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Around my campus in the snow!

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A Post Secret Inspired Project

For those of you who are new to my site (perhaps this is your first visit) I say WELCOME! About a year ago (so, so very long ago) I spent three or so months living in beautiful, rainy England. While there I did many amazing things (read all about them here) and I also took a few classes. My favorite was most definitely my photography class. For this class we used old 35mm cameras, you know the kind where you load film (for those of you unfamiliar with film it is this shiny little papery type thing that magically captures the images you take) and you have to manually focus by matching the aperture with the lighting and whatnot… really complicated stuff to be quite honest. WELL, in my class we learned how to do such a thing and then we learned how to develop our film, then make a contact sheet, then select individual frames then enlarge them into photos, them mount them onto poster board. This stuff is NOT easy Internet. I would spend anywhere from 20-40 minutes enlarging ONE picture. I can’t tell you how many nights I spent at least four or so hours in the dark room only to emerge tired, sleepy, and half way finished. But boy oh boy was it fun.

For our final instead of taking some sort of silly exam testing us on distances and apertures and things of the technical nature, we had to come up with a creative project. We were tested on developing the film, making a contact sheet, choosing the best pictures, enlarging them, and finally mounting them. My final project was one of the most fun things I have ever done in my academic life. I chose to look to Post Secret for inspiration. For anyone who might not know about this amazing site, I will tell you a bit about it. Frank Warren runs this site where people send in anonymous postcards with secrets on them. Some are funny, some are sweet, some are sad, some are scandalous, but they are all (that we know of) true. I really encourage you to check out the website if you have not. You can find it here!

So what I did was take five of my friends and have them write out a true secret and then we shot almost a role of film for each. I’m posting about this now, more than a year later, because I was home earlier today looking for my photography notes because I’m planning a photo shoot with a friend soon, and I found all my old photography things. I should also mention this was a black and white photography course, so all of these are B&W.  So I scanned them into my computer and thought I would share them with you! Please keep in mind these have been transported across the pond and have been moved and bothered, so there are a few scratches (from people who don’t really know how to handle photographs) and of course I did my best to get all the dust off but dust is… everywhere.

Step One! Contact sheets! Here are the three contact sheets from the shoot.

contact 1

contact 2

contact 3

Step 2! Choosing the right picture! Here are the five individual pictures I chose.

Carolina contact

Jenna Contact

krista contact

whitney contact

Brittany contact

Step Three! Final picture! Well, you can’t really tell but the final pictures were mounted on a piece of thick poster board. Here are how they turned out!






So there you have it! Let me know what you think; I had a lot of fun shooting the girls (with my camera, mind you) and I got an A on the project (from a professor who rarely hands out A’s because “there is always room for improvement”).

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Who is the cowboy and why is he so hot?

A random mixture of people dancing last night. Enjoy.

Oh and I should point out, in case you want an image to go with the story, the guy in the toga is Dave.

Picture time!






the gals

freeezing cold


kathleen kent




the girls

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I set my alarm for 7:30 so I can hit “snooze” enough times to actually get out of bed at 9.

Have you ever seen me in a state of panic?

No? Its a rather amusing site. Take tonight for example.

It was supposed to be a simple night. I watched You’ve Got Mail (one of my FAVORITE movies) and laughed, and cried (yes. I do cry in that movie. The scene where she talks about closing the store and missing her mother so much she can “hardly breathe.” And then the scene where she turns off all the lights and sees her mother and the child version of herself twirling. And then when she goes to Fox Books and talks about the shoe books…) and quoted the majority of the movie to no one in particular.

Then I got ready for bed and got together my camera for tomorrows adventures of the Globe, the London Tower and the London Bridge. I took my already used roll of film out and placed it with the others sitting on my desk, all anxiously awaiting to be developed. And then I noticed something. Something terrible. Where three rolls of film should have been sitting, there were only two!

Now, normal people would be calm and say, “gee, I need to find my other roll of film” and then casually look for this missing roll while being all normal and stuff. But am I normal? Not in the slightest. I start to freak out, shout to my sister (who is in bed trying to sleep) that “OH MY GOSH I AM MISSING A ROLL OF FILM.” Like my cat just died or it is the end of the world and we are fixing to be struck by an asteroid or something dramatic like that. She, being normal, says “Oh, did you look in your purse?” My response was an eye roll full of all kinds of drama. Of course I looked in my purse. I also looked in a purse I hadn’t used but once since she has been here. I looked in my closet, in the grocery bag, on my desk, behind my desk, in the trashcans (it was really gross), on my desk again, behind the bed, under the bed, in the shopping bags, on my roommates desk, behind my desk again, in my two purses one more time, under my roommates bed (the bed I am sleeping on while my sister is here), in the dirty clothes pile, in my sisters suitcase, on my desk again (because, hey, third times a charm right? wrong.) in the closet, in my purse in case I missed it the first two times, on the floor, in the box my mom recently shipped to me, in my coat pockets, in my sisters coat pockets, in my sister’s shopping bags, etc, etc.

And I still haven’t found it.

But at least my room is cleaner.

***Update: This just in!! While waiting for my sister to get ready this morning I looked through every single place mentioned above, just one more time, just in cases. After going through all of my shopping bags again I thought “hey! This is a lost cause!” and then my sister said “look in my bags one more time.” And she handed me one of her shopping bags. And guess what was in there!! MY FILMMMMMM!!! (which was NOT there last night.) Soo right now I am so frickin happy I could sing. Which I will. Right now.***


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In case you were wondering, this is why I am awesome.

I got to see George and Fred today.

Fascinating stories to come later… for now, dreaded homework calls my name.

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But that was when I ruled the world…

I added a new page at the top entitled (Europe Photos). Its pretty groovy. You should check it out; I will be updating it as frequently as I can.


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No one told me my dad was in Phoenix, and I called him at 3:30am. Whoops…

Internet, I am so excited!!! Tomorrow we leave for PARIS!!! My love!! The only bad news… we have to leave at 5am. Which means, for me, because I am a girl and we (sometimes) pride ourselves on our appearance, I have to get up at the dreaded hour of 4:30ish. Egads!! So early. It wouldn’t be so bad, but this morning I woke up at 5:45 and my mind decided it had enough sleep; that it was time to get up and embrace the day. I didn’t appreciate this at all. So now I am rather tired.

And last night was one of the longest nights of my life. I had a three hour photography class that extended to four hours, and when I left I hadn’t even finished my assignment. We learned how to develop our own film, which was really cool, but in a class of 17 its a tad bit difficult to do so in a timely manner. I have no idea how my filmed turned out, but I am pretty sure I messed up somewhere along the line. It’s usually my luck to mess it all up. But the actual process was really intereting, and let me just say when they use the words “dark room” they do not use them lightly (hahaha pun totally intended). I felt like I was completely blind. Loading film onto a reel and getting that into the tank and making sure you did everything right when you have no eyesight at all is very interesting. I’m excited to do it again though. Bring it on dark room.

And for those of you who do not listen to Joshua Radin, you should really develop a better taste in music. The man is brilliant. He just released a new cd, and it totally rocks, though if I must be perfectly honest, I liked his previous cd better. But the more I listen to this one, the more I sloooowly change my mind. So go buy his music. It will change your life.

ok maybe not, but tell me that didn’t sound totally awesome as an ending…


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