BEDA 30: “Clothes May Make the Man; All a Girl Needs is a Tan!”

Emmy Fashion. I’ve split the categories into best/worst dressed for ladies and then for men, and my overall pick for the ladies and overall pick for the men are at the bottom. Plus a BONUS SURPRISE! Here we go!


Jayma Mays in Burberry Prorsum chiffon ruched gown with Neil Lane necklace.

Jayma is absolutely gorgeous in this gown, and although her wardrobe on the show is lovely (consisting mostly of J. Crew and Anthropologie items) it is nice to see her looking more…relaxed? Blah, she is gorgeous.

Sofia Vergara in a gold sequined Carolina Herrera gown.

I haven’t watched Modern Family, and I am not familiar with Sofia Vergara (though her name sounds familiar) but this dress was stunning!

Heather Morris in an Ina Soltani column gown with satin clutch.

Considering we mostly see her in a cheerleading uniform, this beautiful dress was a nice change!

Tina Fey in a beaded Oscar de la Renta gown.

Tina Fey isn’t exactly known for her good taste in fashion on the Red Carpet. However, she looked really beautiful in this gown!

Claire Danes in a Swarovski crystal-encrusted Armani Prive.

I don’t think Clarie Danes could ever look bad, even if she tried. She looked so beautiful on the red carpet last night– loved her hair.

Emily Deschanel in a plum-colored Max Azria Atelier gown.

I love Emily, and she looked fantastic last night! Not may people could make this dress work, and she pulled it off.

Jane Lynch in a one-shoulder Ali Rahimi gown and a silver Swarovski clutch.

It was so refreshing seeing Jane in something other than a track suit! She looked so elegant and you could tell she was having the time of her life last night.

Nina Dobrev in a silk Zuhair Murad gown with Chopard diamonds.

I don’t really know who this girl is, but I would kill for that dress. She looked stunning.

Lea Michele in a ruffled Oscar de la Renta gown with a Lorraine Schwartz necklace.

Lea Michele is absolutely beautiful no matter what she is wearing, but the formfitting dress she wore really showed off her body while looking quite eloquent.


Lauren Graham in a Yigal Azrouël gown.

Lauren Graham- I love you, I really do. But I think this dress is just a hot mess. The slit was a bit awkward, and the front of the dress, being the only white part, looked far too baggy. And I don’t eve know what was going on with that hair…

Christina Hendricks in a Zac Posen gown.

First, I don’t care for this color. Second, The feathers make this look a little to campy. Third, YES. We all know you have huge breasts. Just remember, sometimes less is not more.

January Jones in an Atelier Versace gown with over $1 million in Cartier diamonds.

I really like the color of this dress, but I’ve never been a fan of the short in front, long in back dresses. And the awkward neckline of this dress- reminded me of seashells. Or coffee filters. And her hair- mmmnotsomuch. However, her jewelry was fantastic (mainly just the ring), and I did like her shoes.

Anna Paquin in an Alexander McQueen gown.

Yeah, I just don’t like anything about this dress.

Eva LaRue in a gown that, as of right now, I cannot find the name of the designer.

Some people may find this dress sexy, and if it didn’t have that slit I would say, yes, it is sexy. But it just kind of looks trashy to me.

Kris Jenner in a dress that she should not have worn.

You would think that someone as…Kardashian as Kris would know that this dress is not flattering. At all.

Naya Rivera in...something. I'm not sure what.

I love, love, love the top half of this dress. If the bottom wasn’t so full? Or maybe if the slit wasn’t there? I don’t know, something just isn’t working. And WHAT is on top of her head?

Rita Wilson in Prada.

What the frick is she even wearing? Chainmail?


Ryan Kwanten in a dark plaid, double-buttoned suit and red tie.

Ryan could look good in anything. Or nothing (as he often does on True Blood). My gosh this man is sexy.

Jim Parsons in a lovely, semi-shiny suit!

I absolutely adore Jim Parsons and he looks quite nice all dressed up.

Cory Monteith in a classic suit and tie.

Looking good Finn!

Neil Patrick Harris in a retro Calvin Klein suit and black skinny tie.

I LOVE skinny ties, and NPH’s suit, and NPH.


Alan Cumming in a sort of suit.

It shouldn’t be that difficult for men to look good on the red carpet. Yes, there are quite a few choices- tux, suit, skinny tie, regular tie, etc. But considering how many choices there are for women…men just have it easier. I think I wouldn’t mind this outfit, it if wasn’t for the pants. The creep me out. At least he isn’t wearing plaid though.

Ty Burrell in....I'm not quite sure.

Mr. Burrell, if you want to know how to pull off a gray tux, ask Neil Patrick Harris. Ask anyone, really, except the person who picked out your outfit. And those shoes! Why would you wear those with that ill-fitting tux? I…I just don’t know.


Okay, okay I really can’t decide who is best dressed female, so we are going with a two-way tie:

Jayma Mays, because she looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL and elegant...


Claire Danes, because she was glowing and not a single thing was out of place

For the men, it was a tick easier:

Neil Patrick Harris, because, well, look at him.


So sorry my dear, but worst dress goes to:

Rita Wilson, because that dress and shoe combination is an abomination.

(Close, VERY CLOSE, second goes to Ana Paquin.)

And I think the male is obvious:

Ty Burrell because, well, look at him. Terrible.


Ty and Holly Burrell in two terrible outfits that should never be paired together again.

What was she thinking? Sure the colors are fantastic together (her dress, not his tux and her dress) but the flowers were a bit too much.


So there you have it! My fashion wrap. What did you think? Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree?

Happy BEDA!

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