BEDA 23: “Shake It, Shake It, Shake It Baby Now”

Tomorrow I am getting a new mask! Yayyyyy! No more Darth Vader. (Click here to find out what I’m talking about.) And today I went school supply shopping which made me oh so very happy, and now I get to go organize it all! AAHHHH I love organizing things! Also, this makes me happy:

And then I bought this poster from ENGLAND the other week, and today it arrived and it looks like this and I just wannna make out with David Tennant RIGHT NOW.

Tomorrow I also go to the doctor to see if I have a problem with my gallbladder or appendix or whatever internal organ is troubling me now. So yes, tomorrow should be an exciting day. NOT. I hate the doctor.

Goodnight mood.

Goodnight Interent.

Happy BEDA.


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One response to “BEDA 23: “Shake It, Shake It, Shake It Baby Now”

  1. Daddy-0

    My dear Lolly – I do hope you have a great day tomorrow getting a new mask and trying to find out what’s wrong with you. I love you and will be thinking of you!

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