My sister is getting a greyhound. People seriously thought she was getting A BUS. WHAT THE HECK.

Yes, we raise buses. It’s a tough job, but it really pays out in the end. You know, with all those people needed to buy a bus.

Anywho, I know you are loving all of these lists I’ve been making. Here is another one.


Here are my top ten animated disney movies. You should already know numba one. And yes, this was VERY VERY VERY difficult.

10. The Jungle Book

This was a very hard decision because I had to cut my list down to make it a top ten. This movie *just* beat out Alice In Wonderland, but when it came to it, I really like the music and overall atmosphere for The Jungle Book a little more than Wonderland. They are both fine films, but I really do love those pesky army elephants.

9. Robin Hood

This is my grandmother’s favorite Disney movie. And I love the fact that they are all animals, for no reason at all. Plus, if I lived in this movie, I would totally think Robin Hood was foxy too. (hahaha….pun totally intended. Do you get my joke? Because Robin Hood….. is drawn as a fox.)

8. The Rescuers

I mean, how awesome are these two little mice, going to save Penny from the evil red-headed Madam Medusa? Plus, when she makes Penny go down into the cave to get the diamond- omg this terrified me as a child. And that poor cat was so addddorable! (The one in the orphanage. I think his name was Mr. Snoops? or Rufus? Bah, you know what I mean.)

7. Aladdin

Yes, having your very own genie is awesome. And a magic carpet! Lovely! I would love to be Jasmine (which, I do believe, is my sister’s favorite princess- or at least it used to be). Her hair is magnificent. And she has a pet TIGER! JEALOUS!

6. The Emperor’s New Groove

This movie is ah-maze-ing. I love every minute of it, and Kronk is definitely one of my favorite characters in Disney history. Kuzco is such a snotty little baby and that is what makes him so darn annoying and so darn likeable. And who can forget Yzma! “Put your hands in the air!” It is hilarious and sad and happy and lovely and wonderful and I really want to watch it right now…

5. Hercules

Who doesn’t love this movie?!? I love everything about it from Hercules himself to Meg, to Hades, to everyone- especially the muses. This was much funnier than I thought it was going to be, and I actually saw a stage performance of it when I went on a Disney Cruise. Holy cow it was AMAZING. And apparently James Wood (the actor who voiced Hades) loved the role so much, he said any time they needed the character’s voice for something, he would be more than glad to do it.

4. The Great Mouse Detective

Okay this movie makes me so, so happy. From the very beginning to the very end, and when Basil makes his experiments and then they fail and then he sits on his violin and everything just everything. Except for the giant cat who eats the mice. Oh, and the freaky toy store scene. Yeah…this movie is kind of creepy overall now that I think about it.

3. The Princess and the Frog

This movie just barely beats out Mouse Detective. But I could watch this movie any time of the day (which I did, tonight). It is just so freaking hilarious! And of course, Naveen is by far my favorite prince everrrr. And Charlotte is the most amazing best friend and I just love every single thing about this movie.

2. Peter Pan

A lot of people don’t know this is my second favorite Disney movie. If I wasn’t so attached to Sleeping Beauty it could very well come in first place. But, alas, it never will. Although, interesting fact: contrary to popular belief, Captain Hook is my favorite villain. Maleficent comes in a very close second. Hook is just a huge baby and I love it! And sometimes, when it is quite at my house or if something catastrophic has happened resulting in a huge mess (like that time I spilt a LOT of uncooked rice all over the kitchen floor) I will just look at my family and say, “Poooooooor Nana!” “POOR NANA! POOOOOR NANA!!!!!!!!!” And then I laugh for like, five hours straight.

1. Sleeping Beauty

Duh. Everyone knew this would be my favorite. I had the book memorized when I was three, I listened to the tape every night, I cried when my hair went from beautiful blonde to nasty brunette, and I watched the movie so many times throughout my life I can quote almost the entire thing. Sometimes I watch it whne I am sick, so I will lay in bed with my eyes closed, listening to it, and I can picture in my mind every single scene right down to teh details. THAT, my dear friends, is dedication.


Honorable mentions go to: Pocahontas, Mulan, Alice in Wonderland, and pretty much every Disney movie out there. Except for those pesky Pixar ones.


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