Special Agent Tony DiNozzo will you marry me? kthxbai.

B is for barely making it through the day

R is for really gross looking lungs

O is for oh Lord above let me return to normalcy

N is for nooooo more medications!

C is for coughing

H is for health, deteriorating

I is for infection

T is for trouble sleeping

I is for I want this to go away, like, now

S is for sassy sickness.

So, part of my absence lately has been SICKNESS in the form of Bronchitis. No, it hasn’t been pretty, and I’ve basically just wanted to lounge in bed all day, complaining, BUT I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO.


Because of the OTHER thing that is keeping me busy. School. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love school. I also love that I am almost finished with it. I’m not saying my major is harder than any one other major, but I do about 60 pages of reading a night, lesson plans (that take a looooong time to do), and papers, oh and projects. Now, I don’t have the papers and projects every night, but my homework is mainly interactive this semester. That means that with the usual 40-60 pages of reading I have due every day, I usually have to do some sort of thing with it, weather it be paper, project, online forums, writing poems, posting pictures, bringing in objects relating to the reading, etc.

It will all be worth it in the long run, but right now, with my SICKNESS, I really just want to sleeps for….ever. AND on top of the homework, I have been watching NCIS and Arrested Development a lot, because the television shows help balance my sanity. Hopefully I’ll be back to some sort of blogging schedule soon.

Anywho, I’m going to go finish coughing my lungs up, and then hopefully go to sleep. Hopefully. I really, really hope I sleep tonight. That would be wonderful.

G’night all.

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One response to “Special Agent Tony DiNozzo will you marry me? kthxbai.

  1. Daddy-O

    I’m sorry your elbow is hurting you……….

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