BEDA 19: “In Times Like These…”

Okay, we’ve reached the part of the month where I really regret doing BEDA. I don’t have anything interesting to tell you, and the reason you read my blog is to hear fun stories. Fun stories do not happen every day. So, you are getting a bullet list.

– I bought my text books the other day; it was the cheapest they’ve ever been! Only $260!

– Speaking of text books, school starts in one week. Yikes! I’m not ready!

– I passed the first round of certification tests. Yes, I know I told you this already, but I’m so happy I had to tell you again.

– I’m halfway through season 3 of Doctor Who. I’m happy because I’m getting annoyed with Martha. Boooo.

– Bring back Rose!*

– I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.**

– I hate my appendix/gallbladder/whatever-internal-organ is making me so sick.

– If cats were actual humans, my cat would be the hippie smoking weed in the corner.

– Musicals musicals musicals.

– I am Jack’s smirking revenge.***

– Happy BEDA to you too.

* If you don’t understand this, it is okay. If you do understand this, I hope you express the same sentiment.

** Buy it. Read it.

***Love it.


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One response to “BEDA 19: “In Times Like These…”

  1. Genevieve

    Yea, you have nothing to blog about????!!! UMMMM…..did you not just go to Florida for 10 days?? So other than cooking a meal you hated and getting sick what else did you do????? Sooo, Did you not get new clothing??? And what about the airport?? How was that???

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