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BEDA 8: And You Take Me the Way I Am

Good mornin Internet! As I have mentioned before, the adorable creator of this BEDA thing is Maureen Johnson. You should check out her blog here, as it is both unbelieveabley entertaining and quite amazing, and read her books. I have read one and it was brilliant- can’t wait to read the rest! Anywho THE POINT. I went back to the beginning of Maureen’s blog and noticed she did something really cool that I am going to blatantly copy for today’s BEDA: Googlegangers. What is this you might ask? Well here Marueen explains it: “…I got to thinking about what it means to have a web presence. It is said that somewhere in the world, we all have a ghostly double. That person is your doppelganger. It only follows, then, that there should be a name for the phantom yous who share your name, and whose exploits can be found all over the internet.”

So what I did was googled myself (dirty) and found five people with my name and what they are up to. Here are my top favorite versions of myself in order of favorites.

5. I Am A Scene Caster Author

Apparently I design bedrooms online. This isn’t creepy at all! Too bad the ones I design are ugly… I mean, I have always wanted to be a designer, and given the chance I don’t think I am all that great at it. Shucks.

4. I Am On A Costume Crew

Oh wait. That *was* me. I would have put both costume crew AND assorted dancer but THE EFFING PAPER MISSPELLED MY NAME. I am not bitter about that class at all. Not at all.

3. I Am A Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary Intensive Dancer

Apparently I know how to move it movie it. See Internet, that is what hard work and determination gets you. I rocked those auditions baby!

2. I Am a GENIUS

Or at least I am assuming so. Little did you know I am a freshman biology major from Ider. I just try and fool everyone with the secondary English Educaiton thing. It’s a little “bit” I do for funsies.

Little did you also know I applied for and received the “God at the Speed of Light” scholarship from The University of Alabama at Birmingham (AUB) School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Like I said… GENIUS.

1. I Placed 347 In A TURKEY TROT

I am not even sure exaclty the specifics of what a “Turkey Trot” is, so I am going to naturally assume that it is putting a leash on a turkey, placing it on a racing track, and leading it around in circles. The first one to complete two laps wins. The event was 5000 meters, which I am going to naturally assume is about 50 miles which makes this entire task downright impossible and I am surprise PETA wasn’t called on account of our cruelty to turkeys.

Never mind the logistics of this darn thing because they don’t matter. Either way I epically failed. Out of 384 contestants I come in at 347, but I am going to go ahead and bump myself up to 346 because they do not know who came in at number 328. “?????” is not an appropriate name, therefore I believe the officials simply gave up after 327, thinking they had enough and why bother? No one will be reading this far down anyways. Well you are WRONG. Ergo, I am now and forever more number 346. Spread the word.

Today’s quote of the day from my quote of the day calendar:

“There’s no word in the language I revere more than ‘teacher.’ my heard sings when a kid refers to me as his teacher, and it always has. I’ve honored myself and the entire family of man by becoming a teacher.” – Pat Conroy

Have a happy April! See you tomorrow.


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