BEDA 4: “Mama I’m A Big Girl Now”

I didn’t really know what to talk about for today’s BEDA, so I decided to give you a tour around my amazing room. The only thing is, after searching on my computer for a little while (3 minutes) I found I have not taken a single picture of my room. WHAT. That is insane! So, congratulations Internet, you are the first to see the awesomeness that is me.

I now live in an apartment with another English Education major, who ALSO shares my name, who ALSO wants to teach 9-12th grade, who ALSO wants to teach inner-city kids, and who ALSO wanted to be a brain surgeon when she was young. I mean, it is uncanny how much we are the same person. Anywho, This means I am no longer living in a dorm the size of a prison cell, and no longer living at home. *tear* I’m growing up so fast.

Okay, so when you enter my room you immediately walk by….THIS.

This would be my dresser and huge entertainment center thing to hold all my treasures. What kind of treasures? Thanks for asking, I’ll show you now.

This would be my jewelry station. Lots of shiny necklaces and dangling earrings and bracelets and lovely things. And a random birthday balloon.

This would be the part of my room with a lot of random things, such as a Spock doll I won out of one of those claw machine things, and an Elvis bear, and Harry Potter things, and nail polish, and mints in a glass I stole from a pub in England, and a camera, and dvds, and a lovely picture frame with no picture, and a birthday card, and lots of books that won’t fit on the bookshelves in the main room of the apartment, and cd’s (including the AMAZING Civil War Songs cd) and magazines, and journals and a Twenty-Two birthday sash, and a mug with Al Capone’s face on it. Below is just notebooks and textbooks for school.

Here we have a HUGE Shakespeare, lots of pictures, some wine labeled “Middle Sister: Drama Queen” and “Middle Sister: Smarty Pants”, and of course, my party hat!

After you’ve viewd all of this, if you were to keep walking straight you would then pass my CLOSET.

Here we have a lovely poster from The Boondock Saints, Across the Universe, New York I Love You, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Walk the Line. Then a bunch of random things such as a blue french horn, in honor of How I Met Your Mother. Look how organized and small it is!

This beautifulllll and fun lamp is beside my closet.

And behind the lamp are pictures of friends, roller-coasters, and family!

Of course, we can’t overlook the AWESOME

Shakespeare and the Art of Insults poster.

Then we come to the BED.

And look at all the fun posters and papers! They are so random; Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, and Flight of the Conchords.

Harry is surrounded by theater tickets (Rain Man, Wicked, The Producers, The Lion King, and Spamalot) as well as drawings from friends and family, and postcards and letters and PSYCH.

The Chesire Cat is surrounded by more postcards from England and New Zealand.

The Conchords are surrounded by letters from friends and That Thing You Do soundtrack picture thing.

Then we come to my DESK. Where all this blogging happens. And a lot of research for my science class. Gross.

Yes, this is my amazing but small desk. I actually don’t mind the size, but compared to my desk last year, I has not so much room. There is a printer, and organizer things, and calendars (Dr. Horrible!), a Shakespeare bobblehead, a Shakespeare action figure, an Iron Man happy meal toy, a plastic horse, speakers, lots of pens and pencils and markers, a cut out article on the Harry Potter theme Park, my order confirmation for Blue Man Group, another birthday card, a map of Paris, and a picture that says London.

Then there is my BATHROOM.

This is my bathroom door. It has movie tickets on it, and a New Zealand Haka thing, and a picture that says Thank God I’m Fabulous.

Then there is this random little wall beside my bathroom door:

I loves this movie.

And lastly, there are these fun little flowers I put on my wall:

And there you have it! My lovely room.

And a Happy BEDA to you too.



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2 responses to “BEDA 4: “Mama I’m A Big Girl Now”

  1. Daddy-O

    Darling daughter, your room is quite lovely.

  2. improbablefiction

    Hey thanks daddy-o

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