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If Only…

Mother: “So my question is, what do we do if your blood tests come back negative?”

Me: “We go to Dr. House”

Mother: “Why so you can make out with him?”

Me: “Well that is just one of the perks.”

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A post dedicated to the awesomeness that is Sesame Street.

First, I can not even begin to tell you how utterly amazing this find was:

Thank you Sara.

Next, I love me some Joshua Radin. And you should too. I also love me some Scrubs. Again, you should too. Joshua Radin and Zack Braff are quite good friends in real life (Zack has directed a few of Radin’s music videos) and Radin’s songs appear in Scrubs throughout the past few years. (Who could forget season three when Winter played during the funeral? Still makes my cry every time I watch it.)

In case you don’t watch Scrubs, JD (played by Braff) day dreams a lot and has an inner monologue which serves as a sort-of-but-not-always narrator of the show. The episodes usually end nicely with a little “lesson” (if you could call it that) or a “wrap up” by JD. The reason I am telling you all of this, and there is a point, is because on a recent episode of Scrubs, JD’s  day dreams were filled with the characters of Sesame Street. During the ending “wrap up” the theme song for Sesame Street played, but it was a newer version slowed down and set to the piano by Joshua Radin. And I must say, I find it really beautiful. I found a video of the show with the song in the background…

Sorry that you have to endure the dialogue. Not that there is anything wrong with the dialogue, but you know, it sort of overshadows the song, which was kind of the point of putting the video on here. If you click right here you can see a guy playing it, though the video is rather dark. Dark in the sense that there is very little light, not in the sense that they have taken all the innocence out of Sesame Street. Because that would just be sad.


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Surprise! A List!

Random things from the not-so-distant past, the very-present-present, and the rapidly-approaching-future:

1. I met with my roommate- very nice.

2. I saw my dorm room- larger than I thought, so woot!

3. I went into the 3 story library. I tried really, really hard not to drool all over the pretty books.

4. I added more books to my library. I currently own 323.

5. I am a little more than half-way finished with the latest book club book. It is so good!

6. I cleaned my room today. Gosh I love cleaning.

7. I watched John Green on blogtv, during which he took questions from viewers and I totally GOT MY QUESTION ANSWERED DURING THE LIVE BLOGTV SHOW (!!!!!!!!!!!!) at which point I ran downstairs to let my mother and sister know. There may have been dancing and screaming involved; I can’t be too sure.

8. I got together a bunch of stuff to take to my dorm.

9. I watched the new episode of How I Met Your Mother. Not one of my all time favorites, but still incredibly awesome.

10. I watched the new episode of John and Kate Plus Eight. Ahh, that show is amazing.

11. I am getting my hairs cut tomorrow. SHORT. (!!)

12. Have you ever noticed how people say “I am going to get my hair cut?” I mean, are they just getting one hair cut? I would think not. So why don’t we say “I am going to get my hairs cut?” Sure it sounds grammatically incorrect, but it really does make more sense. (Note: this doesn’t really have anything to do with the not-so-distant past, the very-present-present, or the rapidly-approaching-future, but I needed one more point to make my list even.)

Also, in How I Met Your Mother they talked about Robin’s signiture “sign-off” (she was an anchorwoman on the local news) and I want a signiture sign off for my blog! Lets get creative Internet! Give me ideas!! There may be a prize involved for the winner! Huzzah! Everyone loves prizes!!


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Thoughts and such.

I went shopping today and got the most random mix of DVDs. Ghost, Titanic, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Footloose, High School USA, Definitely Maybe, Martian Child, Blind Dating, The Blue State, Mozart and the Wale, and The Great Debaters. Gosh I love Denzel Washington. Best news- every single DVD was on sale! Go me.

My mother and I are fast forwarding through a majority of the actual Superbowl so we can watch the commercials. Is that bad? I’m doing a “live” twitter feed of my initial thoughts. Here are some of them:

Avon- you are not Superbowl commercial material. Sorry, but your playing with the big boys now. step it up.

Bud Light- classic as always.

Another Fast and the Furious? What is this, the seventeenth one? No? Just me?

Ah, yes. The ever present monkey commercial. I was wondering when it would be on.

Chuck- You rock my socks. Heroes? Just give it up.

Apparently PIT is up 10 to AZ’s 7. Is this good? I’m not rooting for a specific team. Usually with football I root for whoever has the ball at the time I look up to watch (except for the big Auburn/Alabama game. If I want to remain in my family, I cheer on those tigers). Now we are going to watch a DVD and record the BIG GAME so we can fast forward through the rest and only watch half time and commercials.

—————————————————-Post Superbowl Comments:

I hate the Superbowl. I finally chose a team, and they lost. And I don’t think that guy had both feet on the ground. Whatever.

Overall on the commercials? Meh, loved some, others were good, the rest (read: majority) were so-so. My favorites? The NBC ones (that showed Hereos and Chuck and all those other shows I don’t watch.)

I’m sad. I need The Office to cheer me up!!


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I absolutely adore this show. No matter what mood I am in when I start watching, by the end of the episode I am completely content with life. The characters are quirky, the dialogue is some of the best I have heard in a while, the pop culture references are from every genre and decade imaginable, and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Oh, and I am also in love with the lead guy. So there is that. You should be watching it. Friday nights, 10 pm, USA Network.


