Fish Fingers in Custard? Okay.

So I’ve been finishing up the last series* of Doctor Who (Series 5) and now I don’t want to do anything besides watch more. Isn’t that always the case? I am rather late in watching the finale, and I managed to avoid most spoilers (almost all, now that I think about it) but I just want more doctor! I was thinking about what I liked over the season and what I didn’t, and I kept coming back to this scene:

This is one of the first scenes of the new series in which the audience saw a new doctor. Now, I loved, loved, LOVED me some David Tennant (aka Ten). I still do. He will always be “my doctor” never have I ever cried so much than I did when he regenerated. Keeping that in mind, I must admit………I am liking Eleven (the new doctor played by the adorable Matt Smith). No, no, he will never be to me what David was, but I must say he is doing an excellent job creating a new, fresh, (and dare I say it) Rose-free doctor. Rose and The Doctor (Ten) will always be my original paring, but The Doctor is an alien– he can’t really love humans and to have this constant love story weaving throughout– it was just making the doctor a really depressing character.

Oh my. I’m getting waaaay to into this.

Whatever. Eleven is a new chance to make The Doctor something wild. He cares for Amy Pond, clearly, but I do like that they have kept Rory in the picture. I find him far more charming than Mickey ever way. (Yes, I hated Mickey, a lot.) Needless to say, I am very excited for the new series, but sad it will not be coming to America until SPRING of 2011. Ah, blasted, I need to move to England NOW.

Also, a quick aside. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow and I really, really want to try fish fingers in custard. I mean, how intriguing? I’ve heard it isn’t half bad….Yeah, it is totally happening.

*What we, as Americans, refer to as “seasons” of a show, the darling Brits refer to as “series” and I’ve gotten very used to it. I actually prefer it– all around it just sounds a bit nicer.

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