G-L-E-E 2.2

Episode title: Britney/Brittany

Premise: “It’s a Britney Spears Sex Riot.”

Songs sung:

I’m a Slave 4 U– Sung by: Brittany

Me Against the Music- Sung by: Brittany and Santana

… Baby One More Time– Sung by: Rachel

Stronger– Sung by: Artie

Toxic- Sung by: Glee Club featuring Will

Sailing– Originally by cast of Christopher Cross. Sung by: Will

The Only Exception– Originally by Paramore. Sung by: Rachel

Thoughts/Comments/Concerns: **minor spoilers below**

Okay, first, a disclaimer. I spend all day and night reading literature and analyzing it. With that in mind, the one scene that I did not particularly care for was the Toxic scene and here is why: I get what they were going for. I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED their version of Toxic. I like it better than Brittany’s version. However, Jacob Ben Israel and that girl totally ruined it. I feel like with the slowness of the song, just focusing on them singing it and dancing would have been far more sensual, and I understand they were most likely trying to add in some humor but I didn’t find it too funny. I thought it was way over the top and it really took away from the amazingness that was Toxic. I know in my last post I was all “give me more Jacob Ben Israel” but now you can take him/his story line back. Also, I don’t care how awesome his performance was (for once). As a teacher, I must point out the inappropriateness of Will performing with them, particularly in this song.

Now, onto other things. Brittany’s voice= fantastic. And her dancing even more so. And poooor little Artie! I liked his version of Stronger, and the fact that he made it on the football team! Yay! Rachel did well on …Baby One More Time and I loved that they did pretty much the exact thing as the original music video. Love me some old school Britney!

Also speaking of Rachel, like I said, it wouldn’t be Glee without her belting one out/crying. Maybe someone else could do it next episode?

Final thoughts:

I did like this episode better than last week. LOVED the complete FREAK OUT by Kurt. And whaaaat? Santana giving Rachel a compliment?! And Quinn doing her a favor?? Who are these people? What is this show? I love it. I’m glad everyone wasn’t all hating on Rachel or hating on Glee club. Actually, that is what I don’t understand. Every time the Glee club performs for the school they go crazy and love it. (Remember Push It?) So why do they hate the Glee club so much? I know the kids are considered losers, but seeing as they go CRAZY every time they perform, why do they hate them so much?

I wish they would give more songs to Puck. Aaaand besides the whole Jacob Ben Israel masturbation/orgasm scenes, I really enjoyed this episode. It was great to see Brittany have more than one line, and the performances were fantastic. Yay Glee Club!

P.S. Where was CHORD OVERSTREET?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?

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