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Random thoughts I feel like expressing.

I saw The Dark Knight again today with my mum and brother, and it was just as good as the first time… perhaps better. Except for the guy who talked on his cell phone. But the beauty of Christian Bale’s face certainly made up for Mr. talk-on-my-cell-phone-during-a-movie.

I also watched Back to the Future for the first time in my entire life tonight.

The new Harry Potter movie looks amaaaaaazing.

And I can’t wait to see The Spirit.

I really really really hate politics. In my own opinion no matter who is elected, our government is still going to be corrupt. Yes! I think our government is corrupt and crooked and our country is pretty much screwed. As well as most police. I really dislike cops.

My blog. I can say what I want and sorry if anyone disagrees with me.

Pretending to be intelligent really doesn’t make you smarter. Wanting peace and happiness and all of that, then turning around and saying you want to marry a guy who kills people defeats the whole peace/happiness idea. Deciding to become a vegan, then going out and buying a leather purse makes you a hypocrite.

oh there are so many things that annoy me.

sorry. had to get that out there.


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And so it begins…

Just a quick update on the family reunion… tonight there was yelling. No wait… it just elevated to screaming and crying. I am down the hall, behind closed doors, and I can hear the words just fine.

Now it is the bride and three of the bridesmaids (including myself) barracaded in the room, helping the bride pack, while two other members of the bridal party hash it out.

I’m tellin you… these shindigs are rough.


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On the Road Again…

Tomorrow (rather, today) my parents, brother and I will depart our house at the early hour of 7am and head to Ohio for my cousin’s wedding. 


Am I looking forward to it? 



sure. bring it on. 


I am trying to have a happy attitude, but every time our families get together it is one big competition (to them) and nothing I, my sister, or my mother do is good enough. Now that I am over the whole drama-in-the-family-thing I have no problems telling my cousin just exactly what she can do with her opinions. I’m sure I will have lots of interesting stories to tell when I return, as well as a few battle scars to show. I usually do. I was really excited a couple of months ago, but now I am just ready to get this over with. Every time I try and put myself out there to make them happy I get burned, so to hell with it and to hell with their selfish controlling, belittling ways. As my mother says, “it is what it is.” I am going to plaster a smile on my face, say and do the right things, and when I come home I can smile knowing I will be out of this country soon enough; away from all the family crap. 




On a (somewhat) lighter note, my father and I went to see The Dark Knight tonight. Totally worth the ten dollar admission price; in fact it was worth more than that. I am extremely tired so I am not going to go in depth to my thoughts etc, at least for right now. 

And speaking of right now, there is a tremendously scary thunderstorm occurring. I love love love thunderstorms and rainstorms, and that is one reason I loved Florida so much. All that rain. But tonight’s thunderstorm is the wake-you-up-from-a-deep-sleep kind of storm. And the lightning totally just lit up my entire room. 

If you haven’t seen the movie Charlie Bartlett go rent it and watch it right now. That is very very quickly becoming one of my favorite movies and my brother and I plan on watching it during the car ride tomorrow THAT IS HOW GOOD IT IS. I am going to bond with my ADD brother over a 6 hr. car ride. 

And I’m trying to make my way through Pulp Fiction, which is good so far, but things keep happening, pulling my attention away from it. I must say, prematurely as I haven’t seen the entire movie yet, that I much prefer Kill Bill to Pulp Fiction. Maybe it was because I was tired, but the beginning of PF is moving a little slow for me. 


And I still have the Mamma Mia! soundtrack on repeat. After giving it much consideration I still hold the same views of Pierce Brosnan that I did before. Sorry to his devoted fans… I just don’t like his singing. I am seeing the movie again on Thursday so I will be giving his acting one more shot, but the only reason I continue to listen to him butcher his way through the soundtrack is because S.O.S. is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs. 


I am also missing Gilmore Girls lately. That was such an awesome show; so sad it got cancelled. 

But now it is time to go to sleep. 

7am comes way to quickly.


