BEDA 9: “Are You the Doctor?”

Today I went grocery shopping with my grandmother. We left at 9:15 in the morning, and came home at 12:00 in the afternoon. The store is only five minutes from her house. That is a looooong time in the grocery store. But we got a lot of food to make yummy recipes! So yay us!

Lately I’ve been catching up on the “new” Dr. Who (new meaning the series *after* the 1960’s). This show is so good! I love British shows; the accents, the slang- everything is just lovely. However, I know what happens to Dr. Who (aka Ten) and Rose, and OMG I don’t even want to finish this season because I know I am going to cry! Blah, such a predicament… do I watch this amazingness knowing that it doesn’t end up happy, or do I not watch it? WHATEVER, I’m watching it. Power through.

Right now, though, I am introducing my grandparents to Avatar. So far, they love it! Yay for blue people things! Tomorrow is an early morning to Downtown Disney (if it doesn’t downpour). Night night Internet!

And a Happy BEDA to you too.


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  1. Sarawrrr

    I love love grocery shopping…but I think I would kill myself if I had to do it for tht long.

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