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BEDA 29: It’s a Beautiful Morning…

Internet, I have the most EXCITING news! I got ACCEPTED to study abroad in NEW ZEALAND!!! I checked my email this morning, as I do every morning, and there it was. My acceptance email. I was so so so super excited!!! THEN I went to my French class and found I was thirsty. So I went to the vending machine to get a bottle of water. I put in my monies and got TWO bottles! Can you even imagine? A FREE bottle of water after finding out that I got ACCEPTED to NEW ZEALAND. Clearly you see the need for all caps.

Then I went to my lit class and my professor put in a DVD for us to watch. Imagine my surprise when MATT DAMON showed up! A mandatory movie with Matt!

And Hamlet is still alive! So that is quite nice.

I really don’t think life can get any better. I seriously can’t stop smiling. It’s ridiculous really…

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow for the LAST day of BEDA!


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BEDA 13: Get Rythm When You Get the Blues

Today consisted of me going to class, eating lunch, going to class, going to an interview, going to a meeting, completing hours of homework, eating dinner, blogging, completing more hours of homework.

My interview was for a study abroad program, and I think it went well. I was the first person interviewed so we more talked and they asked me some questions. I was quite nervous but once we got to talking it was really fun. There are 79 applicants and 30 available spots. YIKES. They did tell me that in the past they have chosen the first applicant, so I shouldn’t be worried about them “forgetting” me (since I was number 1 of 79). I hope I get to go! If not, there are more oppurtunities out there.

My other meeting was with a professor who told me all about my junior portfolio. Luckily I do not have to complete it by the due date because while I am *technically* a junor I still have 2 more years in school. To make a long meeting short, I have to complete it by NEXT spring which is great. I mean this portfolio is hours and hours and hours of work complied from pretty much every single class you have taken in college. This thing is a monster, and bonus! If you do not have it next to perfect, you don’t get your teaching liscense! So there is that added pressure. Fun times.

I must make this post extremely short because I have a horrible headache and many hours of homework ahead of me.I will attempt to make it up to you tomorrow, but don’t count on it.

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.

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