BEDA 1: “Guess Who’s Back; Back again.”

Oh hello my dear Internet pets. Guess what today starts!! BEDA!!!!!!

In case you have no idea to what I am referring, check out this link HERE. BEDA was something started last year by Maureen Johnson (the author, not the fictional character from RENT) and a bunch of nerdfighters. It stands for: Blog Every Day In April August. April came and went and Maureen didn’t BEDA and I didn’t BEDA, so seeing as there is another month with an A, why not just do it now!

So welcome to the first Blog Every Day In August! I don’t see this going well, as it is already 11:56 and I’m just now getting the first post up. But we shall try nevertheless. I have many things to tell you, like how I am a RAVENS fan now! Yay! And not for any one particular player, but because my dear old friend Edgar Allan Poe wrote about Ravens, and that makes them good enough for me.

Just think, a WHOLE month (supposedly) of blog posts with information like that! Who could ask for more?? So make sure you come back and visit during the Month of August! Woooohoooo!

And a Happy BEDA to you too!

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One response to “BEDA 1: “Guess Who’s Back; Back again.”

  1. Genevieve

    This makes me very, very, very happy!!!!!!!!

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