This morning, I was awoken at 4:30 in the morning to get ready for the airport. We were sitting around, almost ready to leave, when my mother told me “I think Hamlet is dead.” In case you don’t know, Hamlet is my beta fish and I love him so much. (I actually aquired him last BEDA! Find the story HERE.) Sure, he was emo. Like, really, really emo, and always puffed up if you looked at him. But he was with me for three semesters of my college life; he was like the ponyo/fish child I never had (biologically, of course, because I *did* have him). Still, I was quite sad for his departure from this world. In the car, on the way to the airport, I sad a few words in his memory (Slughorn style, OF COURSE).

Then I get to the airport and I check in and the baggage ticket thing computer isn’t working so I am waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and my flight time is getting closer and closer and closer and closer so I am FREAKING OUT and FREAKING OUT and FREAKING OUT. The people working in the airport were ignoring us and then FINALLY I was able to check my luggage leaving me like, twenty minutes to get through security, find my gate, and board the plane. Security took FOREVERRRRRRR and a really creepy TSA (or whatever they are) guy checked my passport and took like, thirty minutes to look at it, then I finally made it through and got to my gate only to be frisked by this woman. Don’t worry, she worked airport security. Then a man standing near me who also got frisked was talking to me about the book I happened to have out to bring on the plane– In Cold Blood. He was asking me about the movie and a lot of other things and I was really confused because we were supposed to be getting on the plane and he was all “looking at my boobs book” and I was all “SIR! EYES UP HERE!”

Then I got on the plane and the flight attendant was adorable and nice and then two hours and two minutes later I got off the plane and met my grandmother, got lunch, and then went to her house where I HAVE NOT BEEN FOR TWO YEARS. It was so lovely; like coming home! And I got to see my grandfather (whom I will be referring to as “pops”) who just had knee replacement surgery, and I got to see some family friends who stopped by for a short visit. Two years later and they are so grown up! I couldn’t believe it!

But now it is time for dinner, and then who knows what will happen. So much to do, so little time!

And a Happy BEDA to you too!


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5 responses to “BEDA 8: FLO-RIDA

  1. Daddy-O

    Your job, should you accept it – AND YOU WILL – is to make Pops all better.

    Still can’t believe you’re not going to Diagon Alley and getting a butterbeer.

  2. improbablefiction

    But, it wouldn’t be fun without you guys! I can’t handle Umbridge alone.

  3. Genevieve

    Umbridge is my hero!!! (I must not tell lies!!)

  4. improbablefiction


    Fifty points from Hufflepuff. You belong in Slytherin!

  5. Sarawrrr


    I’m jealous you got to 1. Fly 2. Go to Florida.

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