BEDA 2: “I sisnt call call I dont wannt to im woornn outt”

Today has been a… day. No real adjective to describe it. Just another day. First I had to go to the post office to pick up a package delivered to my sister, but seeing as I am NOT my sister, I had to go back home, get her to sign the slip saying I can pick it up for her, and then go BACK to the post office and get the box. But once I finally got the box I did my happy dance, because inside was THE SECRET OF LIFE. Not really, it was just the Bones box set dvds. Man, that is such a lovely show. You should watch it. DO IT.

Then I came home and bothered my brother for a while. After that I told him a lot of stories and we laughed. Then he told me how he got home from work at 1:30 in the morning, and went to bed at 5am. And he was so tired when my mother asked him if he called to see if he was supposed to go to work this afternoon, that the title of this post is dedicated to the wonderful text he sent her in response.

Then I killed a man.*

So I have seen a lot of movies lately. And by a lot, I mean three. So here is my blog for today: very, very short reviews of each movie!

1. Despicable Me

This was a GREAT movie. I adored it so much I saw it twice. With the Toy Story trilogy being the ONLY exception, I’m not a huge fan of Pixar movies (they are waaaaaay too long and annoying) so this was a nice relief from the likes of UP, and even Wall-E (good movie but, again, way too long). I can’t wait to own this!

2. The Last Airbender

I had no, no no, ZERO interest in seeing this movie. My cousin LOVES IT because she is OBSESSED with the show. She loves it so much she refuses to see Avatar, because “freaking James Cameron stole the title and now M. Night couldn’t use it in the title of this movie blahblahblah.” So she was down for the week and to make a long story short, we ended up seeing this movie. I mean, it was an interesting story, and I’ve only seen one episode of the show so I don’t know how true it is, BUT overall it was okay. I mean, I suppose the “in thing” these days is to hire people who can’t act.

3. When in Rome

I love Kristen Bell, so I hadddd to see this movie. It was adorable and cheesy and just overall a fun romcom.

*I did not really kill a man, my brother added that in to spice things up. I almost killed a squirrel, but that is a different story.

And a Happy BEDA to you too.


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