There Once Was a Boy Named Harry, Destined to be a Star…

So my darling family and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter. It was so amazing and lovely and the best night everr! I made a few new friends (we are facebook friends so it is pretty legit). I dressed up as Bellatrix, my sister dressed as Professor Trelawney, and my mum dressed up as Professor Umbridge. My dad went as a muggle. Everyone loved our costumes– they kept telling us over and over again! A few girls even asked if they could take their pictures with us, and it turned into taking pictures with everyone in costumes. My favorite pictures are at the end of the post.


As far as my thoughts and concerns with the film: I really enjoyed it. I think it is a great adaptation for the portion of the book that was primarily filled avec war-related things. I am extremely sad that Fred’s full death was not in the movie (though I hear through many an internet rumor that it is going to be on the deleted scenes) and OH MY GOSH WHAT THE ACTUAL  FRICK! LAVENDER BROWN! EATEN BY A WEREWOLF! (Which I thought was Greyback but I’m not certain. Guess I will just have to go see it AGAIN. Darn.)

There wasn’t too much I remember being changed from the book. Except for the whole Harry grabbing Voldy by the neck and throwing themselves off the bridge. That made me slightly laugh just a little (most things Voldemort do). I am quite certain that when I reread the book I will find other things that were left out, but honestly I knew this is what was going to happen– I mean there is just no way that they would be able to have such a faithful adaptation concerning all these battles and whanot. But this was definitely much better played out on the big screen than it was in my head whilst reading the book. So mad props for that.


I did like all of the humor that was added in, especially anything McGonagall and the awkward hug between Draco and Voldemort. I also love all the little Ron moments (“that’s my girlfriend you numpty” and “frankie first year” etc) and of course the kiss that everyone has been waiting for. Our audience cheered!

And of course there was the BADASSMOFO NEVILLE LONGFREAKINGBOTTOM. That’s all that needs to be said on that.

And lastly the best line of the night: “NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH” Our audience also cheered for that one.

And things I did not like so much: the epilogue. Like, the entire thing. And Harry was supposed to FIX HIS ORIGINAL WAND WITH THE ELDER WAND AND THEN DESTROY IT AND THEN DESTROY IT NOT NOT NOT NOOOOOOOTTTTTT DESTROY THE WAND WITHOUT FIXING THE ORIGINAL WAND booooooo writers.

Other than that slight error, it was fantastic. And I’m going to see it again this weekend. Yay!!!!!


The girls who asked to take our picture

Baby Her-me-on-ee

More costumers

Dumblydoor photobomb

secret lovers

The most AMAZING Dumbledor EVERRR

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