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Take A Chance: A really long description of my thoughts about MAMMA MIA.

Today I had the pleasure of seeing Mamma Mia and it was everything I hoped it would be. 



The Plot.

The musical takes place in Greece, and is about a girl, Sophie, who is getting married in two days. She wishes to know who her father is, so she finds her mother’s diary and mails invites to three men who could be her father. The musical was written with ABBA songs in mind. Having listened to ABBA before, I knew a lot of the songs that were in the movie, though I never saw the stage show. I was very interested in seeing how they fit into the plot without being really awkward songs. With regular show tune songs, like in Wicked and RENT, etc., the songs are created for the musical so the characters ease into the songs. I really felt Mamma Mia didn’t hit an awkward moment; the cast moved gracefully into the songs and made it seem as though the songs were created specifically for it.


The cast. 

Sophie- the daughter- played by Amanda Seyfried (dumb girl in Mean Girls)

Donna- the mother- played by Meryl Streep (if you don’t know who she is, you should get out more)

Harry- possible father #1- played by Colin Firth (known for being oh so yummmmy. oh and he was in Bridget Jones Diary, Love Actually…)

Bill- possible father #2- played by Stellan Skarsgard (Bootstrap Bill Turner in the Pirates trilogy) 

Sam- possible father #3- played by Pierce Brosnan (Bond. James Bond)

Tanya- Donna’s BFF/ multiple divorcee- played by Christine Baranski (Mary Sunshine in Chicago

Rosie- Donna’s BFF/ book writer- played by Julie Walters (Molly Weasley in Harry Potter movies)

Sky- the fiance- played by Dominic Cooper (various tv roles)

Pepper- Sky’s friend- played by Philip Michael (Fair City) 

Lisa- bridesmaid #1-  played by Rachel McDowall (her first movie)

Ali-bridesmaid #2-  played by Ashley Lilley (her first movie)


My thoughts. 

If you know me then you know I am completely obsessed with Broadway and musicals and plays and all of that theater stuff. So naturally, I could not wait to see this movie. I have always wanted to see the stage version but there are other shows I would rather see first. Because Broadway is not known for being affordable. So when I found out about the movie version I was delighted. 

When Hairspray came to theaters in 2007, I was concerned about the casting choices. I knew some could sing and others I was unsure about. However, while researching this movie, I was quite unsure of pretty much the entire cast. I knew the moviemakers would not pick people who would cause the movie to flop… that would just be silly. But I still had my doubts. 

Acting wise, each person played their character brilliantly. Meryl Streep shines in every role she takes on. At the beginning of the movie I felt her character could easily get annoying, but Meryl eventually eased into the role and made it rather enjoyable to watch. Her two best friends served as the comedic relief and they were very funny. I must admit I did not know Rosie was played by the same woman as Molly Weasley from Harry Potter. And you really can’t tell in the movie; she completely remakes herself. And I love Christine Baranski. Love love love her. She was (of course) amazing in this movie, and her character actually sings one of my favorite ABBA songs, Does Your Mother Know.

Amanda Seyfried was great too; very talented. And of course Colin Firth did not dissapoint. He was funny, charming, lovely, and his character has a bit of a twist at the end, which makes him even more amusing. I’ve never been a true Pierce Brosnan fan, but I thought he did a good job in this movie. Though I must say, I am still not a fan. And I figured out halfway through the movie why Stellan Skarsgard looked so familiar… he was in the Pirates trilogy! I haven’t really seen him in anything else, but he played his character so well, I was very impressed. All of the other actors were great. Dominic Cooper did a good job of being in love, and Ashley and Rachel played devoted bridesmaids quite well. 

Singing wise, there could have been some different choices made. The biggest being Pierce Brosnan. As said previously, I am not a fan. But I gave him a chance and he fell short for me, for the most part. I think he did well enough, and through his duet with Meryl, SOS, I found him bearable. Plus I just really liked the song. Out of the three fathers Pierce has the most solos. I think there could have been other actors, big name actors, who could have fit the part just as well, if not better. Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler, Antonio Banderas… and the list goes on. Like I said, Pierce did ok (enough for me to listen to the songs on the soundtrack) but you should never really cast an actor for a role in a MUSICAL without even hearing them sing first. 

