BEDA 18: “Joanie Loves Chachi!”

Okay, so I had no idea what to write about for today. So I am making a list of my favorite 11 married couples that are on, or have been on, television. NOW, this list is only of shows I have watched, or am currently watching. And this isn’t a finalized list, but it does sort of go in order from least to most liked by me. But I’m sure I will always change my mind when I look at it. Also, I chose 11 people, because I simply could not narrow it down to 10. I’m sure this guy wouldn’t mind.

Also, I had a really difficult time thinking of married couples, because I only allowed myself to choose one married couple per show, and a lot of the shows I watch now don’t feature more than one married couple (if any).

11. Dharma and Greg Montgomery (from Dharma & Greg)

I love this couple (and show) so much. You have a very, very rich and rather uptight guy (Greg) and a really, really free-spirited hippie (Dharma) whose families have very, very strong opinions about each other. This couple really knew how to balance the crazy (from both sides) and love each other no matter how neurotic the situations they found themselves in turned out.

10. Jason and Maggie Seaver (from Growing Pains)

Okay, yes, this show is from way back in the day, but you guys. I LOVED IT. (Still do.) Maggie was a news reporter and Jason was a therapist who worked from home and they fought and laughed and disciplined their children A LOT and they always entertained me. When I was watching this, at the mere age of 10, I wanted to BE Maggie. They are seriously the perfect couple.

9. Cliff and Clair Huxtable (from The Cosby Show)

Anyone who does NOT love this couple has a heart of ice. I mean, could they be any more adorable?! Plus, they totally kick butt with Clair laying down the law through angry (but awesome) rants and Cliff teaching lessons through more…amusing antics. They truly love each other and I love them so, so much.

8. Ray and Deborah Romano (from Everybody Loves Raymond)

Seriously, who didn’t watch this show and love the chemistry between Ray and Deborah?? I’m surprised their marriage lasted with that woman as a mother-in-law. Sure, they fought, quite a bit, but I’d say that’s nothing compared to what in-laws to do a lot of the families I’ve seen. I love this couple so, so much.

7. Sandy and Kirsten Cohen (from The O.C.)

Sandy and Kirsten were pretty awesome parents, considering they randomly took in a criminal when his own mother left him. And not only that, but (despite her original disdain for him) Kirsten ended up loving Ryan like he was her own, legit son. And that is pretty adorable. They raised two outcasts, went to many glamourous parties that resulted in fights, lasted through REBECCA (ew) and ALCOHOLISM and quite a bit of death, and Julie. I’m surprised they lived through it, let alone survived a marriage.

6. Carla and Christopher Turk (from Scrubs)

I mean, considering she has to battle his other one true love, J.D., I’d say this is a pretty strong couple. They did have their (major) problems at the beginning of the marriage, and then the problems with trying to get pregnant, but they finally came around and ended up the most solid couple in Scrubs history.

5. Monica and Chandler Bing (from FRIENDS)

I love how Monica and Chandler’s story ended up (except for the whole her not being able to have children thing, that SUCKED). They were so adorable together and I love that he would clean every. single. thing. in the apartment to surprise Monica, even if it completely threw off her neurotic obsession with the way she likes the furniture arranged. And, I mean, COME ON! He peed on her jellyfish sting. If that isn’t love…

4. Tobias and Lindsay Fünke (from Arrested Development)

Okay, I didn’t say they had to be a *functional* couple. But married they are, and what amazingness it was. I particularly liked the therapy episode when they traded roles. They may not be the best couple as far as raising a child goes, but they certainly are entertaining. Plus, anyone who can survive a marriage with a never-nude deserves a medal.

3. Ellie and Captain Awesome (from Chuck)

Disclaimer: No, I did not put them this high up because they are two beautiful, beautiful people. Ellie and Awesome are…just that. Awesome. They would do anything for each other and pretty much have; weather it be Awesome fighting off killers to protect Ellie, or Awesome suffering an evening of Morgan to find out how to plan the perfect date for Ellie, or Ellie putting aside her need for an new washer and dryer to get a television for Awesome. And then that time Awesome put aside what he wanted and participated in Doctors Without Boarders with Ellie so that she wouldn’t be killed by the bad guys who were after Chuck. And now that Ellie knows Chuck’s secret, meaning Awesome doesn’t have to hide it from her, I can only hope they will help fight crime together! *squee*

2. Lily and Marshall Eriksen (from How I Met Your Mother)

Ohmygosh how cute are Lily and Marshall?!? Answer: very. They stick by each other no matter what, and for the most part never really get into arguments that last longer than an episode. Except for that time Lily put off the wedding. But they eventually got married and that all that matters. And even though they live in a smelly neighborhood, they truly are one of the most adorable/most unrealistic marriage on my list. And that is why I love them.

1. Van and Cheyenne Montgomery (from Reba)

Out of all the people in this list, Van and Cheyenne definitely top it. Putting aside the whole teenage pregnancy thing, even though it is the entire reason they got married in the first place, they really are the perfect couple. They love each other, they fight, they stick up for each other, and they are both ridiculously stupid. Which makes them all the more entertaining. I wish they were a real couple, THAT is how adorable they are.


So, what did you think? Honorable mentions go to Richard and Emily Gilmore (from Gilmore Girls), annnnd Jesse and Rebecca Katsoplois (from Full House), annnnd Meredith Gray and McDreamy (from Grey’s Anatomy).

Let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone, or if you have a favorite married couple of your own!



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3 responses to “BEDA 18: “Joanie Loves Chachi!”

  1. Genevieve

    Well I love that list! Except I don’t think I would have added Monica and Chandler Bing… Because I hate Monica!!! I would have to put Mike and Carol Brady there!! Well I mean at #1 and moved everyone else down! They are my all time favorite couple in my all time favorite show!!!!! Other than that…. not bad!

  2. Kimberly

    So glad you included Richard and Emily Gilmore, my all-time favorite married couple!!

  3. improbablefiction

    Ahh I totally meant to put Mike and Carol on the honorable mention list!!

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