Happy Frickin New Year Everyone!

So hello to you all! Yes, yes, yes I KNOW, I haven’t been on this thing in quite some time. Whatever! It is the new year! Let us forget the fact that I haven’t properly blogged in months, and let us remember that I am blogging RIGHT NOW.

So at this exact moment last year I was sitting in a very small, very dark hotel room and I took this picture:

Notice my adorable pink nails, and also the cheap cup full of non-alcoholic spirits.

I was sitting in that very small, very dark hotel because on January 1, 2010 I was making the fourteen+ hour flight to New Zealand! Yes, can you even believe that was ONE YEAR AGO?!?!? It certainly does NOT seem like it to me. Anyway, at this exact moment this year, I am at my parent’s house, sitting in what I assume would be my room had I actually lived in this house prior to getting an apartment and I just took this picture:

Notice my "kissy face" to my demonic-looking cat makes me look completely wierd. She moved before I could take another.

Yes, very different way to bring in the new year, huh? I actually didn’t even watch the ball drop– let’s be honest, that got old a very, very long time ago. In fact, I rang in this new year watching Doctor Who! A splendid way to spend an evening, if I do say so myself.

An aside— for all you Doctor Who fans out there, YES I’m only NOW catching up with the last few episodes of series five, but OH MY FRICKING GOSH/WHAT THE FRICK/HOW DO YOU EVEN EXPLAIN THIS:

I actually gasped during this scene. Very emotional, and very well done. Complete shocker.

*Ahem* I digress. But seriously, if you watch Doctor Who, we neeeeed to talk about this STAT.

Okay, now then. On to those pesky little “resolutions” that never actually happen. (Well, for me at least.)

1. In 2011 I will not let student teaching defeat me.

2. In 2011 I will actually get my arse in shape. Well, at least enough to be comfortable in a bathing suit.

3. In 2011 I will try more things out of my comfort zone.

4. In 2011 I will get serious about my religion.

5. In 2011 I will go on a hike. Somewhere. Somewhere that involves real nature.

6. In 2011 I will work harder on my photography.

7. In 2o11 I will create more and buy less. (This doesn’t count the buying of items for the creating!)

8. In 2011 I will do more things outside, and fewer things on internet.

9. In 2011 I will work on speaking French, and not give up learning it.

10. In 2011 I will not wallow in self pity, but do something adventurous and new.

11. In 2011 I will learn how to play my ukulele!

Yes, yes, I think that is a great list. Maybe if I print it out and put it on my wall and in my calendar, I will actually do some of the things on this list! Now, if you will excuse me, I have to get my beauty rest so that I can go to work tomorrow. Yes, I got a job. No, I will not tell you where I work (I’m not that stupid) but I will tell you that tomorrow is my last day, and I am actually kind of happy. At least now I will have time to blog more, which actually violates resolution 8.


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