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Two Thousand And Eleven

Let’s begin this post with the exact paragraph I used LAST New Year’s Eve:

So hello to you all! Yes, yes, yes I KNOW, I haven’t been on this thing in quite some time. Whatever! It is the new year! Let us forget the fact that I haven’t properly blogged in months, and let us remember that I am blogging RIGHT NOW.

Yeah, so things haven’t changed; I’m still here, still not blogging, but hopefully going to change that. And how to we bring in the new year on improbablefiction?!? With pictures, of course!

My New Year’s picture two years ago (2010):

Cheers! I was in a dark hotel; waiting to go to New Zealand

My New Year’s picture one year ago (2011):

Last year I was alone (well, there was my cat) and I made this horrible face.

My New Year’s picture this year (2012):

This was supposed to be another picture of me and le cat....but then she decided to lick my face right when the picture snapped. I can't be bothered to get her to pose for a real one.

So there was that. A lot of things happened this year that are quite memorable. Shall we discuss? Let’s begin with my resolutions from last year. If you look here you will see that I created ELEVEN resolutions. I don’t know if I did this because it was 2011 or I was going CRAZY. But I did, and let’s just say I didn’t keep them. A few, yes, but yeah. no. Things did not go so well in the resolution department. So before I introduce my new resolutions, let’s rewind and look over a few important events from my life this year:

1. Why not begin with a historical moment in my life….MY APPENDECTOMY.

In January of this year, I experienced a pain like no other; I thought I was dying…it was like WWII going on in my stomach. Disgusting, no? YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Quick! An excerpt:

So remember that time I made  resolutions, and like, actually wanted to keep them? Let’s look at the ones that have already kicked the bucket:

5. In 2011 I will go on a hike. Somewhere. Somewhere that involves real nature.

8. In 2011 I will do more things outside, and fewer things on internet.

10. In 2011 I will not wallow in self pity, but do something adventurous and new.

See, I had big plans. I was going to go on a hike on Saturday, I was going to start on my new novels I purchased (all 500 of them), I was going to finish my lesson plans, I WAS GOING TO EAT FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD!




Yes, yes, all my dreams and aspirations were shot to h-e-double-hockey-sticks because I had to go and lose an internal organ. Well, not lose as in I can’t find it, lose as in get ready for a long and tragic story involving the removal of an organ whose purpose I am sure does not exist. (Seriously, what does an appendix DO besides hurt a WHOLE FREAKING LOT?)

Yes, it is true. You can read all about it here and here. What a way to begin my semester of student teaching! Seriously– I do not recommend having one of these procedures preformed upon your person.

2. And then….I graduated college!

So things have happened since January. Um, I student taught which was great, and oh yeah I FREAKING GRADUATED. WHAT WHAT WHAAAAAT. I’m a little more than excited. But before that I finished student teaching, and my darling students sent me out with a lovely party. And the main course at said party was….EGG ROLLS. I was all, “Could this get any more amazing?” And then it did because I was able to watch that one kid, the health nut who only eats lean turkey and protein, chow down on seven homemade snicker-doodle cookies in a row. He was so ashamed of himself he said he was going to have to spend hours at the gym. I told him that, seeing as he was in 9th grade, I think he could let it go, just this time. He laughed in my face. KIDS!

It was definitely a high point in my life. Graduating college was so extremely important to me, personally, and saying that I’ve achieved that goal is remarkable. I can’t even believe it!! I graduated college! It was so painfully long and difficult and fun and exciting and amazing and UNBELIEVABLE and I can’t! stop! using! exclamation! points!

3. I met Arron Tveit and Norbert Leo Butz (again)

I’m just now realizing I never blogged about going to NYC this summer and seeing Catch Me If You Can. (I saw the show TWICE; one of which was the closing performance, and I saw the cast perform in Barnes and Nobel in NYC.) And that makes me incredibly sad because those were two of the most amazing experiences of my life. I really, really, really thought I blogged about them. But what is done is done and I promise to do a better job blogging next year. Anyway, I met Norbert (for the millionth time) and Arron smells just as good as you think he would and it was amazing and perfect and I really miss that show.

No, seriously, he smelled amazing. And his face, was like, very nice.

4. I got a proper job.

This is pretty self-explanatory. I was hired by the same school at which I student taught. I’m currently teaching 9th and 10th grade. And!! AND AND AND I get to keep the BLUE in my hair and the administration doesn’t have a problem with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Yuuuup! No more glasses! No more contacts! No more problems! Yay for modern technological advances! I can haz sight!


6. I went on a Disney Christmas Cruise

Yes, yes it was amazing! I’m hoping to get a blog up fairly soon about this cruise, but it was remarkable! I really enjoyed being with my family for Christmas. (Have you noticed these descriptions are getting shorter? Oh well….I must get back into the groove of blogging.)

S0 there you have it. Six important things that happened to me this year. MANY MANY more things happened, but I can’t seem to recall them right now so they don’t make the cut. I’m quite excited for 2012 and I’m really hoping that it will be a million times better than 2011. So here are my 2012 resolutions:

1. Get in shape!

2. Get serious about God.

3. Become a better teacher– try new things, experiment more, etc.

4. Get accepted into a graduate school program and work towards my masters.

And there you go! Four short, sweet, and to the point resolutions. I think I’ll be able to keep four better than eleven! 🙂 Happy new years to everyone reading this! Stay safe xoxo

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