Oh wait, no he didn’t.

For my seminar class I had to write a “Where I’m From” poem. This was mine. Please do enjoy.

Where I’m From

I am from the pages of a good book, from U-Haul and homemade Christmas tree ornaments.

I am from the empty cardboard boxes lining the hallway

Easily becoming rocket ships,

Blasting off into unknown parts of space.

I am from the Magnolia trees extending towards the sky, the Hydrangeas that kept the bees buzzing.

I am from tacos on Christmas Eve and dependability from Tammy Faye and Jimbo and Sara and The Chuckster.

I am from really loud laughter and funny faces, from “it is what it is” and “cowboy up.”

I am from church on Sunday and baptism, praying in school and not caring who saw.

I’m from everywhere and nowhere and I’m from the South, from freshly made biscuits and homemade grits.

From the time Chuck bought onions—oh wait, no he didn’t— New Years Eve at Disney World (never again), and that time she left her purse in Ohio.

I am from the photo albums that line pops’ walls, baby pictures in totes, boxes in the garage, and cats running about the house. From letting me recite Shakespeare endlessly, watching movies, telling jokes and stories, and always providing me with a reason to go home.


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4 responses to “Oh wait, no he didn’t.

  1. Genevieve

    I just love it!! You need to publish a book!!!

  2. Sarawrrr

    This is really really good.

  3. improbablefiction


  4. Sarawrrr

    Even if I didn’t get a nickname like everyone else >_>

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