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It was the greatest week and a half of my life…

Apologies Internet for the lack of posting. Now that I am home and school hasn’t started and all of the extended family has left, I don’t have much material for new posts. Fair warning: after typing this post I realized the entire thing is about TV shows, so if you are not interested, stop reading now.

When I am not doing chores around the house I am either reading or watching TV on DVD because lets just face it- shows are so much better that way. I am currently making my way through That 70’s Show and loving every minute of it. Sometimes I watch actual TV and let me just say I am horrified with ABC Family. They have the audacity to renew the abomination that is The Secret Life of the American Teenager for another season but canceled The MiddleMan??? WTF? And before you go all postal, no I did not call American Teenager an abomination because of the plot (teenager gets pregnent, decides on keeping the baby *gasp*… fyi if you are going to watch a show where two teens get preggers and keep the baby, just go watch Reba. I can guarantee you it will be far better.) I referred to said show as an abomination because of the acting and dialogue. Okay so I have never seen an entire episode from start to finish, but the commercials alone are enough to kill me. Now The MiddleMan? THAT was a brilliant show. The dialogue was catchy, the characters zany, the actors qualified enough to make you believe the incredibly outrageous story lines. Yes, you can easily argue there are far better shows on TV right now, and you are right. But there was just something about MiddleMan that made me forget everything else and focus on these people solving crimes, attacking aliens, hosting art shows, and making numerous pop culture references. It was as if they knew it was a ridiculous show and went with it. Pure comedic genius. I can’t wait to buy it on DVD.

In other TV news How I Met Your Mother is by far my favorite show. It has passed House and Chuck and The Office with flying colors. House has gotten away from the brilliance that it once was by adding new doctors that just don’t flow as well as the original doctors (Cameron and Chase) which, by the way, they are totally only getting about five minutes of screen time and that is simply not fair because they are far more entertaining than those stupid doctors on now. As much as I once loved this show, it is just getting too dull to keep up with every week. Chuck is still an amazing show, I just always forget when it is on, partly becuase I think it is on the same time How I Met Your Mother is on, which I am kind of more into watching. But I shall catch up on Chuck soon. The Office sort of lost some of that special spark for me. I don’t quite know what that special spark was, but something about the show just isn’t right. Maybe it was Pam going off to art school… but I believe she is back now (?) so maybe I’ll start tuning back in. And oh yea, there is Psych, which I think actually ties with How I Met Your Mother for favorite TV show. Seriously, that show is severly underappriciated. Go give it some love and see the brilliance that I see every Friday night at 10pm on USA network (why yes, that was a shameless plug).

Lately HIMYM is dealing with a surprising, yet twisted, love triangle and the sadness of it is just killing me. I absolutely adore Neil Patrick Harris and he really makes the show. Oh and remember how I once said that if my life had a theme song it would totally be this? Well perhaps I should explain that in order to prepare you for whats coming up. One of the characters in HIMYM is Robin, who moved to America from Canada and is a news anchor. One of the episodes centers around this big secret Robin has that explains why she refuses to go to malls. Turns out she was a Canadian pop star named Robin Sparkles and her one hit was Lets Go to the Mall and she had to go to a bunch of malls and sing the song. Well in another episode we find out she had another hit, Sandcastles in the Sand in which she deals with a terrible breakup. I think what really makes this video amazing is the total cheesiness. It gets a touch of the 80’s with the overbearing, journal-snooping father played by Alan Thicke (Growing Pains) and the friend with attitude played by Tiffany (80’s singer), but  the best part has to be the love interest played by James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek). He happened to be playing the love interest of Robin in that particular episode as well, so it was really a bonus. If I am ever feeling sad I play this music video not because it is a sad song, no, but because the insanity of it cheers me right up. Hopefully this will just show you the awesomeness of HIMYM. Enjoy.

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Marshall, Lily, Barney, Robin and Ted

Today consisted of the following:

– I woke up to a rather early phone call from my mum.

– I finally got out of bed.

– I ate breakfast.

– I helped mum decorate for Christmas.

– Annoyed my mum by singing Christmas songs in a weird accent.

– Annoyed my mum by singing Broadway songs in an awesome French Bob Dylan accent.

– Was ordered to leave my mum alone and go upstairs.

– I attempted to wrap presents. Only finished around four of them.

– My How I Met Your Mother marathon ended, as I do not own the third season on dvd. Go watch that show. It is just plain awesomeness.

– I attempted to clean my room. Attempted being the key word.

– Went with my sister to take my brother to work.

– Helped the mum pick out a snazzy outfit for the company dinner tonight.

– Ordered yummy food.

– Watched When Harry Met Sally. Brilliant movie that one.

– Started to watch Thank You For Smoking but had to go with the sister to pick the brother up from work.

– Sat in the parking lot for 45 minutes because the brother’s work went over time.

– The sister and I forced the brother to get out of the car and go buy us a hot chocolate.

– Finally made it home and watched Psych.

– And now I shall be going to bed because I am oh so sleepy.

Sorry for the no posting in a while thing. I’m a tad busy and my sleeping schedule is all messed up. Darn you time differences. But seriously go watch How I Met Your Mother. Right now. GO!

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