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BEDA 3: You make me want to la la?

It is the third day of April and I have nothing to blog about. BEDA is going to be fun fun fun! Promise I’m going to do a real post tomorrow, so enjoy what I’ve got for today.

Internet, have I got something special for you. Its… a recipe! Woot! This is a special dish in the Tidmore/Long (my cousins) household and maybe you have the same thing in your home and maybe you don’t, but either way at some point in your life you should make “smashed chicken” (Whatever you want to call it is fine. This is what we have named it. Very basic; straight to the point.) This dish is most popular with my brother who begs for it at about every meal, and it isn’t even an option when we get together with my cousins. We HAVE to have this meal or he will whine the entire vacation. He even asked my aunt to make this and serve it at his wedding, that is how much he loves it.

So how does one go about making this dish? I’m so glad you asked.

Step 1- Ingredients. You will need the following:

step 1 step 1 step 1

step 1 step 1 Step 1

– Chicken Breast Tenderloin and meat tenderizer

– Egg wash: roughly three eggs mixed with water

– Italian seasoned bread crumbs mixed with a bit of garlic salt

– Olive Oil

– A skillet to cook the chicken in.

Step 2- The smashing of the Chicken. This is most likely where my aunt got the name for the recipe.

step 2

– This is the part where you take out all your emotions and really smash the chicken flat. Don’t be afraid of “over smashing” it because the thing *is* called “smashed chicken.

Step 3- I don’t know what to call this step. Prepping the Chicken? You make up a name and go with it.

step 3 Step 3

– Coat the chicken in the egg wash.

– Cover both sides of the chicken in the bread crumbs.

Step 4- Cook the chicken. This is pretty explainable.

step 4

– Pour the oil in the skillet (temperature should be around 275-300 degrees).

– Place the chicken in the skillet and once it is fully cooked, remove the chicken.

Step 5- Finish the dish. Ten guesses what you do in this step.

– Put the chicken on your plate and serve with mashed potatoes.

So there you go. I hope you decide to fix this one night and completely fall in love with chicken all over again. Unless you are a vegetarian. In which case, you probably stopped reading when you saw the name of what we were making.

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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