Yes, all three fathers were cast without ever giving a singing audition. CRAZY, I KNOW. I don’t know if they were going for big names or what, but I would really like to know the reasoning. Colin and Stellan really only have one big solo in the movie, though it isn’t even for a complete song. I think they did a good job singing what they were given, and given recasting options I think it is ok to keep them on. With the big part that Pierce played, I just think they should have gone with someone better suited in the singing department. Dominic also sang beautifully, though he didn’t have as many songs as I thought he would, which is a shame. 

Amanda was simply SPECTACULAR. I really think she could transfer to Broadway in a snap. I can see her in something a little rougher, like RENT or Spring Awakening, though she could be Eva Peron from EVITA in a heartbeat. I can not get over how amazing she was. I do hope she does another musical down the line. And Meryl did a fantastic job as well. I must admit I had my doubts, but she pulled through. She added a spunk to the character and did not disappoint. Julie Walters was great too. Not my favorite of the females, but she didn’t drag the cast down at all. And having seen Christine Baranski in Chicago, I knew she would be her usual, talented self. As stated earlier, she sings one of my favorite ABBA songs, Does Your Mother Know, along with Philip. They blew that song out of the water; it became one of my favorites all over again. 


Final thoughts. 

I really really really enjoyed this movie. It was funny, heartwarming, sad, happy, silly and totally girly. Which is just my kind of movie. I bought the soundtrack right after I left the theater and have had it on repeat the whole night it is that good.  I encourage you to go see it and I DARE you to contradict my opinions. Only kidding. About contradicting. Go see the movie. Now.


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And besides that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?

So it has been a while since I have updated, but I suppose I have a good excuse. After a long series of rather unfortunate events, a drink was spilled on my computer and phone, completely frying both. So I had to wait until I had the money to get a new Macbook and phone. The good news? I was able to get one of the new iphones… the 3g! So that was good news. I only had to stand in line for four hours to get it. But it was worth it.

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAYYYYYYY! Party! Not really…the only people I know in town are my parents and brother. And my dad and brother will be working on my birthday, so I doubt there will be a lavish party. However, my mom did tell me we would be going to NYC in August to really celebrate, so I could care less if we have a party tomorrow. As I see it, NYC is waaay better than a party. Now a party in NYC? Thats a double whammy. I just hope I get a cake tomorrow. That is really all I want. With buttercream icing. Yummmmy!!

Last night my sister and I watched Garden State, via Skype. She is in Florida and I am in Delaware, so we started the movie at the same time and skyped all of our comments. It was loads of fun. Plus that movie is just stinkin awesome, so how could it not be fun?? I also watched the holiday twice three times this past week. And it’s only Tuesday. I know, that may sound insane, but that movie is so insanely awesome that you can watch it over and over and never get tired of it. Plus, it really doesn’t have to be Christmas time to watch it. Except when I do watch it I wish it was Christmas time…

I also paid my final deposit for England, so it is offfffffficial! I am going!!!! I am so excited. It’s really getting close to being that time! Im packing (I LOVE to pack) and I am really not bringing all that much. Having done this before, I have a good idea of what to bring and what not to bring. I am planning on taking about the same amount I took to France, maybe a little more though. I was in France for only a month; I will be in England for four. The good thing is I am bringing outfits that can be layered and worn with other items to make like twelve other outfits. I can make about 42 outfits from 23 pieces of clothing… yea I actually did figure it out. I’m just weird like that.

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A Girl with Moonlight in Her Eyes

Today I asked a friend from college for some advice, and as we conversed, I realized just how important friends are. To be totally honest, I only have about three true friends; two of which do not even go to my school.

And I am trying to teach myself that you do not really need to have a whole group of friends to make it in life. You just need a couple of truly great friends and life will turn out just peachy.

