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BEDA 14: Slowdancing in a Burning Room

Internet, I got a fish.


I named him Hamlet and he is the cutest thing in the world! And can we just talk about his little fish tank for a second?!! It used to belong to my mother when she had her nightly martini while my father downed the scotch. We checked mom into rehab a few months ago and instead of letting such a gigantic glass go to waste I thought, “eh, why not?”*** Isn’t it the coolest EVER?!?? My roommate loves him and my RA decided to stop by and see what we were so excited about. He loves the fish tank as well!

We were also excited about those little sponges that look like pills and you put them in warm water and they expand into animals… you know you love those things. Well we held up the packet and showed Keith (my RA) and at first he thought they were drugs. HA. It was really funny. We (hopefully) cleared up any confusion and spent the next ten or so minutes watching these animals come to life! Hamlet was quite excited as well and watched from his tank. My roommate’s turned out to be a rhino while I ended up with an elephant.


My sister got her apartment today and it is so cute! Well, she got it a few days ago but she actually moved in today. Also, I had to restore my iPhone and when I did, it loaded EVERY SINGLE PICTURE from my computer to my phone. That is OVER 6,000 pictures! I finally started unchecking random things on the camera settings in iTunes and got them all to go away. That was nice. Now I have free space! Woot!

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.

***JUST KIDDING. I skipped my linguistics lecture today and went to the pet store where I found this little gem!


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