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Chicken Butt.

Oh hey there you. Casual viewer of my humble little blog. Remember that time I went almost six months without posting anything of real content? Yeah, me too. Those were good times. I don’t want to hear your judgments and accusations Internet, because look! Words! Meaning! Content! THIS IS HAPPENING.

So when we last spoke I was all DYING because of my ruptured appendix and the STUPID nurses and doctor that were all YOU ARE FINE OH WAIT YEAH YOU SHOULD SIT HERE FOR EIGHTEEN HOURS IN PAIN. I know, I know. There are earthquakes and tornadoes and scary things happening all over the world and here I am complaining that I had to be hooked up to morpheme for eighteen hours. This is what we call “white girl problems.” Apparently 1) I am very good at them and 2) I have a lot of them. But I digress.

So things have happened since January. Um, I student taught which was great, and oh yeah I FREAKING GRADUATED. WHAT WHAT WHAAAAAT. I’m a little more than excited. But before that I finished student teaching, and my darling students sent me out with a lovely party. And the main course at said party was….EGG ROLLS. I was all, “Could this get any more amazing?” And then it did because I was able to watch that one kid, the health nut who only eats lean turkey and protein, chow down on seven homemade snicker-doodle cookies in a row. He was so ashamed of himself he said he was going to have to spend hours at the gym. I told him that, seeing as he was in 9th grade, I think he could let it go, just this time. He laughed in my face. KIDS!

Then my class had a party. (My class now means my seminar class, not my student teaching class.) We ended our seminar early, something we were NEVER allowed to do, and got ready for the even. [Side story: on the first day of class my professor walked in and delivered this message. No hellos, how are yous, just this gem:

This is seminar class Education 481. This class meets from 4:30 to 7:30 every Tuesday. I expect you to be here early. I expect you to turn off all electronics- this means cell phones, pagers, beepers, laptops, anything electronic. We will be doing a lot of stuff in this three hour time period, which is why you will never be dismissed early. I will always keep you until the last possible second, so count on that. This is a pass/fail course, but believe me. You CAN fail it. Let’s get started.

Oh, yeah, sure, that wasn’t TERRIFYING at all. End of side story.] So we left class early to set up for the party. At one point in the evening we had superlatives, which we all voted on secretly, and I won “The Next Deb Beiler.” Dr. Beiler is my hero/mentor/adviser/reason to continue education. Seriously that woman is freaking amazing. Here are some pictures of me during the par-tay:

Me and KELLY!

Me and my co-operating teacher!

Me and my professor (the one who gave us the intimidating speech)

Then after that we shed our fancy clothes, and donned our bar crawl t-shirts and jeans. Then just the students went out to par-tay. And while I don’t drink (and by don’t drink I mean more than one drink and the occasional shot) I still went. And as the night went on, and my peers became more and more drunk, they let me know that they appreciated me still coming out and partying, even though I didn’t partake in the spirits. (Not true, they were just too drunk to see me consume a beverage or two.) They got very, very emotional. It was HILARIOUS. Here are some pictures of the evening:

Suprisingly we were both sober.

Our lesson plan t-shirts were awesome.


Hawt mess

So then it was time for graduation. On Friday I graduated with about 150+ English majors (since I’m technically a double major, English education, I graduated with my English peeps) and that was all fine and dandy. We were inside the field house which wasn’t exactly freezing, but it was air conditioned which was nice.

Nobody knew how to put on the hoods

Yay! We made it!

The head of the English department and one of my favorite professors!

My two methods professors

These are my classmates (minus two). We were happy!!!

Saturday, however, was outside in the stadium. In the heat. In the 100+ degree weather. There were over 4,200 graduates (and a lot of people didn’t show) and over 23,000 people in the stands. Again, a picture for proof:

It was a sea of blue.


And here are some more pictures of the event. It was SOOOOO hot under the robes that quite a few girls in front of me were unzipping their robes and from where we were sitting it looked like they were naked. HAWKWARD!

One of the many speakers

I managed to find my family!

OH and I was featured in the Delaware online newspaper. They snapped my picture when I hugged a black guy. A black guy graduating, and a white girl hugging him. Doesn’t get anymore diverse than that. Here is the picture for proof, lest ye souls be weary: (also, I want to see the new pirates movie. Has anyone seen it? Is it good?)

Aw good times. Welp that is the story of how I graduated. It was hot, we laughed, shed a tear, sweated, and cheered when a huge cloud came over the sun. Overall it was a glorious day.

Infront of the English building

Then I had a party at my house and invited some family friends and my friend Kelly, whose own family had to go back home that evening and she was all alone. SO SAD! Anyway the party was fun and everyone ate a lot of food and had a good time and here are even more pictures of that joyous occasion:

An "L" for Lauren (aka me)

A "K" for Kelly


Let them eat cake

So there you go! The story of how I made it into the real world. And a quality blog! So amazing! And there will be more blogs full of more adventures coming sooooon! yay me!

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Happy fathers day to my wonderful dad who, despite his 8:00 bedtime, stays up- and dresses up- to go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter with me.

Who repeatedly moves me into/out of my apartment without complaining.

Who drives me to Philly and sits under the baking sun so I can hear John Green speak.

Who watches [mostly girly] movies with me, without criticizing them, even occasionally laughing.

Who constantly quotes Kill Bill, Remember the Titans, and other movies with me.

Who watches Doctor Who, and enjoys it.

And most importantly, who kills all of the bugs in the house.

I love you daddy-o!

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