BEDA 28: “The Tears I Might Have Shed for Your Dark Fate, Grow Cold and Turn to Tears of HATE.”

Today was a fun day. I went with my sister and mother to Goodwill, and garage sales, and Costco and got some really cool things. Well, two really cool things and A LOT of books. I mean, A LOT of books. It’s amazing how many books I currently own; well over 300. ANYWAY, then we went to Petco because my sister is going to get a dog. And we purchased some things and I bonded with the most ADORABLE kittens EVER and I wanted to bring them all home with me but mother said no. Boo.

Then I chilled and watched some House, and then NCIS with my father, then Phantom of the Opera with my brother, and I totally forgot how awesome that movie is. Now I am home and blogging and then going to probably start on homework.

Yes, I have homework and the semester hasn’t even begun. Welcome to hell.

Happy BEDA.


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