BEDA 25: “What the HELLLLLLLLL is the Matter With You?”

So today I had a cat scan, because I’m still not feeling well from that sickness I got in Florida. All those days ago. And the doctor signed me up for a cat scan because he said, “I don’t know what is wrong with you.”

Well, at least he is honest.

So, I got the cat scan. I had to drink this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE thing called Barrium or something similar. And it was horrible. I can not stress that enough. HORRIBLE. The only thing I could possibly equate it to, would be that scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Harry, Ron, and Hermione drink Polyjuice potion. And then proceed to vomit. Except that I did not vomit, just, you know, dry-heaved. TMI? Maybe. But you need to feel my pain, Internet.

So then I go to the test and have to change into this robe, this HUGE blue robe that ties in the front and oh yeah, the lab tech is really sorry but I have to take my bra off. She was really, really sorry about it. I mean, I expected that I would have to, but, it was nice that she cared. I suppose.

SO then I get on this table and put my hands over my head and then they push me through this circle thing that is spinning really fast, and they are all “hold your breath” and then just when I think they forgot about me and are really there to let me suffocate to death, they say “you can breathe now.” Oh how nice of them.

So after that I went to get food (because I wasn’t allowed to eat all morning) and then went to the MALL and purchased things like a BOOK and a CD and a DVD. Really exciting stuff. And then the doctor called me and told me, SURPRISE! Your cat scan is completely  normal, congrats, you are not ailing/dying/we don’t really know what is wrong with you. They told me to wait it out, and if the pain was still happening in a few days to call them back YEAH RIGHT. So they can tell me yet again that nothing is wrong with me because nothing is ever wrong with me.

BAH. Happy BEDA.


Also, I just want to say something. I know that I have been having medical problems that have been going on for years and years. I have a high pain tolerance and I don’t like to complain, least of all to my dear readers. A lot of what is going on with me I don’t tell you about, mainly because I don’t know what it is, besides really annoying pain. But I want to add that please, please don’t think for a second that I am vain or that I am not grateful for being somewhat healthy. At 3am this morning a really awesome girl named Esther Earl died of Thyroid cancer. She was 16 years old. She was somewhat prominent in the nerdfighter community (if you don’t know what that is, google it) and it was really sad waking up to a tweet about her death. I do have my health, as rotten as it may be at times, and I am not suffering as badly as many people out there. Life is so short and you try and make the best of it, and yes, sometimes it really does suck that the doctor can’t figure out what is wrong with me. But that CT scan came back clean, and that is something I should be pretty damn grateful for.

If you would like to read more about Esther and what an amazing girl she was, please click here. Then go hug your mom, dad, sister, brother, spouse, partner, cat, dog, whatever pet you own, stuffed animal- something! Anything! Because we are all still alive. My thoughts and prayers go out to Esther’s family, and anyone else who may be struggling with the death of a loved one. You are not alone!

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One response to “BEDA 25: “What the HELLLLLLLLL is the Matter With You?”

  1. Daddy-O

    I like your approach to life, health and appreciation ofwhat is given to us. We should never take our health for granted. I’m sorry to hear about Esther. We don’t always understand why life is cut short for some people, but we have to trust God that He is in control at all times.

    Hope you feel better, dear one!

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