Happy Birthday to my wonderful father! Today he is FIFTY YEARS OLD! OH MY GOSH!

This is my father, Jimmy Wally.

JW is a lovely father because he lets me travel all over the world.

And he moves me out of my dorm. And then back into my dorm. And then home. And then to my apartment, all without complaining.

And he is awesome because he participates in competitions at baseball games.

And wins them.

And he doesn’t mind when I talk in a British accent.

And because he quotes movies like The Shawshank Redemption and Remember the Titans and O Brother Where Art Thou.

And he read Harry Potter because I told him he needed to. And he liked it!

And he refers to/quotes Harry Potter frequently.

And he lets me take a bunch of pictures of us on a plane.

And because he lets me audit literature classes even though he has to pay for them.

And he always shows me how to get to the high schools I have to intern at.

And he loves my mom.

And he drives me to Philly so I can meet John Green.

And because he actually listens to John Green’s speech.

And he lets me live in an apartment instead of at home, even though it would be easier if I lived at home.

And he wears cowboy hats.

And he tells awesome jokes.

And lets me take pictures of us over and over again until I get one I like.

And he prints out an entire French verb list (that is over 100 pages) because I ask him.

And he holds my food so I can take a picture of it with him.

I love you daddy-o! Happy Birthday and Happy BEDA!



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2 responses to “BEDA 21: “Cause I’m FIFTY! FIFTY YEARS OLD!”

  1. Daddy-O

    Precious daughter, I love you too! Thanks for the shout out on BEDA; it’ s a special day, it is. Let’s celebrate tonight – shall we??

  2. Auntie M

    Niece, is this the same Jimmy Wally that I know?

    Love, Auntie M

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