BEDA 26: “Whatever You Do, Don’t Blink. Blink and You’re Dead.”

So today was a bit of a relaxing day for me. Meaning, I spent most of it cleaning. Hey, I love to clean. I reorganized almost everything in my room, dusted, vacuumed, rearanged things, etc. It was splendid. Then I spend the rest of my time watching Doctor Who. Now I am finished with series four, but I have about four specials to go before I can start series five. (Also, I should let you know that in England they refer to “seasons” as “series” and I’ve been reading up so much on them that I’ve started to do the same. So, sorry, but I’ll probably continue to call them series.)

There are usually 13-14 episodes in a series, then they do a Christmas special. I haven’t seen all of the specials; they are more stand-alone and don’t make a huge impact on the normal series (other than a shout out here and there). However, the last two specials after series 4, the Christmas and the New Years specials, are MAJORLY important to understanding series 5. I mean, the doctor freaking regenerates in the last special.

Now, if you don’t understand what I mean by “regenerates”, all will be explained in time. I’m planning to do a few blog posts on the new Doctor Who, but I need to finish series 5 so I can be caught up and make perfect sense to you. Well, as perfect as I can. Unfortuantly the last two specials are not on instant watch on Netflix, so I must await them in the mail, and season five is not out on DVD so I will be searching the Internet for those. It may be a while until I can blog properly about them, but I will tell you I took a page out of Graham-from-The Holiday‘s book and man oh man does this show make me weep. Yes, I’m a weeper. I know you know that because of my embarrassingly honest post about Harry Potter, so you might as well know it about Doctor Who. However, people/mostly aliens die in this show, a lot, and it is really, really, really sad.

But more on that later. I also got an email from my professor wanting us to start doing work, I DON’T THINK SO. I was all super sad and then I remembered that OMG THIS IS MY LAST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL. Yes, yes, *technically* I have a year left, but spring semester I will be full time student teaching. As in, running the classroom. Well, sort of runnign the classroom. Mainly running the classroom but if I make a mistake I have a real teacher to back me up. Fall semester will consist of spending many hours in that classroom in the morning/early afternoon and then classes in the late afternoon/evening. And one of those requires lab hours and even though it is photography don’t think for a second those lab hours aren’t difficult. When I took my photo class in England we were in the darkroom for 3-4 hours at a time! So, all my time will be eaten up by high school, and then college school.

Woah, I’ve really gotten off track from this post. Okay, back to the point- my relaxing day. Right, so I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned, then I watched Doctor Who. And as I was watching I heard someone knock at my door. For some daft reason I thought it was my mum so I got up and quickly saw that it was not my mum. It was a man and the conversation went something like this:

Man: “Hello.”

Me: “Hello.”

Man: *cue creepy voice* “Are you the lady of the house?”

Me: *cue scared voice* “….Yes?”

Man: “Well I don’t want to take up much of your time, only sixty seconds. I want to talk to you about getting you to go green.”

Me: *says nothing*

Man: *peers over my head, into my apartment* *suddenly pulls out paper* “Will you point on this list to the two ares of your house you have the most difficulty cleaning?”

Me: *reaches for paper* *thinks about all the aliens on Doctor Who, who parade around as normal people* *thinks twice about reaching out for the paper* *retreats hand* “No, no we are already green in this apartment.”

Man: “Okay, high five!” *gives me a high five* “Thank you for your time.” *walks away*

Me: *locks and deadbolts the door*

Oh my goodness I was ever so creeped out by the creepy man. So then I fixed a bit of dinner, finished series four of Doctor Who, cried, then watched one of the scariest episodes from the show, BECAUSE I AM AN IDIOT. Anyway, I then sat down to type this blog, and here we are!

So, I hope you all have had a great day whatever it is you have been doing. I’m quite excited for tomorrow; I’ve blocked three hours of my day off to sit with my mum and watch the Royal Shakespeare Company’s rendition of Hamlet. AHHHH I am so so so SO excited! Love you all. Happy BEDA.

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