BEDA 29: “The Show Must Go On”

Tonight’s blog will be a live account of the Emmy Awards! The Fashion aspect will most likely be the feature of tomorrow’s blog.

Okay here we go!

Opening number- Basically best opening for the Emmys in a while! I’m very sure we will be seeing a lot of Glee people throughout the show, and it was nice seeing Kate Gosslin being a good sport and pretty much making fun of herself. And now….onto COMEDY!

Supporting actor for comedy- Um, I am sure this man is funny, but I’ve never seen this show, so I can’t really comment. One day Neil will win, as he should. Also, congrats to Chris for being nominated!

Writing for comedy- Oh Jim Parsons! Last year he messed up his lines, so I’m very happy he managed to get them all out. And I love him so, so much. Again, I’ve never seen Modern Family, so I can’t really comment. But the commercials looked pretty funny, so I’m sure they deserve it!

Supporting actress for comedy- Stephen Colbert is always awesome and I’m really pulling for Jane Lynch. And the winner is…Jane Lynch! YAY!!!!!!! Omg, she so deserves it! And of course, her speech is adorable. I actually don’t like the speeches in award shows, because they are always so freaking awkward, but sometimes they are bearable.

Guest actress/actor for comedy- How could Betty White NOT win? And I’m really happy for Neil! And poor Matthew and Lauren, gah I hate it when jokes fall flat.

Directing for comedy- Ryan Murphy. I mean, I think these are going to come down to Glee or Modern Family. I love Ryan; I’m glad he has been nominated and won. I never watched Nip Tuck, but I did watch Popular, and that show was freaking awesome.

I do love the snippets they include, but sometimes they are just not that funny. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some George Clooney, but yeah. I guess if I watched Modern Family I would like it more?

Lead actor for comedy- Aww I really want Jim to win! OMG YAYAYAYYAAY!!!! I love him so so so much! Akk he is adorable, and really makes BBT- seriously that show would not be the same without him. Cute speech too.

Lead actress for comedy- I didn’t think Lea would win, but I would have really liked her, or Julie to have won. I’ve never seen Nurse Jackie, so I can’t really comment, but I’m sure she is deserving!

And now we are on to my least favorite category of the night- REALITY!

Reality competition program- Well, it is very refreshing to see a show OTHER THAN The Amazing Race win! Also, I wish Will Arnett would talk like that all the time. Shexy.


Writing for drama- Ahh I think I’m one of the only people who does not watch Mad Men, but who wants to. It looks really good, so I’m sure these guys deserve it!!

Supporting actor for drama- Bah, never seen it. Congrats to this guy though!

Supporting actress for drama- AHHH I LOVE EMILY!!! And now for the winner- I’ve actually seen The Good Wife, and while I didn’t really care for the show overall, she is a good actress.

Lead actor for drama- Ah he wont, but I would love it if Kyle won! I’ve been watching him since Early Edition. WOW. That was a surprise! I don’t even know what Breaking Bad is about, but I’m surprised this guy beat House and Matthew Fox.

Guest actor/actress for drama- AHHK the female presenter whose name I cannot pronounce was on Doctor Who! And once, I saw John Lithgow on Broadway. He was lovely! Also, that lady looks really familiar, but I cant place her face.

Directing for drama- Yes, I don’t know who he is, but he liked Doctor Who, so he is alright in my book.

Jimmy Fallon is funny yes, but that was awkwardly pacing for song. And… I didn’t get the liquid on the floor?

Best actress for drama- Kyra has been around forever, so I am happy she won!


Best variety show- To quote the ever lovable Broadway show, The Producers, “TONY! TONY! TONY!” I love the Tonys more than any other award show.

Meh, I’ve never really cared for Ricky Gervais, although the Mel Gibson bit was funny.

Directing for a variety show- Bucky Gunts! I love the Olympics!

Outstanding variety show- Who didn’t see this coming? John Stewart? I mean, it only happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Mmmmmmm George Clooney.


Best supporting actress- Okay, I seriously love ALL of these actresses nominated, so I don’t care who wins. Yay Julia!

Best supporting actor- I REALLY wanted Patrick Stewart to win for Hamlet, or Michael Gambon, because he IS Michael Gambon, but alas this guy will have to do.

Sad part of the show can only be summed up by 11 Points– “Death montage! Let’s see what happens here… Very modest applause for most of the people. Or maybe Jewel’s warbling is drowning them out?”

So it is 10:23, and they have quite a few awards left. As much as I love the Emmys, and television, and award shows, and pretty dresses, PLEASE don’t let them drone on…

Writing for movie/miniseries- Didn’t see a single one of these. Don’t really care who wins.

Lead actress for miniseries/movie- OMG I love, love, love, every single one of these ladies. I don’t care who wins, although I’m glad it was Claire Danes. She is so lovely!


What is this? I wasn’t even paying attention…

Directing for miniseries/movie- I don’t know this guy. I don’t care for this category? Sorry.

Leading actor for miniseries/movie- Al! Congrats!


Outstanding miniseries- IS this the last award for this category? Please say yes! Oh Tom Hanks! Yay!

Outstanding movie- I knew this was going to win. WHO DRESSED THE LADY IN PINK? You need to talk to Dr. Jack….

Best Drama- I honestly don’t care who wins… however, Mad Med wins again. Surprise, surprise.

Best Comedy- I want Glee to win! I want Glee to win!!! UGH. I knew, I knew, I KNEW Modern Family was going to win. Well, at least it wasn’t 30 Rock again.

Quick and painless ending. Nothing will ever top last year’s ending on the Tonys!

Well that’s all from the Emmys! Happy BEDA!

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