

June 27, 2008~ “Content”

I must confess I did not take this picture. However, when I came across it, I was struck by the simplicity of it. As I continued to look at this picture I realized the true beauty of this picture. When I lived in Florida, everyday I would pass this yellow bench by the lake. It was surrounded by the most beautiful tree and flowers. Everyday I told myself I should really capture the essence of the yellow bench. Sadly, school and other responsibilities got in the way and I never took time to photograph the yellow bench. This picture is here to remind me not to become so busy I forget to stop and capture the yellow bench. Hopefully it will inspire you to tackle your “yellow bench” and remind you that while life will never stop, sometimes it is best to slow down and just be content. Even if it is only for five minutes.

June 23, 2008~ “A Rather Silly Game”

I entitled this picture “A Rather Silly Game” because this is lacrosse and well, lets face it… this game has a few identity issues. Lacrosse is really a mixture of soccer, football, hockey, wrestling, rugby and a bunch of other sports. Seriously? I can’t really figure out what kind of game I am at. Good news is I can see about 30 sports games all for the price of free because that is my brother Chuck in the picture above and he plays for his school.

June 22, 2008~ “Hope!”

This lovely gal in the picture with me became my good friend this semester. I met Hope! in theater class when she joined the costuming department, and we soon bonded because we were basically the only people running around the majority of the time doing everything and anything to get those actors to look pretty. One day I was invited over to her house to hang with Hope! and her husband and play the always amazing game Apples to Apples. She was so sweet and didn’t even mind that I said I was going to steal her dog because he loved me more.

June 20, 2008~ “Chuck”

This is another picture from the photo shoot I did with Chuck (my brother). I will probably be posting more pics of him in the daily section because I really like how his shots turned out.

June 19, 2008~ “Alley Way”

This was a random picture I found of a little street alley thing from France. I believe this was taken in Clamart, which was the first little town we stayed in. It was very peaceful, and quite unique. All of the stores close around 7pm, which is when all of the restaurants start serving food, though that really has nothing to do with this picture…

June 12, 2008~ “i scream you scream…”

This little ice cream shop is located in Elkton, Maryland, and never in my life have I tasted ice cream so soft and so wonnnnderful. It has the richest taste without being overbearing. I eat a large chocolate covered with sprinkles in a delectable cone. Yummm.

June 11, 2008~ “late night fun”

This photo was taken late at night downtown at Lake Mirror. My friends (left to right) Lauren R, Sam, Kindra, and myself got all dressed up and took a random series of pictures before making it home just in time for curfew. Because we are good little girls like that.

June 10, 2008~ “worth it”

I entitled this picture “worth it” because of this exact moment captured on film by my lovely mother. This semester I thought it would be fun (ha!!) to enroll myself in a theater class. We had three weeks (Mondays only) of Elizabethan history, three weeks (Mondays only) of Shakespeare, and on Fridays the class met with the theater director and we began to put on an original production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Eventually this was all we were doing, every Monday and Friday. And some how I was put in charge of costumes. The hellish ride made me cry, curse, complain, and snap at people. It was a hard job with little to no help at all, and I was dealing with a jerk of a director, and a first time stage manager. The costumes turned out beautiful, and the entire nightmare was worth it for this once scene alone. The men’s garden scene was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed, and these four gentlemen did an amazing job. Because of them I was able to save what was left of my sanity.

June 9, 2008~ “silliness”

This was taken with my wonderful MacBook about 30, 000 feet or so in the air. That is my father in the picture with me, and we met up in Atlanta (me coming from school, and him coming back from a banquet) so we could fly home together. Twas an adventure.

June 8, 2008~ “chuck”

This is my brother Chuck in front of our house. I made him dress up and put him through a series of poses because I was bored and wanted to take pictures.

June 4, 2008~ “railroad Tracks”

This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. The two girls are a couple of my friends from school and we went out to some old rail road tracks by my sisters house to take pictures. This shot was actually not posed; they saw pretty flowers and were putting them in each other’s hair and I, never missing a photo opportunity, took this shot.

June 3, 2008~ “lacrosse”

This is my baby brother Chuck in a school Lacrosse game. For his first year ever playing, not to mention going into it knowing almost nothing about the sport, he was quite good!

3 responses to “(Misc pics)

  1. Spring Awakening is gonna be at the Fox in STL if that’s any closer for you.

  2. If you haven’t already seen Spring Awakening GO SEE THEM ON TOUR! I saw them twice and it was fabulous and definitely different than the OBC but still amazing. AND SIT ONSTAGE!

  3. I love the worth it” haha! That show was a pain in the ass about 85-90% of the time (for me, at least)

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