BEDA 7: “The Angels Are Approaching but the Front Door Is Locked”

What on earth could I possibly have to tell you about today? I mean, we have been talking every day…I’ve quite run out of stories. My life isn’t THAT interesting! I doubt you would like to hear about my trips to walmart and furniture stores and craft stores. Although, I did buy a little raven to put up in my room- just showing some Edgar Allan Poe love amidst all the Shakespeare stuff.

I leave for FLORIDA tomorrow! Woohoo! That should be fun; flying in an airplane. Gross. But I’m excited for the trip 🙂


I was having a look around Tumblr, at the nerdfighter secret page, and I stumbled across this:

I think that is so sad! I’m 22 years old and I absolutely LOVE young adult literature. John Green, Maureen Johnson, Meg Cabot, Sarah Dessen, J.K. Rowling, Scott Westerfield, Laurie Halse Anderson…I mean these people, along with many more, are fantastic young adult authors. Even C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia are considered young adult, as well as classics! I know PLENTY of adults who read Harry Potter (my parents being two of them), and those are young adult books.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to get my masters in, and it is between (if I can’t to both) young adult lit and British lit. You can’t have a masters program designed around young adult literature if they aren’t “real books.” I’ve learned a heck of a lot more about myself from books like Looking for Alaska (John Green) than I have from reading “adult” books. And I agree with this person who posted this secret; who are any of us to decide what is real literature and what is not? Sure, I may have problems with the Twilight series, but I cannot overlook the fact that a lot of kids who read those books probably never picked up a book for fun. If it takes Twilight to get kids reading again, so be it! I’m glad!

Okay, rant over. Time to go bother my family.

And a Happy BEDA to you too.


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  1. Sarawrrr

    Young adult is my favorite genre. I think every book in my “50 books in a year” list is a young adult book. Shame on that teacher. You will be so muh better than that!

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