BEDA 31: “The End’s Not Near, It’s Here. Again.”

So, yes, today was the first day of classes. No, it was not my last first day of classes, as so many of my friends are putting on their facebook statuses (statusi?). I will never not have a first day of classes until I retire. Seriously– think about it. Me, being a teacher, will always provide me with: a summer vacation, a Christmas vacation, a spring break, a first day of class, a last day of class, and all the other holidays and snow days and whatnot. It will be great. (OKAY if you want to be technical, this is the last first day of classes as an undergrad. Next semester doesn’t count because I’ll be teaching teaching.)

So my first class was Reading in the Content Area. Basically this means teaching reading to students who either don’t know how to read, or are not good readers/don’t like to read. I had a really big NERD moment; the air conditioning in the room makes the SAME EXACT NOISE as the TARDIS. I know, I know. AWESOMEEEEEEE. And I totally volunteered to get up in front of the class and share my response to something we had to do in class. WHO AM I? I love it.

Then I had president’s training for this book club I started on campus, and then I had photography. Three hour class in an  non air-conditioned room. Oh my. Everyone was sweating it was so gross. And the class can fit about 8-10 people and we had 2o in there. YIKES.

Then I did some homework and then had dinner with a friend and then went to my roommate’s A-Capella group’s auditions and got to sit in on them and watch people. It was quite interesting. There were some really great people, some really not so great people, and some really terrible people. But I remained more composed than some, which I felt was a personal triumph. And OMG there was this one guy who auditioned who was straight from China, and he kept bowing and he sang the only song he knew in English…MY HEART WILL GO ON. I mean, HOW FREAKING ADORABLE. He was soooooo cute everyone loved him so so much.

Now I am home and sleeepy and I has to get up early for classes tomorrow. SO as a parting remark for the END of BEDA, I don’t know if you noticed but every title has been a song lyric, or a quote, or something. SO I am going to now list them out and tell you what they are from because I know you are just DYING TO KNOW RIGHT NOW.

Goodnight everyone and a happy last BEDA to you too!

BEDA 1:”Guess Who’s Back, Back Again” This is from Eminem’s song Without Me

BEDA 2: “I sisnt call call I dont wannt too im woornn outt” This is explained in the post, but it was my lovely brother, texting while sleeping.

BEDA 3:”Wit Beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest Treasure” This is from Harry Potter, specifically speaking about Ravenclaw

BEDA 4:”Mama I’m a Big Girl Now” This is from the show Hairspray, and the song is Mama I’m A Big Girl Now

BEDA 5:”Hollywood Infected Your Brain” This is from a song called Hollywood by Marina and the Diamonds

BEDA 6: “I Have This Little Sister Lola, She is Small and Very Funny” This is the opening line to the ADORABLE show Charlie and Lola

BEDA 7: “The Angels Are Approaching but the Front Door is Locked” This is from the Chameleon Circuit song Blink

BEDA 8: “FLO-RIDA” I believe this is the name of a rapper.

BEDA 9: “Are You the Doctor?” Basically every episode of Doctor Who

BEDA 10: “It’s So Fluffy I’m Gonna DIE!” From the movie Despicable Me

BEDA 11: “Exterminate, Regenerate” From the Chameleon Circuit song Exterminate, Regenerate

BEDA 12: “Baby, I Like It” from the Enrique Inglesias song I Like It

BEDA 13: “Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs” From Harry Potter

BEDA 14: “You Musn’t Be Afraid to Dream a Little Bigger, Darling” From the movie Inception

BEDA 15: “It’s a Small World After All” From the Disney ride/song of the same name

BEDA 16: “I Know, You Know, That I’m Not Telling the Truth” From the theme song for Psych

BEDA 17: “O Let Time Not Deceive You/You Cannot Conquer Time” From the W.H.Auden poem As I Walked Out One Evening

BEDA 18: “Joanie Loves Chachi” I know this is a show, but I was going for the line from Dodgeball

BEDA 19: “In Times Like These” From the Jack Johnson song On and On

BEDA 20: “TAKE LUCK!” From the comedian Steven Lynch

BEDA 21: “Cause I’m FIFTY! FIFTY YEARS OLD!” From the SNL skit with Molly Shannon

BEDA 22: “It’s Like Rain, On Your Wedding Day” From Alanis Morisette’s song Ironic

BEDA 23: “Shake It, Shake It, Shake It Baby Now” From the song Twist and Shout (pick your cover)

BEDA 24: “Kat. Cat. Rarrrw.” From the movie 10 Things I Hate About You

BEDA 25: “What the HELLLLLLL is the Matter With You” From the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

BEDA 26: “Whatever You Do, Don’t Blink. Blink and You’re Dead.” From the Doctor Who episode Blink.

BEDA 27: “I Wanna Go Far Away” From Ingrid Michaelson’s song Far Away

BEDA 28: “The Tears I Might Have Shed For Your Dark Fate, Grow Cold and Turn to Tears of Hate” From The Phantom of the Opera

BEDA 29: “The Show Must Go On” I was going for the scene in Moulin Rouge

BEDA 30: “Clothes May Make the Man, All a Girl Needs is a Tan” From The Producers

BEDA 31: “The End’s Not Near, It’s Here” From the Band of Horses song The End’s Not Near


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  1. Genevieve

    Brilliant just brilliant!!!

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