BEDA 12: “Baby I Like It…”

Today I met up with a dear friend and toured my old university, here in sunny, sunny Florida. So today, instead of a lot of words, I’ll just post some pictures of the old place.

The new and improved entrance into the university

A LOT of palm trees are on this campus, the most expensive being over 2 million dollars, I kid you not.

The new education building that I never got to experience *tear* and MORE palm trees!

A closer look at the building!

The bookstore and cafe that I looove.

This is the main "street" that we use to get everywhere. It is made out of cobblestone, and girls wear stilettos. And then fall.

My first dorm!

This is student health, the place I brought my toe when it was sliced open by a random piece of glass. Gross.

The Chapel!

And lastly,

My last dorm before I transferred. I still think it looked like a hotel.

I do miss the campus, and I even got a bit sad when I visited today. But then I remember the reasons I left, and the opportunities my new campus has offered, and I don’t feel so sad! Still, it is quite beautiful.

And a Happy BEDA to you too.


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One response to “BEDA 12: “Baby I Like It…”

  1. Daddy-O

    I’m sure you have fond memories of the old campus, so hang onto those. Just remember to forget all the negative stuff.

    BTW, did you soap the Jesus fountain one more time for old times sake???!!!!!!!!!

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