BEDA 17: “O Let Not Time Deceive You/ You Cannot Conquer Time.”

Right, yes, so. According to my calculations, which I assume are correct because I’m simply looking at a clock, I have about ten minutes to type this blog and post it. OK GO.

Today I received back the score for this certification test I had to take. It is a bit like the SAT in that there was an essay, a Math section, and an English section. For the essay I had to score a 173 or higher (that is, for my University). For the English section, I had to score a 175 or higher. For the Math, I had to score a 174 or higher. The FIRST time I took it, I passed both the essay and English sections without any problems. But ohhhhh that Math. I truly, truly hate it. I failed Math by TWO points. That means I failed it by ONE question. AHHHH.

(Time check- six mintues GO GO GO)

The SECOND time I took the math portion I failed it. By a lot more than 2 points.

The THIRD time I took the math portion…..I PASSED! YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!

Now, I have no shame in telling you this because, 1) I am very, very bad at math. Really, really, REALLY bad and 2) I saw the same people retaking the Math test both my second and third time, so I was not the only one and 3) one girl had to take the ENTIRE three portions of the test NINE TIMES (Insert Ferris Bueller Joke Here) before she passed. (The test, not her life.)

I almost died, thinking, OH HOLY CRAP THAT COULD BE ME.

See, I have to pass all three sections before I can student teach. Plus, on top of that, I have to study for the second portion of the test, the MOTHERLOAD if you will, which is like a lot of English questions and RANDOM PASSAGES FROM BOOKS that you have to read and identify ON THE SPOT (gulp) and I couldn’t be bothered to study for both tests on top of a full semester and student teaching.

So, today was a good day. Plus, I am feeling better, but still not 100%. However, I return home tomorrow to the loving arms of my mother, and the wittiness of my father who is currently on the SEVENTH Harry Potter book!

Congrats dad! Internet, give him a round of applause. And a cookie.


Happy BEDA to all, and to all a good night.

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