I am also figuring out that when you constantly depend on people to be there for you or to just be a true friend, you are 99.9% of the time setting yourself up for disappointment. Well, for me anyway.

I am throwing around the possibility of taking a great risk regarding my future and it is going to be a journey of soul searching, decision making, and a heck of a lot of prayer. And then more decision making… which I don’t really like doing. But such is life.

I will try to keep updating but my life is rather hectic right now, so bear with me through the transition.

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So I’ve been perusing blogs of friends, mutual friends, and strangers for a little bit… and I have to say, a lot of people are so impressive that I am unimpressed. Let me explain… they are trying to impress. I think they have the idea that they must have something deeply profound and intellectual to say in order to write. Nothing but lofty ideas and references to the coffee addiction that fuels them, like that makes it credible somehow. But I am neither fooled nor interested. Maybe you do sometimes muse over the state of Evangelicals today, maybe you have done some reading on the cosmos, perhaps life and all its purposes has entertained you… but that is not your life. That is not you. There is no way that all you do is sit around and ponder and define yourself by your ability to understand and explain theological concepts and proposals. Sure, we all have those leanings, it will come up, and such commentary is important… but what do you do, love, think, feel in the meantime? Who did you talk to, what did you read, when did you laugh last? He is in all of that too, you know. Perhaps more so than in fluffy pretentious conversation. Give yourself a break. Give us a break. And just live.

I found the above quote while reading a friends blog, and the minute I was finished reading it, I knew I had to copy and paste it here on Improbablefiction. This is something I have been thinking for the past few weeks, and I did not really know how to put it into writing. So rather than try and fail miserably, I thought I would shed some lights on her insight. I too read various blogs and sometimes they make me feel as though I too should be blogging about nothing but what God is doing in my life or how I am going to find Him etc. But when I read the above paragraph, I realized that hey, it is ok to write about random things that don’t mention God. Because I am living.

This semester I had a similar problem as well. I was in a few classes with some really theological people, and while I have nothing against them, there seriously is a time and a place. I know that by going to a Christian University I am going to meet my share of pastors and ministry majors, but I really do not like to feel like I am walking on egg shells every single second I talk to them. One in particular thing that gets me is when I am in Literature class, ready to discuss the latest book, and the same people keep bringing the topic back to the Bible or to devotional books. Seriously? We are reading a book about this woman committing murder because she is going insane, and you are going to tie in the tree in the forest to something in the Bible? It just does not make sense. 

I guess I am ranting because I have been so quiet all along. I tried to have talks about things with some of my friends, but they always turn in to political debates and half of the people do not even know their facts. Then it goes back to the same thing- religion, and while I think it is good to discuss, these friends get vicious and pretty soon I am unable to decided if we are sitting in a secular school or a Christian University. 

I guess to get back to the original point of this post, just please take the time to let the advice in the first paragraph really sink in. Yes I think blogging is for whatever you want, but please stop trying to impress. Be yourself. People will like you just the same. 

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Oceans 12; number 65

Today I arranged all of my DVDs that I own alphabetically. Then I made a spreadsheet on my computer and organized everything and counted all of my DVDs. How many do I have? A mere 117. Yes to many that may seem like a lot, but I have a passion for movies. And I only plan on feeding my addiction passion in the future. No I did not pay full price for all of 117- that would just be silly. I know how to shop. It is rather fun, looking through the bins finding the best deals.

On a different note, I have something to confess. Internet, I have been a bad blogger… but fear not! I have returned to the daily photos and will try and post DAILY, like the title suggests. Because you should not be lied to and whatnot.

I also have decided I want a puppy. When I graduate from college, of course. I am thinking a black pekingese and I have a few names in mind, but I have not decided. I mean, who could not want one of these adorable little puppies:

Seriously! Just try and ignore the overpowering cuteness radiating from her.

Impossible isn’t it?


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I really loath watching movies on t.v. Commercials really ruin the moment and they usually cut the good stuff out.


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